North Queensland

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Council Areas:

  1. Mount Isa City
  2. Cloncurry Shite
  3. Mckinlay Shire
  4. Richmond Shire
  5. Flinders Shire
  6. Charters Towers Regional
  7. Palm islands
  8. Hinchinbrook Shire
  9. Townsville City
  10. Burdekin Shire

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Walks in North Queensland

6 km return
2 hrs

Flinders River Walk

An enjoyable walk along the banks of Station Creek and Flinders River (Queensland's longest river), with various historic attractions along the way. This is dinosaur country, so keep your eyes peeled!

500 m return
30 mins

Horseshoe Bay - Rotary Lookout

A short 10min pathed walk through some light vegetation, past some really beautiful rocks and up to a viewing platform over Horseshoe Bay

800 m return
20 mins

JCU Walking Track

The JCU Walking Track is a joint project of TropEco and JCU Discovery Rise. 493 well-maintained steps through beautiful bushland up to a gorgeous view of Townsville out to the ocean and James Cook University. Kangaroos, crickets and other critters are common along this enjoyable walk.

3 km return
1 hr

Julia Creek Nature Trail

Located behind the caravan park, the nature trail offers a chance to see some of the local birds and wildlife, especially if you do the walk either in the early morning or late afternoon.

5 km return
1 hr

Lake Ross Walk

There is a Gravel track directly next to Lake Ross where you can walk along as far as you like.
Good view over Lake Ross and the Mountains in the Background.

3.5 km return
1 hr

Mount Louisa Bush Walking Track

Popular walking track for fitness enthusiasts, 3.5km circuit track contains many stair climbs along the way to reach the summit and enjoy sweeping views to the north-east across Townsville and Cleveland Bay out to Magnetic Island, as well as views from the ridgeline and summit extending south-west from Mount Stuart to Kirwan.

Very Hard
5.2 km return
6 hrs

Mount Robert

Standing about 1000m high, Mt Robert, in the Boyne Valley is the highest mountain between the Gold Coast and Townsville. The Boyne Valley is a rural locality in Gladstone Region, Queensland, Australia. Mt Robert is situated on private property therefore can only be climbed when the family allows access usually once a year around July.

15 km
3 hrs

Mount Stuart

15km return walk from the steep roads ahead sign. 7.5km of continual uphill then 7.5 back down. There are no tracks available to the public so you need to walk up the narrow road.

600 m return
1 hr

Pompeii Cave

Pompeii Cave can be accessed from the Donna Cave car park, 1.8km south of Chillagoe. From the car park, a well-formed track with many steps leads through deciduous vine forest to Pompeii Cave—a cleft in the rock filled with large boulders, the remnants of a previous collapse.

Inside this small cave, look for bats sleeping high in dark crevices and rock-wallabies hopping from boulder to boulder. A short but steep climb to the bottom reveals a dark passage and some attractive formations. Be careful not to walk on or touch cave decorations such as flowstone or cave coral. Torches are required.

500 m return
45 mins

The Archways

The archways walk is spectacular, with narrow passage connecting larger caverns. You'll want to take the most photos at the Art Site and the end of the Archways walk.
NOTE: There are bats in the archways. There is one small hole you are required to crawl through however there is daylight on both sides.