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Mt Mitchell

Great clear maintained track and relatively easy walk with a variety of different zones from rainforest to dry rocky outcrop at top. The view from the top is amazing, but unfortunately a bit hazy on this day. I reached the top at about 9:30, but think an early morning start in the dark to get up the top for the sunrise would be well worth doing.

Saw a good variety of birdlife and a big goanna.

Adam Higgins on 3 Apr, 2016

Pioneers Graves

Adam Higgins on 3 Apr, 2016

Mt. Mathieson Circuit

Starting from the orchard the first part of the walk up to Mathieson lookout was pretty straight forward and easy, with a fair bit of wildlife to see and bell birds chiming everywhere. The track is pretty clear and easy to follow.

Mathieson's lookout is probably the only disappointment as there is a fair bit of growth and no really clear line of sights.

Continuing on around the circuit there are lots of amazing views and a fair bit of rock scrambling. It can be a little hard to see the track but just keep following the top of the ridge line. keep an eye out for snakes.

Heading down from the ridge you go through a couple of different zones and then find yourself in a large clearing with the wood tiller at the end. Following the track to the heritage road it is hard to image how the got the logs out of there.

The last part back to the carpark opposite the orchard is all downhill with plenty of wildlife to see on the way.

Adam Higgins on 3 Apr, 2016

Moss's Well

Adam Higgins on 27 Mar, 2016

Governors Chair Lookout

Adam Higgins on 27 Mar, 2016

Mt Greville

Did the walk up to the South East Ridge, then back down the same way. A bit wet from the rain the previous night so some slippery spots and some rock scrambling. Good views and lots of birdlife on the ridge.

Adam Higgins on 27 Mar, 2016

Python Rock

Adam Higgins on 17 Jan, 2016

Box Forest

Beautiful walk with incredible rainforests, waterfalls, and wildlife. Elabana falls is a beautiful spot but there are also lots of other different falls along the track that are great to see. Some of the big old growth trees are amazing.

Apparently plenty of snakes but I only saw Land Mullet and water dragons plus a lot of birds. And if you keep your eyes out you will see some lamington crayfish.

Would recommend doing this walk early or during the week as it can get quite busy. It is great to families and kids out walking but if I am being selfish it can disturb the ambience.

Adam Higgins on 17 Jan, 2016

Rakaia Gorge Walkway

A beautiful walk that follows the Rakaia gorge providing magnificent views along the way. Coming from Australia it was great to do to see the different colours of the water and the snow capped mountains.

I do love the more relaxed ways in New Zealand, there are some shear cliffs but no fences and no signs telling you to be careful. There are a few slippery parts and a few long ascends but definitely a great walk.

Adam Higgins on 4 Jan, 2016

MacDonald Rainforest

Adam Higgins on 7 Sep, 2015
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