Boulder Mountain

Woondum National Park

Although a short walk, Mt Boulder is a challenging walk as it rises to 496m above sea-level and requires a good level of fitness. The last 300m of the assent is very steep, with a small amount hand over hand action required, but well worth the trip. Once at the top you will reach the communications tower and the view is a little obscured by trees but you can get a few shots of the ranges just a little back down the track. The return is the way you came, so expect some thigh burning action on the way down.

Picnic Facilities
Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
No Camping Permitted
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there:

Take the Old Noosa Road south of Gympie (next to Bunnings) out about 10k and turn left into Hill Road, signposted to Mothar Mountain Rock Pools Car Park and Picnic Area. This is also the start of the Boulder Mountain walks.


Woondum National Park

Route/Trail notes:

Starting at the Rock Pools Car Park follow the clearly marked trail for the Boulder Mountain hiking trail as it winds its way through the thick scrub passing some huge trees along the way. As you hit the more open terrain it steepens.

Before long you reach the very ominous looking sign that reads ‘summit 300m, very steep section’ but don’t let the sign mislead you. While it is quite steep, it is very manageable with plenty of rocks and trees to help stabilize yourself. After this it mellows out again with a short stroll to the top where you will see the summit sign and a return distance to the rock pools.

Return can be done by either backtracking down the way you came, or via the access road at the back which eventually connects back onto the main track back down to the rock pools which is approx. 10km.



Other References/Comments:

Walking poles are recommended, take plenty of water and have a cooling dip in the Rock Pools at the bottom.


Not as hard as the signage might suggest, just a constant slog uphill to get your heart rate up. Safe even when wettish. The view from a little track down to the right on the summit is nice.

Adrienne on 6 Aug, 2023

We started on cool early morning yet were dripping sweat by the time we got to the top. Can’t say there was any ‘reward’ at the top as the tree line obscures your view but was certainly a challenge and a great training exercise.

F.A.B. on 22 Jan, 2023

Very steep and challenging walk with tree roots, & rocks. Didn't quite make it to the summit 200m short. I wasn't comfortable with the conditions. It's a level or grade 5 hike!

Saundra on 29 Mar, 2021

Great hike and views. We are about Med fitness and it took us 1.5hrs up and back including photo time and breaks along the way. The hike is a steady climb up pretty much from the start with a steep climb for the last 300m. Once you get to the towers, if you walk down towards the 4x4 track you'll see an opening on the right hand side which offers a great view. On a clear day (which it was) you can the top of Mount Cooroora.

MELG on 19 Jun, 2020

very steep, small well used track beautiful bush very quite, last 300 meters steep but I wouldn't call it a scramble, little to no view at top you have to peak out on way up to see anything. well worth it though and the rock pools were appreciated at the end of steamy forest walk.

Kelly on 15 Feb, 2020

Nice walk to do before a swim in the rock pools. The view from the summit could have been better.

Thomas M on 23 Jan, 2020

May not be the most scenic mountain in the region but the hike was sensational. The track is well marked and for the most part pretty clear of loose rocks. As others have said it gets pretty steep towards the end and actually makes for a nice little challenge. In saying that I wouldn't really call it a scramble, just a very steep hike. Took me around 35 minutes to reach the top where you will find a communication tower and a small building - if you walk around the side of the building you will get a fraction of a view through the trees. Similar intensity to Mt Coorora.

Vonsnrub on 30 Oct, 2019

Great walk when rock pools are full for a refresh at the bottom. My 5 and 7yr old completed full walk to the top and back with my husband and I.

Kate M on 24 Mar, 2019

Great walk. Last 300 m was tough

Matt Enticknap on 5 Jan, 2019

Minimal views, but nice bushland. Fairly strenuous hike to the summit. The last 300m is hard work, but not technically difficult.

Angelica on Dec, 2018

A moderately steep hike with the last 300 metres to the summit a moderately easy scramble / climb. There are some views at the summit towards gympie and to the north and some views as you approach the summit. Going at a slow pace with numerous breaks I finished the climb in 1 hr 50 mins

Troy on 30 Aug, 2018

No views at the top but a telecom tower, however it is a nice walk to the top with some rock climbing/ steep sections. Not really easy but good for people with a moderate level of fitness.

Alex+Christine on 25 Mar, 2018

Very steep but lovely walk.

Shell on May, 2016

Yeah no views. But if your in the area is a nice sustained challenge.

Pardo on 14 Sep, 2015

Yeah no views. But if your in the area is a nice sustained challenge.

Pardo on 14 Sep, 2015

If not clear , this one is not for beginners , there are a couple steep sections along the way with some loose rocks but the last 300m is quite steep and does require a level of fitness and decent footwear. Well worth the views when you get on top. yes there are 2 mobile phone towers but let that not scare you off , you can still get a nice view and pic along the edges BUT be careful. Worth it !!!

J on 14 Jun, 2014

Good hike to the top. I would avoid this walk when wet as the trail can be slippery and as others have pointed out is quite steep in sections which could be dangerous to the inexperienced.
Although the views are not great at the top there is one to the right (watch the drop).
Don't take the road back down as its around 10km hike back.

NerdTrails on 9 May, 2014

Did this walk without reading any reviews and was sorely disappointed when the view consisted off phone towers but we pushed through some underbrush and got A view. Calves were burning on the way up and the leaf litter on the ground made going down a slippery slide. Little dry for the pools but overall would go again.

Stellar on 22 Feb, 2014

Really nice walk, though the top was disappointing. The path is easy to see though we did take a wrong track at one point towards the top. It met up again with the main track though so it didn't matter. Once you hit the sign saying 300m to go, there are two steep sections, but all in all quite okay. I would agree though that it is a hard walk and you need a fairly high level of fitness.

Ian and Sue on 8 Jun, 2013


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