Far North Queensland


The Northern Most point in QLD.


Any interesting history for the region?


What are the standout bushwalking features?


How do you get there? Include all access points if there are many?


Which maps cover the region?


Where can I stay there? or near there?


Council Areas:

  1. Burke Shire 
  2. Doomadgee Aboriginal Shire
  3. Capentaria Shire
  4. Croydon Shire
  5. Mareeba Shire
  6. Etheridge Shire
  7. Tablelands Reginoal
  8. Cassowary Coast Regional
  9. Cairns Regional
  10. Douglas Shire
  11. Cook Shire
  12. Aurukun Shire
  13. Torres Shire
  14. Lockhart Reiver Aboriginal Shire

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32 km one-way
4 days

Thorsborne Trail, Hinchinbrook Island

Simply Incredible!
The walk (32KM) takes you from Lucinda by boat, taking a magical ride around the western side of the island to the north and then meandering through the river systems to your arrival point.
The journey starts with a walk along the beach, taking in the beautiful colours of the Coral Sea, before you enter the rainforest of the Island. You will traverse an array of different conditions, gradients, difficulties and various stunning scenery. There are bays, rocky outcrops, fresh water pools and amazing waterfalls. The trip take 3-5 day to complete. This hike has everything for everyone. Take your time, breath it in and feel a part of the World Heritage Listed Island/Walk. There is a maximum of 40 people on the walk at any given time, so book ahead with NPWS to secure your time/ days for the month you wish to walk.

Very Easy
1.2 km return
45 mins

Barron Falls Lookout

A lovely little board walk with many information signs to a spectacular waterfall (especially in the wet season).

Very Hard
3.6 km one-way
2 hrs

Barron Gorge Waterfalls


The walk starts at Barron hydro-electrical station and finishes on top of Barron Falls. It goes over all the waterfalls. Suited for Alpinist and Mountaineers with previous experience only.

7.1 km
5 hrs

Glacier Rock via Douglas Track

A walk through rainforest to an ancient glacier rock with amazing views for a good chunk of it.

9.4 km return
4 hrs

McDonalds Track

This historic track links Wright's Lookout to the Douglas Track, taking you from Kuranda down the Barron River Gorge. It provides views of the gorge from the southern side, seldom seen by the visitor unless they take the train down.

2 km
1 hr

Stony Creek Weir track

Nice little walk along a beautiful creek to swimming holes

Very Easy
3 km return
1 hr

Wrights Lookout

A beautiful lookout over the Barron Gorge national park down to the Cairns' bay.

4.8 km return
105 mins

Lake Barrine

This picturesque freshwater lake has a walking track all the way around, together with Tea House and the opportunity of a Cruise on the waters. This is a water filled crater that was created some 10,000 years ago as a result of a volcanic eruption.

3.2 km return
75 mins

Lake Eacham

A clear, blue lake surrounded by cool rainforest, Lake Eacham offers swimming, bird watching, canoeing, picnic areas and shady walking tracks. It is a popular recreation area for locals and visitors.
In geological terms, the lake is a maar; a volcanic crater formed by massive explosions from the superheating of groundwater. The crater fills with rain water only, forming a lake 65m deep.
Over 180 bird species have been recorded from the rainforest and you may be lucky enough to see one of the few species of marsupial active during daytime—the small musky rat-kangaroo.

1.2 km return
45 mins

Dubuji Boardwalk

The Dubuji (meaning ‘place of spirits’) boardwalk travels through lowland rainforest swamps and mangroves. Signs explain the survival strategies used by rainforest plants and animals. The site is close to Myall Beach and has large grassed areas with picnic shelters and toilets.