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Wickham Peak - Calytrix Circuit

A decent walk. Rock hopping was loads of fun but the views aren't that spectacular. Wouldn't go out of my way for it.

Samuel Armstrong on 12 Feb, 2017

Mt Ngungun

I love the Glass House Mountains. This is the 2nd one I've climbed so far, the views are incredible! Tibrogargan is a much better, more adventurous climb but this Ngungun is way more accessible. Depends on your fitness and abilities I guess.

Samuel Armstrong on 6 Feb, 2017

Gardner's Falls

Needed to cool off after climbing at the Glass House Mountains. Great rock pools with a couple of swings, didn't want to leave!

Samuel Armstrong on 6 Feb, 2017

King Island

Nice walk, good for bird watching. Amazing that people lived on the island years ago! Beware of stone fish!

Samuel Armstrong on 1 Feb, 2017

Lota Creek Circuit

Nice and easy to pass the time

Samuel Armstrong on 22 Jan, 2017

Warrie Circuit

One of the best walks so far! This is a must. Beautiful rainforests, walking behind waterfalls and amazing views out towards Gold Coast. Would definitely recommend! Plan after some rainfall to see the waterfalls at their best. Some bits are a little overgrown but luckily we didn't encounter any leeches. Plenty of skinks and birds. HUGE spider as well!

Samuel Armstrong on 8 Jan, 2017

Twin Falls Circuit

Completed in conjunction with the Warrie circuit. Do not be deterred by the length of the Warrie circuit. It really isn't that difficult and the walk is amazing.

Samuel Armstrong on 8 Jan, 2017

Rainforest Circuit

Did this walk accidentally. Took a wrong turning which brought me back to where I started haha. Was pleasant enough with information on the surrounding wildlife

Samuel Armstrong on 7 Jan, 2017

Daves Creek Circuit

Awesome walk through diverse rainforest with some amazing views. Definitely do the quick scramble up surprise rock, you will not be disappointed! Some parts of the track currently have trees which have fallen covering the path, but they're easy to get around. Yes... there are leeches amongst plenty other wildlife.

Samuel Armstrong on 5 Jan, 2017

Purling Brook Falls Circuit

Definitely check out Warringa Pool if you want to swim. There is no swimming under the waterfall itself (though disrespectful people might) so the extra walk to the pool is worth it. It is safe to jump in the middle of it too! Plenty of wildlife and the views are amazing

Samuel Armstrong on 2 Jan, 2017
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