Mt Maroon is provides some of the best views in South-East Queensland, with 360 degree views ranging from Lamington NP through Mt Barney, the length of Main Range and the Moogerah Peaks.

Scrambling or Climbing
Navigation Required
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Getting there

The track leaves from the end of Cotswold Rd which turns South of Boonah-Rathdowney Rd 2.7km East of Maroon township. The track ends at a small dam about 3.5km from the turnoff.


The Maroon 1:25000 covers the area.

Route/Trail notes

Follow the open hill just south-west of the dam. A reasonably clear track leads up the hill reasonably quickly (I wouldn't say it's steep, but if you've been doing graded tracks it'll get the heart pumping... ok, it's fairly steep!).

This track leads into a gully with some spectacular cliffs off to the right. If you're into rock climbing this cliff offers some good options. Just search for Ruby of India to get started.

Climb up the gully, taking care not to dislodge rocks down on your fellow hikers. At the top of the gully a track leads through a small area of vegetation before emerging at the base of the main, bald peak. Simply wind your way up this peak to the large cairn at the top and enjoy the views.

There are some trail markers along the way - orange triangles - but you should have reasonable navigation skills to attempt this one.


I love this mountain! The hardest part for me was keeping on the right track as there are a few places where it's easy to get lost. Once you know where you're going it's great - love the summit and the views!

Juiced Pixels on 10 Feb, 2018

This is a really nice walk. It's relatively short but decently steep and it certainly gets the heart pumping. We took 3 hours all up including a leisurly morning tea at the summit.

Brendan on 28 Jan, 2018

Beautiful views from the top...Take lots of water and you should be fine. You can visit both of the peaks we went to the one on the right and then rock hopped across the saddle to the one on the left which is the main peak offering one of the most spectacular views i have seen Barney, Ernest, Lindesay you can see them all.. Easy to get lost on this mountain we did and ended up descending to further down the gorge and thats when it gets dangerous as heaps of loose rocks and stones and a few snakes.. We then had to climb back up the near vertical section to get to the spot where you turn off and descend the normal way.. heaps of people up and down.. Would recommend this one to any one who loves a tough climb with amazing views.. reasonable level of fitness required...

Ashwin on 19 Jan, 2018

I would recommend being suitably prepared for this one and knowing your limits.
As others have stated, there is a section in the track where you are inclined to go left and continue upwards (we did) but it leads to a dead end with a vertical uphill climb. Don't attempt the uphill climb. We did thinking this was the route and it was dangerous to get back down when we realised it was the wrong way. Make sure, in the junction, you go right even though the track winds downward and around the base of the mountain (as others have said it feels counter-intuitive to do that). The scramble seemed REALLY easy after the initial climb we attempted, though, and I had a good amount of adrenaline to take me up.
Overall it was a nice walk, took us about 5 hours to get up and down (including getting lost) and I'd recommend it to those who are physically fit and have done at least some scrambling or uphill stuff before. Bring plenty of water (minimum 3L)!

J_Jenwren on 31 Dec, 2017

Went up 17th December 2017 about 7:15am and it was hot. Steamy in the trees and baking on the exposed top. I went through most of my Camelbak water bladder.

Wore ankle-high hiking boots and wished I'd worn sneaker-style ones instead. The ankle-height ones don't allow enough ankle flex to push off with your calves enough on all the steep slopes.

On the way down we met a group who'd headed down 20 minutes before us but got lost around the rocky gully not far from the top.

Rey Leon on 17 Dec, 2017

1hr 45m drive from the Gold Coast and well worth the effort.
My first time in Mount Barney National Park and can't believe I haven't heard about this area until now, will be back for more for sure.

Nigel Patterson on 10 Dec, 2017

The track follows the SE ridge up. You will see a peak to your right and a smaller peak straight ahead - perhaps counterintuitively, you must follow the track down in the direction of the gully which separates both peaks. The track then leads you to a scramble reaching a flat section where you can head slightly east to a small rocky outcrop for some views before continuing on to the peak.

Cyn on 25 Nov, 2017

Did this trek with a small hangover. We started around 10.30pm and sumitted in approx 1hr 40min. It was quite challenging but I enjoyed the workout. Navigation was pretty easy, the path was reasonably clear and there were small orange markers to guide us. It was very quiet and we only saw 2 other hikers. The summit had a spectacular view and it wasn't too hot today. I even tried out my Lifestraw in some puddles up the top. Highly recommend this hike if you're fit and have good mobility.

candycroc on 12 Nov, 2017

Great 3 hour trek. Pace however you like at the start to your own fitness level, through the gorge, then to the top for 360 degree views. Great climb with great views! A great climb for climbers preparing for Mount Barney! :-)

GregB on 29 Oct, 2017

Beautiful day for a walk

drewmac on 22 Oct, 2017

Did this mountain via the Caves route, following gps way points and gut instinct. Up the ridge to the first peak on the horse shoe then heading across to the second peak where the tourist track finishes. descended via the gully. 7 hours all up and harder than the usual route with scrambling. Awesome route

jennersm on 30 Sep, 2017

Great views in all directions. Walk is strenuous but not long. Allow 2 hours to the summit. Not much parking so get there early.

Leigh on 9 Sep, 2017

Hi, Abit of apprehension, not being up before, abit rusty on the navigation. The walk was well populated on this morning, the track mostly well determined. Just abit hazy around the gully, with another group had split, half taking the left route. They were called by phone! Coming back down, just went down a rocky creek, loose rocks. Turned back quickly, to get back on track. This was at the bottom of the gully. Started at 0830, down at 1130. Most enjoyable walk, and views.

Legs eleven - Dave on 20 Aug, 2017

Second time on this walk and found our way to the summit! The first time, we headed left towards a cliff face and tried to climb that. It got too steep too fast and we got injured coming down. This time, we followed directions and went counterintuitively down through the gully before climbing up to the summit. Luckily we met travellers on the way who gave us further direction or we probably would have gotten lost again. Great, fun walk with rock scrambling towards the top.

Tularip on 23 Jun, 2017

Awesome views with all the fun of climbing and scrambling

Gary on 18 Jun, 2017

Great hike with HPHG mountain climbers. Left Brissie early and made it to the top by 8.30. Compared to Mt Barney SE Ridge last month - it was about 1/2 as hard, and similarly rewarding. Better range of forest to trek through: flat crater area near the top with a canopy of lush forest, fern gully, crazy wild winds at the 3 small peaks above the crater area. All round a great hike and not too long. Back in Brissie with 1/2 a day to spare.

lexnlondon on 10 Jun, 2017

Great hike this one! I wouldn't be too worried about navigation skills. Although the track is concealed in some areas it isn't like the path isn't obvious. Just take care! Has a few challenging sections but the view is great! Would recommend.

Anton477 on 9 Jun, 2017

Awsome view from the top and beautiful mountain the hike. Seeing barney from another perspective really is amazing in itself. Will happily do this hike again. Really enjoyed the rock scrambling. Perfect day and weather was had.

moniqueunique on 7 May, 2017

This morning we attempted to summit Mt Maroon, unfortunately the road has been damaged from Cyclone Debbie back in March. This has now temporarily made the road a 4wd access only, if you have a 2wd there is a small opening on the side of the road that 2 cars can fit on and walk the rest of the road (maybe 500m) but thats it, there were cars taking the spots already so we had to turn back. Hope you don't drive the 2hrs to this beautiful walk and find out you can't get there or park without being a disruption to the traffic.

kttt on 1 May, 2017

Definitely one of the best walk/climbs we have done. Lots of steep scrambling sections but nothing too steep or exposed.

Tim on 17 Apr, 2017


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