Mt Maroon is provides some of the best views in South-East Queensland, with 360 degree views ranging from Lamington NP through Mt Barney, the length of Main Range and the Moogerah Peaks.

Scrambling or Climbing
Navigation Required

Getting there

The track leaves from the end of Cotswold Rd which turns South of Boonah-Rathdowney Rd 2.7km East of Maroon township. The track ends at a small dam about 3.5km from the turnoff.


The Maroon 1:25000 covers the area.

Route/Trail notes

Follow the open hill just south-west of the dam. A reasonably clear track leads up the hill reasonably quickly (I wouldn't say it's steep, but if you've been doing graded tracks it'll get the heart pumping... ok, it's fairly steep!).

This track leads into a gully with some spectacular cliffs off to the right. If you're into rock climbing this cliff offers some good options. Just search for Ruby of India to get started.

Climb up the gully, taking care not to dislodge rocks down on your fellow hikers. At the top of the gully a track leads through a small area of vegetation before emerging at the base of the main, bald peak. Simply wind your way up this peak to the large cairn at the top and enjoy the views.

There are some trail markers along the way - orange triangles - but you should have reasonable navigation skills to attempt this one.


nice spring day with some clouds and winds

agms on 9 Oct, 2016

Loved the walk, and amazing views from the top. Ive seen some reviews on here that said the scrambling was very difficult. If you go up the left peak and miss the right turn to the gully the scramble is grade 7-8 easily, and quite difficult, but if you trek back down, you will see a path on the left that leads down into the gully. Follow that and then enjoy the reasonable climb to the summit.
Overall great hike and would recommend it. Leave some extra time at the summit to explore the top of the mountain too just down from the peak.

Michael Adventures on 28 Sep, 2016

This is the tourist track and I don't believe is an hard hike at all. Steep in parts with a fun section to get up the gully and a final slab scramble. We took the kids to the summit. There are some fantastic panoramic spots along the way including stunning views of the East Face. I would particularly recommend Ruby of India if you are into rock climbing: a fantastic traditional multipitch up the east face on quality rock and amazing exposure.

CB72 on 18 Sep, 2016

Awesome walk and incredible views at the top. One of my favourite walks I've done in the region. It's tough but not super long. Took about 1hr 5 mins up and 40 down. I'd suggest enjoying your time at the top, it's well worth it. Spent an 1hr up there,
But that didn't even seem long enough.

B_razzle on 21 Aug, 2016

Rock scrambling was a blast. The track was pretty easy to follow on the way up and much easier on the way down. 2.5hrs to get up and 1 hour on the way down. It was freezing at the Summit and very windy, it was awesome! Gloves would be helpful just to give you the confidence to grab at anything. I wouldn't do this in joggers they would be slippery on the rocks, I wore hiking boots and they were the bomb at gripping when rock scrambling. Enjoy and soak in those views.

#Hawesome on 16 Jul, 2016

Fantastic hike. Plenty of scrambling which is what our group really enjoy. Nothing too crazy and the views are amazing. Great to reach a summit and have no obstructions to the view. Can't wait to go back.

Kingi on 2 Jul, 2016

Myself and two friends completed this walk on a Saturday morning. Leaving the car park at 9am. Not too many people on the track. Easy track to follow, pretty difficult to get lost.
It took us 4 hours with a long break (maybe 45 mins) on the top. There are some shady spots on top to sit and eat lunch.
Really enjoyable walk with rewarding views.

Jess on 14 May, 2016

3hr45min return trip, 3hrs definitely doable if we weren't with someone slower. Perfect weather meant it was a busy track today - lots of groups heading up. At least we summitted and made it back down through the gully before most of them.

Michael on 14 May, 2016

Great day. Found 3 geos. Welcomed back by a police party, sirens and all for a lost hiker. Not quite 1000mtrs above sea level though. Met a lovely couple - good luck with your travels on the pct.

father&son on May, 2016

This walk is well worth all the hard work to get to the top, great views and fun climb. Trail was easy to follow

AdamK on 17 Apr, 2016

Awesome hike! well worth the hard slogg. so many great lookouts on the way up too. Took us about 1.5hr- 2hr to get up and 1 to get down
lots of photo and stops on the way up though. when we hit the summit we were sitting pretty in a rain cloud. Im 5'4 can attest that short people will need help with the scrambling. just the first few bits though, after the first two boosts I was fine.
highly recommend

Dont wait for friday on 12 Apr, 2016

Awesome walk , great walk.

darren13 on 21 Nov, 2015

Steep climb but well worth it for the fantastic views at the summit. My 50 year old body does ache though-pretty strenuous climb.

gary scott on 4 Oct, 2015

Took my 8 year old son and 10 year old daughter along.
My kids are not very fit but had little trouble to do the walk. Navigation was easy, just remember in single section half way up trail heads downwards for a few minutes. Scrambling was reasonably safe - no exposed places and not difficult up or down. We finished just over 5hours.

Norbert Krause on 21 Sep, 2015

Easier to navigate than I expected as some clever soul has marked trees with red tape. A reasonably strenuous climb with steep sections. About an hour and a half up and an hour down.

mattyc on 29 Aug, 2015

Great walk. Up ridge (steepish), don't miss the right hand turn near the top of the ridge - that track descends a few hundred metres, then don't miss the left turn up the gully to the saddle (steep), then around to the left around the rock and then up to the cairn on the summit. All good.

Kaz on 2 Aug, 2015

Most challenging hike I've done yet! Amazing views though! If you plan on tackling this mountain make sure you take some protein bars!! :-)

kyles36 on 26 Jul, 2015

I love this mountain! I've completed this walk multiple times now, and it never fails to satisfy. At just under 1000m, Mt Maroon is no Everest, no Barney even, but it is nonetheless a strenuous hike, which is well and truly made worthwhile by the stunning 360 degree views which can be obtained from its summit. The Mt Maroon walk can be enjoyed without necessarily setting an entire day aside, and this hike also serves as a good training prequel for those who are working towards trekking up its higher neighbour, Mt Barney.
Highly recommended!

Ben on Jul, 2015

Wow what a view!! Pretty extreme climb and steep, I would recommend hiking shoes. Was 4.5 return trip. Really loved this mountain :-)

Andy_cortina on 28 Jun, 2015

This is definitely my favourite seq mountain climb ive done so far. Loved it!!

Zerpy on 10 May, 2015


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