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Mount Bartle Frere - Eastern Approach (Wooroonooran National Park)
16 Aug, 2020
Very Hard
15km return
12 hrs
This was an awesome hike! Creek crossings, root ladders, boulder fields!! It was like walking glacier rock (reasonable), then smith’s track (steep as), then the pyramid (hard but fun) - and then back down again. We were a groups of three women in our 30’s and 40’s, not overly fit but had completed a few preparation hikes.. we took it easy as one of the hikers had blood sugar levels to manage. We made it to the top in 5 hours and back down in 4.5 hours. I will attach some photos as the weather was perfect, zero leeches as it was dry for a few days leading up to the Sunday and no rain or clouds on the day of our hike. My toes were hurting on the way down and they are really bruised and painful today - but it was totally worth it! We each took around 3.5L of water, loads of snacks and two massive sandwiches each. Still starving by the time we got back down. We also wore gloves to help with the abrasion from climbing and rock hopping. I’d do it again one day but not too soon as I’m in a bit of pain right now 😆
Mount Baldy and Yabi Mountain (Far North Queensland)
20 Jun, 2020
8.6km return
2.5 hrs
I did this walk with a friends whilst waiting for my car to get serviced. The garage dropped us off and picked us up - amazing customer service! We started on the Mount Yabi Track ascending to its summit before walking the ridge to Mount Baldy. The descent from there was quite steep. Next time we want to try this walk in the other direction. I took a couple of litres of water but didn’t use all of that. Also took snacks and enjoyed the view at each summit. It took us around 2 hours to complete at a reasonable pace plus stops at the summits.
Walsh's Pyramid (Wooroonooran National Park)
7 Jun, 2020
Very Hard
6.2km return
7 hrs
This hike normally takes 2 hours up and 1 hour 30 minutes back down. On this occasion, I went with two female friends, varying fitness levels and we still made it in the same time. We left at 4am with head torches and were met with a beautiful sunrise at the summit. This is quite a steep climb with a little boulder climbing and slate rock walking. I’ve completed this climb at least five times (including being proposed to by my husband at the top on one occasion!!) it’s definitely a favourite!