Walsh's Pyramid

Wooroonooran National Park

A very steep walk up the highest free standing pyramid in the world. You start at 20 metres, to the top at 884 metres.

No Toilets
Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
No Camping Permitted
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there:

Drive south of Cairns to Gordonvale along the Bruce Highway. Just south of Gordonvale you will cross the Desmond Trannore Bridge (Mulgrave River). Turn right a few hundred metres after the bridge into Moss Access Road and follow to the carpark on your left.


Walshs Pyramid

Route/Trail notes:

From the car park, follow the trail. Cross the service road at the start and just keep following the North ridge. This a well worn track with orange markers to help you at regular intervals. However, when crossing the open bolder area, look well ahead for your next marker. There are signposts marking each kilometre. Coming down, the track is much easier to identify.

The walk is incredibly steep and relentless until you reach the peak 3.1km from the start. At about 3km there is a large boulder on the left with grand views to the north and a great place for a picnic. Slightly after the 3km mark you will come to the peak with 360 degree views.

Watch out for runners in the winter months. In August there is an annual race from Gordonvale to the peack and back, with the winners generally taking about an hour and a half. They can be seen training a lot before the race.



Other References/Comments:




A wonderful hike! Very much enjoyed. Sunday morning commenced hike 6:02am.
Took 1 hour 50 mins to reach the summit. 1 hour 40 mins for the return (including extra 20 mins of me getting myself lost by not paying attention, going off on a random 'path', climb down almost vertical cliff, before realising "I don't remember this on the way up" then climbing back up to find the path. Watch where you're going and follow the kindly placed red markers). Returned to the car 9:45am.

Was a beautiful morning, only saw a handful of people the whole way. Highly recommend undertaking this pyramid hike. The view from the top is of neighbouring mountains and valleys. Quite incredible.

Definitely a moderate level of fitness and agility required. Bit of a slog!

TheImperialHiker on 1 Oct, 2022

Great walk very steep for the last kilometer. We got to the summit at two pm just as the cloud rolled in. Will have to go again soon to check the veiw from the top on a cloud free day.

Wayne on 5 Jun, 2022

Started this climb around midday. It was an overcast day so was slightly cool. There were so many things I liked about this climb. The hike and the scrambling was great! The climb was full of little lizards and ants mostly with the kookaburras and cicadas singing from the trees. A cool breeze would sweep across the top and cool you down. It felt like a never ending top. Each time we got to the next level there was still more to conquer. But eventually once we climbed over the final large rock to follow a path to a rock and open space staring over the cliff I knew we made it. You definitely need to take lots of water as it can be required not only on your ascension but the humidity can hit going down so it's good to refresh. The terrain was a mix of bush and forest with rocks and clay mud steps covered in leaves. We took 3 and a half hours up and 2 hours down. I'd do it again for sure.

Valda Wakefield on 30 Dec, 2021

Similar to Mt Maroon.

Chesspeople on 30 Sep, 2021

Reminded me a lot of Mt Barney actually, similar gradient and similar terrain, just not quite as big. The view from the top is amazing! Its shape really allows you to have an excellent perspective of the surrounding region. Was lucky to meet a lot of good people along the way, mountain has a way of attracting similar minded people. Would definitely recommend bringing a decent amount of water because it gets hot and humid, especially being that you are in direct sunlight for a lot of it. Track is really good, although I still somehow managed to go off it at one point on the descent, so pay more attention than I did.

Vonsnrub on 20 Jul, 2021

Had a fantastic day on the pyramid with clear skies and great views! Took 53 minutes up and almost the same time to return.

Elese M on 10 Sep, 2020

This hike normally takes 2 hours up and 1 hour 30 minutes back down. On this occasion, I went with two female friends, varying fitness levels and we still made it in the same time. We left at 4am with head torches and were met with a beautiful sunrise at the summit. This is quite a steep climb with a little boulder climbing and slate rock walking. I’ve completed this climb at least five times (including being proposed to by my husband at the top on one occasion!!) it’s definitely a favourite!

Maya on 7 Jun, 2020

Probably hadn’t done enough training for this walk (especially downhill) but made it up in just under 2 hours and down in 1 hr 40 minutes.
Great view and very rewarding

Wazza1956 on 31 May, 2020

We did the walk with our kids (3 & 1). Our 3 years old did the climb all by herself which took almost 4 hours. Perfect weather and a nice view from the summit. The descent took a bit longer than we anticipated so make sure to start early.

Thomas M on 6 Apr, 2020

First time hiking this mountain since I was a kid. The signage is much improved and track easy to spot. We hiked with our kids 6 and 9, it was tough but they did it (up in just under 2 hours down in about 1 with a big rest at the top). Love this mountain, views from the top amazing and sense of achievement is great.

Christine on 31 Dec, 2019

I found this walk very challenging. Limited view to 60 metres due to cloud cover. The markers were very good, definitely kept me from straying the wrong direction. There is an annual run up this peak tomorrow!

Tracey on 15 Aug, 2019

Very enjoyable, albeit challenging hike. I’m glad we did this walk in the winter! We made it to the summit in 1:40. The walk down took us just over an hour (knees!). Definitely bring plenty of water. The views are worth the climb!

C Bauman on 20 Jul, 2019

Had to go back to the top again because I forgot to bring my drone last week! Of course the only place to safely launch and recover is at the very top so I couldn't cheat. A lot more folk on the mountain today, including a few runners.

Spidy on 18 Jul, 2019

Hard yakka, but very satisfying when you reach the summit. Not quite the 360 degrees views mentioned by others, at least not an all round 360 view, but stunning and peaceful none-the-less. This was obviously a good time of year to climb as I only saw 12 other folk on the mountain during my 4 hour slog.

Spidy on 11 Jul, 2019

Walked with partner, average to good fitness. Was a very hard slog to the top, but well worth it. Good sense of accomplishment after finishing the descent. As said before, start early if you can and take at least 3L or water per person. Very worthwhile hike

Matthew Allwood on 20 Apr, 2019

Quite an accomplishment to climb this mountain! We climbed at a reasonably fast pace and felt like turning back at about the halfway mark! Took 1 hour 10 minutes to get to the top. Definitely recommend a reasonable fitness to complete this hike.

Elese M on Apr, 2019

Started the hike at about 6:30am with my partner, brought about 8-9 bottles 600ml and snacks for our rest up top. The track is mostly steep afew spots that levels out and little bit of climbing over rocks.
Wear light clothing, good hiking shoes, bring a small towel & sunscreen.
If your fit should be a good hike for you if your not that fit take your time, drink plenty of water.
It’ll be hard for the first 2km lol don’t give up 😁 all worth it once you reach up top.

Karl Dillon on 5 Jan, 2019

Very steep and rocky. Challenging but well worth the effort as there are fantastic views at the top. Completed in 40 degree heat which made it very tough. Conquered! :)

Srna on 26 Nov, 2018

Awesome views from the top and was well with the effort. We took 3.5 litres of water each and needed it as there was no water available along the way. Track was easy to follow with orange markers on trees. It was a bit steep in places but manageable, however it does require a fairly good level of fitness. The grading for Walsh’s pyramid on this site is spot on.

Realmum on 9 Aug, 2018

Excellent walk - great challenge. Took about 2 hours up and 1 hour down. I got lost on the way down following some other track and had to back track a considerable way. Amazing views, can't wait to do it again!

Ian on 29 Jul, 2018


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