Rainforest Rail Trail

New South Wales

A nice easy walk along the old abandoned Murwillumbah to Casino railway line (1894 to 2004) from Stokers Siding to the biggest tunnel (524m) on that line, with plenty of glow worms and some micro bats.
This section of the track looks now to be contained within the Northern Rivers Rail Trail - Tweed Section (2023) and no longer restricted.

Dogs Permitted
No Camping Permitted
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

PLEASE NOTE: John Holland Rail Pty Ltd, the managers of the Country Rail Network (CRN) in NSW, wish to advise that accessing the CRN without a formal agreement in place is considered to be trespass. Please note trespassing on rail land is an offence and fines of up to $5,500 can apply.

Details for accessing this track have been removed at the request of John Holland Rail Pty Ltd. Please do not restore the details until a formal agreement has been reached with them for public access to this walk.

Getting there:

Due to the current restrictions on this walk, these details have been excluded.


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Route/Trail Notes:

Due to the current restrictions on this walk, these details have been excluded.

Other References/Comments:

Stokers Siding

Northern Rivers Rail Trail


the trail now has been converted to a bike and walking track, and now there are crowds going back and forth, many bikes, noise, light etc. so, obviously no more bats or glow worms are roaming there. for me the trail has completely lost its attraction.

ovel on 5 Aug, 2023

A nice flat walk for all (except stoller!)

matthias levy on 11 Oct, 2020

A nice flat walk for all (except stoller!)

matthias levy on 11 Oct, 2020

I cannot confirm or deny that I have done this walk but if I had, it is longer than specified, more like 3kms each way to the tunnel. Be really careful of snakes as it 'could' be really overgrown in place where lots of brown snakes live. Definitely advise hiking shoes and gators.

BeckNWood on 6 Oct, 2019

We did this walk with 2 young kids (4 and 6). I had the 4 year old on my shoulders most of the way. We took a bright torch for the tunnel and saw plenty of glow worms and bats. We didn’t see any snakes (I guess the cold weather helps).

BEWARE! Some low life decided to key the driver’s door of our car while we were gone. A nice deep gouge above the door handle.

Simon on 26 May, 2019

Trespassing if walking this trail????
They should put some sign there to let people know.
I can not confirm if I actually walked this trail or not.

If I had walked it, I believe that it would be a good walk for the kids and dogs, overgrown in places but well worth it for the tunnel, plenty of glow-worms and bats.

Aaron Macgregor on 27 Apr, 2019

Easy and fun - kids and dog had a great time

Skye Skeff on 25 Apr, 2019

Took me 1HR15MINS to do 5KM in and back. I didn't go very far in the tunnel cos I'm a scaredy cat but far enough to see the bats. Saw a snake along the path but it got out of my way pretty quick.

Le on 21 Jan, 2019

A really interesting enjoyable walk with our 7 and 9 year olds today. We were able to find it pretty easily thanks to the photo someone posted of the bridge and arrow pointing to the steps opposite (Thank you!)
The track is really overgrown in places, and we spotted a snake in the grass on the side of the track, which fortunately slithered away really fast. We saw bats in the tunnel, but unfortunately no glow worms. We also saw a lot of butterflies and insects and skinks along the track, which was great for keeping the kids interest.
There's quite a lot of bush coverage along the track, so you're mostly walking in the shade, but there are a few sunny spots, so take a hat and sunscreen (and good walking shoes).
All in all a fun outing. It took us 1 hour 40 minutes, we walked halfway along the tunnel and back again. Total distance 7km.

