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Albert River Circuit (Lamington National Park)
12 Sep, 2021
21.8km return
7 hrs
Lovely walk and lovely September weather to do it in. Walked anti-clockwise as suggested by the national park's trail notes and by the O'Reilly's staff and we think it's definitely the right direction to walk it, meeting all the waterfalls following the creek upwards towards it's source and saving the lookout and volcanic rim stretch till last, walking east towards the ocean.. :)

Amased at how many antarctic beech trees are still around in Lamington, you'll find them pretty much all along the circuit bit of this trail (after you branch off from the border track)..

Not many people on the trail but a BIG (>1.5m long) red-bellied black snake resting in the shade right on the trail at the 7km. Slowly slithered away after some heavy stomping in the ground at a distance..

Five star trek all in all!
The Sphinx and Turtle Rock (Girraween National Park)
3 May, 2021
7km return
2.5 hrs
Combined this one with Castle Rock. Great hike. Vegetation has recover quite OK after the bushfire. A 1.5 m carpet python slithered across the path into the bushes not ten metres from the very top of Castle Rock. Stunning views from the top. Probably took 3.5 hours including a fika break under the looming Sphinx. Turtle Rock was not much to see, there is no real vantage point from where you can actually see it resembling a turtle. Saw what might be a wombat furball on the trail (brown hair).
Mt Greville: Waterfall Gorge/Palm Gorge circuit (Moogerah Peaks National Park)
11 Apr, 2021
6.5km return
4 hrs
Great walk, relatively easy to follow the instructions and get by without a map. Followed suggested direction waterfall gorge up and palm gorge down. Palm gorge was most scenic of the two I reckon. Small grey brown snake a metre in front of me on the trail on the way down palm gorge. Slithered peacefully into the bushes, looked like a tree snake.

4 hrs 20 mins with a short stop at the lake lookout and a decent break on the top.
Daves Creek Circuit (Lamington National Park)
3 Apr, 2021
12km return
4 hrs
Walked this in the rain today. Nice circuit but with low rain clouds we didn't see that much from the lookouts. Saw a couple of birds and two wallabies of some sort. 4.5 hours all up, with around an hours stop at the lookout for lunch.

If you're a first time visitor opt for the much grander Ship's Stern Circuit, or, as a second option, Coomera Falls Circuit instead.
Mt Barney - East Peak - Up South-East - Down South (Mt Barney National Park)
10 Oct, 2020
Very Hard
15km return
10 hrs
My wife and I did this in early October. Picked a great weekend for it, sunny weather but not too warm. Probably wouldn't want to do it later in the season for the sake of avoiding the summer heat and risk of running into snakes. None of us had done Mt Barney before and reading on this forum we were a bit scared, however, now after I must say that a lot of people here are exaggerating the level of difficulty of this trail. Is it long distance to cover, a long day out and strenuous? Yes, sure thing. Is it technically difficult? No, not the slightest. Is there a risk to get lost? No, then you have to be really – I mean REALLY – bad at navigating. Going up the South east ridge there is pretty much only one trail to follow the hole time, and since you are going upwards, there's not many options to choose anyways, and where there were options, most trails seems to converge and take you there anyways. From memory there were only two places where we reached a cliff face and you could go either left or right, we tried one way first 30 meters and evaluated and it seemed to be incorrect, so we just traced our steps back and tried the other way - bingo! The other place there was a rope to indicate the right way onward. As simple as that. To me, Flinders peak was more difficult/strenuous. If you've done either that or Mt Maroon you fix this one easy. Not to worry.

We started at 5.30am taking South East Ridge summit trail which entailed climbing up 1100m within 5km, it took us 5hrs to the summit. We then took South Ridge route down, if yet not as steep it turned out to be even more challenging descending than going up.. It took us 1 hour only to get from the top to Rum Jungle, hey that part was really tiresome and boring. The way done from there was characterised by very slippery rocks and lots of loose gravel.. :S In total ~15km in 10.5 hrs, including 1 hour brunch stop on the top..

To summarise: thrilling and scenic on the way up, but the views from the top were a bit of a disappointment, Mt Maroon is more scenic both the hike itself and the views from the top (and you see Mt Barney from there which is pretty majestic). The way down the South ridge is outright boring. Just a transport stretch basically. Consider going down South East ridge instead, shorter, more exciting and more scenic. Part of the disappointment was also due to the recent bushfires I think, as much of the vegetation was gone from the top down.
Flinders Peak (Ipswich - Flinders Goolman Conservation Estate)
6 May, 2020
6.5km return
3.5 hrs
Åh! That was one hell of a tiring walk! My wife and I made it up in 1hr 55min and down in 1hr 45min including a 10min fika stop on a scenic spot along the way. Many photo stops along the way. Awesome views all through out the hike. Not too bad vegetation overgrowth, looks like heaps of hikers have been pushing through the past few days and we met plenty of others. Some walking just in shorts and runners, although I would recommend long pants and sturdy boots. We even had gaiters. In parts slippery due to dry soil. Gravelled access road is bumpy but managed alright in our small little car.
Morelia Track (D'Aguilar National Park)
2 May, 2020
6km return
2 hrs
Atrax Circuit (D'Aguilar National Park)
May, 2020
1 hr
Big Bend (Carnarvon National Park)
6 Jun, 2019
19.4km return
8 hrs
The Pyramid (Girraween National Park)
Dec, 2018
3.8km return
2 hrs
Granite Arch (Girraween National Park)
Dec, 2018
1.7km return
30 mins
Great Walk! Gold Coast Hinterland (Lamington National Park)
15 Sep, 2018
54km one-way
3 days
Mt Ngungun (Glass House Mountains National Park)
Jun, 2018
2.8km return
90 mins
Kings Canyon Rim Walk (Watarrka National Park)
Mar, 2016
6.6km return
4 hrs
Awesome walk! Tops both Uluru and Kata Tjuta in scenicness.. Much more beautiful and serene.. Especially if you have the place to yourself and the wallabys in the morning..