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Goomoolahra and Rainbow Falls (Springbrook National Park)
9 Feb, 2021
6km return
It's been raining, so both waterfalls were flowing well, and the vegetation was so green and vibrant. Really good walk. The ground is a bit uneven in places, with loose rocks, so you spend a bit of time watching where you're going rather than looking around you.

Went on a Tuesday, which was good because there weren't many other people around.
Wishing Tree Track (Lamington National Park)
11 Jan, 2021
2.4km return
75 mins
Really beautiful track, very easy, plenty to look at, lots of birds. There is a freestanding observation post you can climb partway along the track, and there's a small picnic area past the Wishing Tree, next to the creek, if anyone thinks to bring lunch.

The track comes out at the base of the road that leads up to the villas at O'Reilly's, then you can take the shortcut between those and O'Reilly's if you're staying there.
Booyong Walk (Treetop Walk) (Lamington National Park)
10 Jan, 2021
800m return
30 mins
Very pretty. Lot of birds. Physically very easy, psychologically not so much, when you're scared of heights like I am.
Morans Falls (Lamington National Park)
10 Jan, 2021
4.4km return
90 mins
A nice, shady walk, quite pretty, plenty to look at, not just generic bush. We passed a couple with a pram on our way down who were on their way back, so it isn't a difficult walk. Saw a Regent Bowerbird high up in the trees. The waterfall was beautiful.

We found a shortcut to the road on our way back, that let out among the villas at O'Reilly's. We also saw a lyrebird off to the side on the track that goes between the villas and O'Reilly's.
Caves track (Lamington National Park)
2 Dec, 2020
5.2km return
90 mins
The Route/Trail notes up above are a little confusing.

Search for 'Binna Burra Lodge' on Google Maps. You can start the trail at the Information Centre about 1.5 km before the Lodge. The caves are all at this end of the track. They were impressive, and the rest of the walk was nice, but it was a bit generic for a walk called "the Caves Circuit". It has a fair amount of sun exposure, so take plenty of water in summer.

The road from the Lodge back to the Information Centre is all downhill, I'm not sure why the Route Notes say to finish at the centre and walk back up. In summer at 35 C, I wouldn't want to be walking up that hill after a bushwalk.
Purling Brook Falls Circuit and Warringa Pool (Springbrook National Park)
27 Sep, 2020
5km return
2 hrs
Pretty walk, but PACKED. Rarely got enough of a gap between people for it to be really quiet. And everyone went swimming under the falls, where all the signs say not to swim. Might have to go back in autumn on a weekday.
Twin Falls Circuit (Springbrook National Park)
3 Aug, 2020
90 mins
We've done a couple of the walks at Springbrook National Park, and this is by far my favourite. The track is easy enough. There's so much to look at, between the vegetation and the waterfalls and the 'caves'. We went after it had rained, and the waterfalls were cascading down.
Witches Falls (Tamborine National Park)
22 Jul, 2020
3.4km return
75 mins
Easy walk, not many people around, but that could have been because of Covid. It was dry at the time, so the lagoons were empty. Wasn't spectacular, but it was serene. Heard some weird bird/animal call, going to assume it was a drop bear.
Mt Warning Summit Trail (Mt Warning National Park)
Dec, 2019
8.3km return
5 hrs