Sarah on 13 Jan, 2019

Did this walk yesterday and ran into 2 other groups doing the walk. There are no signs prohibiting entry anywhere around. The entry steps were quite obvious opposite the covered bridge section. Reiterating what others have said wear good shoes as you walk on rocks and sleepers the whole way. Didn't see any snakes or glow worms but did see the microbats in the tunnel. Glad we took torches as it is pitch black in the middle of the tunnel and it is much longer than it looks from the end. We did walk some of the way past the tunnel and could have gone further as it has been cleared. Two friends fit bits said it we did over 7.0km. Easy walk with not much change of scenery. Tunnel is the highlight

Tassie on 16 Sep, 2018

Did this today with the dog. WATCH FOR SNAKES!
its about a half hour walk from the start of the tracks, you can park the car just off the side of the road next to the entry path. Not too overgrown, a bit rocky underfoot as you would expect from railway tracks but not to bad, shoes are a must.
The tunnel is amazing, a lot longer than expected when your walking in there, a headtorch is needed to get through the tunnel, without a headtorch though you can see heaps of glowworms, didnt see any bats.
Had a stand off with a brown snake in a sunny spot on the track on the way back, other comments on this trail aren't wrong about the snakes, it looks snakey.. so watch your dogs.
Great little adventure though

Simon Hutchen on 25 May, 2018

Good comfortable walk - hard to find entry, right on corner before old railway bridge, need to go though overgrown area but once in great piece of heritage to enjoy. Flat walk but needs good shoes and interesting experience in tunnel to see micro bats and glow worms.

Happyhikers on 27 Dec, 2017

We did the walk today and it was really good - peaceful and forested. We saw no snakes but did see the micro bats. We carried some telescopic loppers and cut back the encroaching lantana plus other plants, although the trackbed is largely very clear and not difficult to walk.

The steps at the start of the trail are hard to find now due to being overgrown. The sign is also missing. Someone appears to have erected strands of barbed wire at the foot of the stairs, which are not much of a barrier although one of us tore our pants on them. Despite that, this is a worthwhile trail to visit. It would be great to think of it one day being part of a long distance rail trail.

mullumbimbywalker on 26 Dec, 2017

Hoped out of the car first thing I noticed, i was sharing the grass with a 2m long brown snake.

Continued down the tracks and saw a whip snake smoothly gliding along the bottom edge of the train track. It went under a section of the track in a swift manner like this wasn't the first time it had done it, possibly even it's home.

At this stage I checked my phone not good reception and I was alone but decided to persist anyway with two long sticks, walking them infront of me to try and deter snakes or give them a fake leg to strike at first. 4km of this was not fun.

The tunnel was cool with a nice breeze lots of little microbats, saw a baby drinking milk.

All in all. 4km of hell and 1km of cool.
But that was just my experience if I didn't see 2 deadly looking snakes it probably would have been alot better.

Fractal Mandelbrot on 25 Oct, 2017

Enjoyable ramble. Thanks for the heads up on wearing walking shoes. Saw the micro bats and glow worms in tunnel. Walk is about 16km south of Murwillumbah.

Anonymous on 2 Oct, 2017

Easy walk along an old train line. Make sure you've got sturdy shoes as the rocks underfoot can be hard on your feet. Takes you through scrubland and past a handful of rural properties before going through the 500m long tunnel which is a highlight. If you're steady on your feet and take it slow you can make it through without a torch. Be sure to look up to see the glo-worms.

I was taking it slowly and it took around 2.5 hours return.

max on 10 Sep, 2017

Fun walk, was happy to have good shoes as the stones are a bit of a pain. Track is nice and open.

Narba on 6 Aug, 2017

An enjoyable walk. Walking on the rail track was a bit challenging at times. The tunnel was amazing, saw plenty of micro bats and glow worms. The overgrown section at the end was very popular with the bird life.

rob.bushman on 22 Jan, 2017

Great walk. Spotted a microbat in the tunnel. Wish I bought a touch with me though. The tunnel got dark!

Troy on 2017

I enjoyed the tunnel but the walk didn't seem that enjoyable in the heat.

I realised afterwards you can drive all the way along tunnel road and jump over the fence if you just want to walk through the tunnel.

Juiced Pixels on 30 Nov, 2016


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