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Mt Maroon

Short dirt road into 'carpark'. Wonderful views and great hike. Steep in parts and would recommend a moderate to high level of fitness and 3-4 hours return depending on how fast you ascend - quite exhausting in parts. Steepest part is just after the track veers downhill then up a gully or sorts, good footwear recommended. The scrambling isn't too exposed, but may worry first time scramblers in a couple of bits. Awesome 360 degree views. Track is a little hard to follow in parts - if you get you'll know though, follow the yellow markers on rocks here and there.

Murray Thomson on 7 Jan, 2017

Mt Maroon

Murray Thomson on 7 Jan, 2017

Flinders Peak

Steep for the duration of the climb, quite exhausting but fine if you take your time.
Left at 5am, got there at 6:30, was up the top at 8am, down by 9:30am.

Murray Thomson on 18 Aug, 2016

Mt Cordeaux

Short and very smooth walk to a great summit view!

Murray Thomson on 10 Aug, 2016

Box Forest

Very good circuit walk with beautiful waterfalls. Not too long and easy track to walk.

Murray Thomson on 7 Apr, 2016

Warrie Circuit

Beautiful walk with many waterfalls. Easy track to follow, overgrown in parts.

Murray Thomson on Apr, 2016

Mount Edwards

Steep and exhausting but not too long. Very nice views! Take DEET in case of ticks, lots of overgrown vegetation.

Murray Thomson on Apr, 2016

Mt Greville

Great walk. However track is non-existent after the first few hundred meters of Palm Gorge, I ended up crossing over to the ridge trail much earlier than the tracks converged on OSM as I couldn't find the track. Ridge trail is brilliant and the views are fantastic, follow the arrows on the rocks and the cairns and you won't get lost, most of the ridge is well worn.

Murray Thomson on Apr, 2016
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