Far North Queensland


The Northern Most point in QLD.

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Council Areas:

  1. Burke Shire 
  2. Doomadgee Aboriginal Shire
  3. Capentaria Shire
  4. Croydon Shire
  5. Mareeba Shire
  6. Etheridge Shire
  7. Tablelands Reginoal
  8. Cassowary Coast Regional
  9. Cairns Regional
  10. Douglas Shire
  11. Cook Shire
  12. Aurukun Shire
  13. Torres Shire
  14. Lockhart Reiver Aboriginal Shire

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1.8 km return
45 mins

Davies Creek Falls Circuit

Close to Cairns and Mareeba, Davies Creek National Park is a favourite spot for locals. It offers a spacious picnic area and camping facilities, spread out amidst the rocky platforms and shady trees by the creek. Visitors can negotiate the rocks and swim in the pools in this area at their leisure. Davies Creek Falls,is a magnificent waterfall cascading over huge granite boulders,

300 m return
10 mins

Cooktown lighthouse

Short walk from the car park to the lighthouse.

Very Easy
1.2 km one-way
30 mins

Crystal Cascades

Crystal cascades is popular freshwater swimming hole surrounded by a tropical rainforest, it has a series of small waterfalls that flow into large pools, This short easy walk takes you to popular swimming holes and with a waterfall at the last swimming hole

Very Easy
500 m
36 mins

Curtain Fig NP

A well built boardwalk surrounds the most astounding sight - a massive curtain of aerial roots created over 3 toppled trees by a single strangler fig. The fig is thought to be over 500 years old.

2 km return
1 hr

Emerald Creek Falls walking track

Emerald Creek rushes out of the rainforests of the Lamb Range. The waters of the creek tumble over granite boulders, forming the picturesque falls that plunge into placid pools.

10.8 km
5 hrs

Island Circuit

A lovely scenic walk around Dunk Island - not too strenuous, lots of wildlife!

4.8 km return
105 mins

Lake Barrine

This picturesque freshwater lake has a walking track all the way around, together with Tea House and the opportunity of a Cruise on the waters. This is a water filled crater that was created some 10,000 years ago as a result of a volcanic eruption.

6.4 km return
3 hrs

Mount Tyson

Based in Tully Gorge National Park. This is a steep hike to the top. With a great view of Tully and the surrounding sugarcane fields. You can see the ocean from the top.

6 km
3 hrs

Mount Whitfield Conservation Park

Mount Whitfield Conservation Park Red and Blue Circuits including Summits of Mount Whitfield and Lumley Hill.

2 km
1 hr

Mt Hypipamee NP

A spectacular view down into a large volcanic diatreme (pipe crater) awaits you at the end of the track. The crater is filled with water and a thick carpet of pond weed. The trail back spits off to Dinner falls, a lovely cool cascade in rainforest