Mt. Coot-tha


The Mt. Coot-tha area forms the south-eastern section of D'Aguilar National Park, once titled Brisbane Forest Park.

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Walks in Mt. Coot-tha

Very Easy
1.4 km
1 hr

Aboriginal Artwork Track/ Hoop Pine Trail

The Aboriginal Artwork Trail was created in 1993, the international year of the World's Indigenous People. It has since been renamed the Hoop Pine Trail.

7 km
3 hrs

Bardon Bushland

Several short trails which link together through parts of Bardon/Ashgrove/The Gap. Entrances to the trails are the Bardon Esplanade (across the creek and bridge) north and south Barnett Rd and Trinder Rd The Gap. There is a goat track just off the Barnett Rd trails (before you reach the dead-end of the track at private property) which connects to the Quarry Trail - You need to walk along a steep ridge to get to it - and this will connect you to the rest of the Mt Coot-tha trails.

10 km one-way
3 hrs

Bardon to Gap Creek

Great walk across Mt Cootha

6 km return
90 mins

Bellbird trail, Kokoda trail, Jacksonia trail circuit from Gap Creek Reserve

Bellbird Trail, Kokoda Trail up to top of hill and then back down Jacksonia Track- steep climb up to top of Mt C

7.3 km return
3 hrs

Botanic Gardens to Mt Coot-tha

An opportunity to enjoy a walk through the Botanic Gardens and continue on up through the Reserve to the summit lookout atop Mt Coot-tha.

3 km return
1 hr

Curlew Ironbark Circuit

Wide tracks but plenty of medium difficulty up and down as you criss cross ridges and creeks. Downhill can be a bit slippery on the gravel.

10 km one-way
3 hrs

Gap Creek to Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens

This walk will use several tracks in the Mount Coot-tha area to take you from Gap Creek to Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens

1 km return
30 mins

Ghost Hole Track

Went for a walk here to look at the location of the old gold mines.

4.2 km return
90 mins

Honeyeater Track

An interesting walk from near Mt Cootha summit down to Fleming Rd, the Environmental centre and back up to the start via Chapel Hill Rd Trail. You will see plenty of water dragons, butterflies and birdlife.

4.6 km
90 mins

Jacksonia Trail, Bellbird Trail, and Kokoda Trail Circuit

This walk is a great workout training. A lot of people along this track are training for possibly Kokoda and carry large packs. It is very steep, you some times see mountain bikers ride up and down.