Natural Bridge

Springbrook National Park
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A sealed circuit track takes you through the forest, across Cave Creek, and into the arched cave to witness the waterfall plunging from above. At night the cave is illuminated by thousands of glow-worms' tiny green lights. While glow-worms are visible year-round, their display is significantly reduced during the winter months. Interpretive signs along with the circuit highlight the park's special features. The hoop pines Araucaria cunninghamii that emerge through the thick greenery of the surrounding rainforest are living relics of the Jurassic Age—the age of the conifers—about 180 million years ago. These pines are 'living dinosaurs'—they are among the most primitive of conifers.

No Swimming
Picnic Facilities
No Dogs Permitted
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

Follow the signs towards Springbrook and then you will see signs for Natural Bridge.  Natural Bridge Rd, NATURAL BRIDGE QLD.


Don't need one.

Route/Trail note

Starting at the top of the carpark follow the signage around the circuit. The signage indicates that the track is one way going in a clockwise direction. Although indicated as "Very Easy"; there are still a few steps to take note of.



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Easy short walk to the Natural Bridge. Very pretty

Angela Giuliani on Sep, 2016

Definitely recommend. Natural Bridge itself is magnificent, the rest of the walk was nothing to rave about. Take a friend.

SkipK on 25 Jun, 2016

Such a gorgeous stroll

AGerussi on Feb, 2016

I love Natural Bridge/Arch. Done this walk many times. Usually busy though.

ChasingWaterfalls on 2016

Beautiful waterfall and nice popular walk. A great detour.

Guy on 29 Dec, 2015

An easy sealed track. Busy even on a Monday morning, but the natural bridge is beautiful nonetheless. Worth a walk into the cave to see all the tiny bats flying.

mjorn_ on 14 Sep, 2015

beautiful and delightful to see and do. Good for all ages :)

Raerae on 13 Aug, 2015

Miss being able to swim here and jump through the hole

Pardo on 9 Apr, 2015

Short but worth for the natural wonder! Busy place at times.

Hugues Debeyser on Apr, 2015

Perfect night bushwalk for Christmas. Easy walk to the cave and glow worms are so beautiful.

Harry on 25 Dec, 2014

Rewarding views for such an easy walk. A lot of visitors on a weekend though.

wendyd on 15 Sep, 2014

Nice easy & pretty walk, with many people.

liteseer on 24 Aug, 2014

Did this with a group of friends after doing the Numinbah Trails horse riding. Great walk for those who don't like walking but want some picturesque photo ops.

Alice on 21 Jun, 2014

Awesome Awesome Awesome! The only drawback was the huge number of people, but any wonder with such an easily accessible and beautiful waterfall. If you're down that way you have to see it.

Ian and Sue on 21 Apr, 2014

Done this walk many times, great during day and night - take a torch but DO NOT shine it on the glowworms. The greatest concentration is inside natural bridge itself, but you will see many on the approach. In spring/summer you can also see fire flies (actually Lampyridae beetles) on dusk/early evening.

klettersteig on 23 Oct, 2013

I love this walk, the natural bridge is very picturesque. I have done this walk several times including once with my Grandmother from the United States, she and I both loved it!

Roxy on Oct, 2013

Went for a night viewing of the glowworms but got stuck with A LOT of people/teenagers who didn't understand the "Don't shine torches on the worms or use flash photography" resulting in being blinded and scared wormies. However walking back to the car the track and walls are covered in glowworms which turned out pretty well.

Stellar on 26 Mar, 2013

A nice EASY walk which is great for young kids. They love the bridge of the creek & the cave. Can get VERY busy with all the tourist buses now.

Callaghan Clan on 24 Jan, 2013

Long time since I've been there. Lots of people and disappointing to see everybody ignoring the signs and still swimming.

Richard Mason on 12 Jan, 2013

Easy walk on well maintained tracks in the GC hinterland.

OurLinx on 14 Oct, 2012


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