Wooroonooran National Park


Wooroonooran National Park offers visitors a variety of recreational opportunities. Walshs Pyramid provides a challenging hiking trail not far from Cairns, while Goldsborough Valley offers opportunities for canoeing, mountain biking, walking and camping. Josephine Falls features a cascading waterfall and the beginning of the trail up Queensland’s highest mountain—Bartle Frere, while Palmerston (Doongan) is renowned for beautiful rainforest, wild rivers, steep gorges, cascading waterfalls and the Mamu Rainforest Canopy Walkway

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Starts just south of Gordonsvale, approximately 20 minutes south of Cairns down the Bruce Highway




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19.5 km one-way

Goldfield Trail

The Goldfield trail follows a 19 km historic path through the rainforest of Wooroonooran National Park. It crosses numerous picturesque creeks and climbs over a low saddle between Queensland’s two highest peaks, Bartle Frere and Bellenden Ker.

1.6 km return
1 hr

Josephine Falls

A short walk through Wooroonooran National Rainforest along a small creek that leads to the base of the Josephine Falls and a natural waterslide.

Very Easy
3 km return
90 mins

Mamu Tropical Skywalk

Take a walk in the clouds in Wooroonooran National Park just 15 minutes out of Innisfail. Elevated walkways, a cantilever, and observation tower offer visitors the exhilarating experience of being high in the rainforest canopy, along with providing spectacular panoramic views of World Heritage rainforest landscapes.

Very Hard
15 km return
12 hrs

Mount Bartle Frere - Eastern Approach

Mount Bartle Frere is Queensland's highest mountain. The eastern approach is a serious undertaking - after the Hannel Spur route up Mount Kosciuszko (1,800m elevation gain), it has the second most elevation gain of any summit in Australia (1,500m). Objective hazards include the boulder field below the summit which, due to the fact that orographic lifting means that the summit spends the majority of time in the cloud, is usually wet and slippery.

Very Hard
16 km return
12 hrs

Mt Bartle Frere - Western Approach

Climb to the summit of Queensland's highest mountain (1,622m) provides a challenging way to explore this part of the World Heritage-listed rainforest of the Bellenden Ker Range. This is not a race, so allow yourself two days to walk (recommended), climb and enjoy this trail. The fabulous summit views include the township of Innisfail and the coast to the east, and to the west, the undulating landscape of the Atherton Tableland.

4.5 km return
90 mins

Nandroya Falls

Nandroya Falls is a spectacular 50m waterfall along Douglas Creek that drops from a basalt parapet. The walk takes you through thick jungle rainforest with lots to see and avoid.

4 km return
1 hr

North Johnstone River Lookout

Along the Palmerston Highway this walk offers spectacular views of the North Johnstone River

1.4 km return
45 mins

Tchupala Falls

Beautiful, short track through to Tchupala falls via rainforest.

1.4 km return
45 mins

Wallicher Falls

Fantastic, short, easy walk to Wallicher Falls. Tchupala Falls is off the same track so do both while you're here.

Very Hard
6.2 km return
7 hrs

Walsh's Pyramid

A very steep walk up the highest free standing pyramid in the world. You start at 20 metres, to the top at 884 metres.