Witches Falls

Tamborine National Park
Many walks are currently closed due to COVID-19. Please,
  • check the walk's official website to confirm if the track is open
  • turn back if it looks like the track is too busy when you get there

This is an easy walk. In the afternoon this walk is prone to high temps in the exposed areas. The conditions can change extremely fast always take rain protection.

Picnic Facilities
No Dogs Permitted
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there



Sunmap Tamborine


Route/Trail notes

As with all walks on Tamborine Mountain suggest going (tues-thurs)


No permits required. No camping allowed

Other References

There is a good information centre on Mount Tamborine.



Nice walk

Jeff Nutley on 20 Jul, 2019

Witches Falls & Witches Chase Circuits (7.2km)

Jennifer Tonkin on 2 Jun, 2019

Always a nice walk - some beautiful trees

Ross on 18 Apr, 2019

Lovely little hike at Witches Falls today :) Beautiful spot of rainforest with some truly impressive trees. Saw some albert lyre birds and my friend STOOD ON a SNAKE OMG!! Would very much like to come back here after we've had some rain. Some other people on the trail but not many. It was very peaceful.
3.3km 75 minutes.

Mel on 16 Jan, 2019

Long weekend walk so it was a little busy, nice walk and a little water in the falls due to the recent showers but not too much.

ozsailor on 1 Oct, 2018

A pleasant walk, completed the circuit in just over an hour with our 7 and 8 year olds. There was only a small amount of water going over the falls, but the view from the lookout across the valley is quite beautiful. Lots of birds singing as we meandered through the forest, and some amazing trees along the way. There are a number of steep-ish sections and rocky steps, and the kids needed a couple of rest-stops on the way back up to the carpark, but for someone who is not super fit, I found the walk relatively easy-going. Definitely a worth while track to walk.

Sarah on 31 Aug, 2018

mum and dad just bought a house that has access to this track. they are so lucky. nice preetty walk through the trees

Simon Hutchen on 22 Jul, 2018

Beautiful scenery.

Woodlaz on 18 Jun, 2018

Beautiful walk, make sure you bring extra layers for this time of year. Incredible big gum trees at the top and some enormous fig trees at the bottom. We completed witches falls and witches chase walks together with our three children, they loved it.

Family Blunt on 17 Jun, 2018

Nice walk

newt666 on 3 Jun, 2018

Did the Witches Falls circuit as a continuation of the Chase track. If youre doing the circuit I’d suggest travelling in an anti clockwise direction as the zigzaging track up the face of the hill is less of a climb albeit longer. From the falls you double back along the track and either head left and tackle the steeper track to the carpark or head straight ahead to the seasonal lagoon (very green but dry on the weekend). When you’re at the lagoon there is a alternate “wet track” marked by star pickets and reflective markers which takes a slightly wider berth around the “lagoon”. The balance of the circuit is highlighted by some huge strangler figs with monstrous buttress roots. The ascent anti clockwise isn’t all that spectacular although some good views of the valley to the West. There are a few signs saying don’t do this section after wet weather due to land slides. There wasn’t any evidence that a slide has occurred in recent times.

David S on 21 May, 2018

Hi, it's Harry the Hiker, and I'm 8 years old. This was my first hike and I really enjoyed the rocky areas, and the falls were running after the rain.
The whole hike was 3 hours return trip and pretty easy, a little slippy on the track.

Harry the Hiker on 18 Mar, 2018

Easy as . Walked first thing in the morning really nice with the sun beaming through the trees!.

Kcdixon on 15 Feb, 2018

a small amount of water going over the falls. lost my way down the bottom i suspect fallen palm fronds covered the track. got my first ever leach.

luvwalking on 1 Dec, 2017

I did this walk early in the morning and was rewarded with a view of two Albert's Lyrebirds! It's not a hard walk and can be done in under an hour if you're in a rush. Watch your footing as it can be slippery when wet. I have yet to see the waterfall running.

candycroc on 17 Sep, 2017

Nice walk

alenka on 9 Sep, 2017

Easy walk.

Jess on 22 Jan, 2017

Walked Witches Falls Circuit and adjoining Witches Chase. Have not walked this track since i was a child. I personally think this is one of the most beautiful and interesting walks on the mountain. Walked very early and passed no-one. Rugged terrain and may be challenging for the beginner. Falls were only weak but still amazing to look at the cliffs below. Lots of interesting birdlife...especially near the seasonal lagoon.

Jimcar on 18 Jan, 2017

Nice walk this morning, we didn't see much of the falls as there had not been sufficient rain. Most of the signage was seen at the bottom of the platform due to vandalism. Shame as it is QLD oldest national park.

Yvette on 23 Dec, 2016

A much quieter track in comparison to Curtis & Cedar Creek Falls. If you're doing this one JUST for the lookout and waterfall it's not, how do i say this... "up there with the rest of them". I still enjoy the walk though, when I do this one it's literally for the added kilometres and impressive towering trees and strangler figs. I like the peacefulness of this walk and how it makes you feel a little further away from reality than the other tracks. If you're heading up to Mt Tamborine feel free to watch my video if you're trying to decide which tracks you'd like to do. :) https://youtu.be/H0rskHPWSjA

caus_91 on 5 Oct, 2016


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