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Mt Maroon provides some of the best views in South-East Queensland, with a 360 degree views ranging from Lamington NP through Mt Barney, the length of Main Range and the Moogerah Peaks.

No facilties on site, be sure to bring toilet paper etc.
Bring plenty of water and food/snacks.

Scrambling or Climbing
Navigation Required
Eucalypt Forest

Getting there

The track leaves from the end of Cotswold Rd which turns South of Boonah-Rathdowney Rd 2.7km East of Maroon township. The track ends at a small dam about 3.5km from the turnoff.


The Maroon 1:25000 covers the area.

Route/Trail notes

Follow the open hill just south-west of the dam. A reasonably clear track leads up the hill reasonably quickly (I wouldn't say it's steep, but if you've been doing graded tracks it'll get the heart pumping... ok, it's fairly steep!).

This track leads into a gully with some spectacular cliffs off to the right. If you're into rock climbing this cliff offers some good options. Just search for Ruby of India to get started.

Climb up the gully, taking care not to dislodge rocks down on your fellow hikers. At the top of the gully a track leads through a small area of vegetation before emerging at the base of the main, bald peak. Simply wind your way up this peak to the large cairn at the top and enjoy the views.

There are some trail markers along the way - orange triangles - but you should have reasonable navigation skills to attempt this one.

GPS Tracks


A tough challenging hike all round. Rock scrambling made the hike really enjoyable.
Took 3 hours round trip.

ripmech on 6 Feb, 2021

First half of the walk is a bit of a slog, however it becomes quite enjoyable after that, with probably the best views at the top of a climb I have experienced yet. Took 1hr 10 to the top and 1 hr coming back down, consumed just under 2L of water. Would recommend at least 3 litres of water (possibly more) if starting much after 7am. Watch your footing on the descent, especially on the loose gravel sections.

Regarding getting to the climb, I managed the gravel track in a MX5 (only a mildly stressful experience), so I imagine most other 2WD's will have no issues.

Hagan on 24 Jan, 2021

Started the new year with a hike to the summit. Absolutley loved it, definitely one of my favourite hikes and will be doing it regularly. Physically it's demanding if you aren't fit otherwise i found the whole thing a moderate hike with the chute up to the saddle the only bit that was a bit difficult but just requires concentration as you go up through it. Planning a trip back for sunrise soon.

Chewie on 1 Jan, 2021

3rd time up. Has to be my favourite walk but the most tiring especially coming back down.

ian parker on 10 Nov, 2020

Challenging hike and subsequent climb, but well worth it for the view.

HikingBiker on 11 Oct, 2020

A nice challenging hike - quite rocky. Lovely views on the way up and at the top. As it gets hotter I recommend a good supply of water. Took about 4 hours in total.

Briony B on 28 Sep, 2020

Great hike, it was go from the start. Fantastic views and scenery the whole way up. The panoramic views from the summit are just amazing, could even see the Brisbane CBD and Mt Warning.

Kelvski on 19 Sep, 2020

Very well worn track. We spotted a koala and joey, which was very special. So look up! Great views at the summit.

JFoss on 18 Sep, 2020

Beautiful views on this walk. The gravel road in is about 5k long and ok for 2wd. At the fork in the road, continue to the right. Strenuous uphill scrambling over roots, rocks and loose gravel/dirt. Will get your heart pumping! Little exposure although it does drop off dramatically at some points so watch your step. There is one very steep rocky climb which gets you to a rocky outcrop with a view of the false summit and summit. Leave space between parties on this section and watch for falling rocks. There is one final push to the top. Worth it for the incredible 360 degree views. Watch your feet on the way down. Can be slippery and hard on the knees. Would not attempt in the wet. Don’t veer off the track.

Caroline on 5 Sep, 2020

Steep walk and a real heart starter from the beginning but a great walk with stunning views to your right the whole way up! Took about 1.5hours up with a number of breaks to wait for the group - could do in just over an hour I feel. About 45 down. One of my favourites out of Barney and Flinders. Looking forward to doing it again.

Please note there are NO toilets at the carpark unlike Mt Barney Yellow Pinch. Be prepared and stop before you arrive! If you must go in the bushes like I did, then be careful as there are A LOT of people who’ve been in there before! With this walk as popular as it is, surely they will need to put in some facilities soon!

wheres_wally on 23 Aug, 2020

Loved this one! Did Mt Mitchell the day before so a tiny bit tired. But had some bananas which was good fuel. It was about 4hrs return with some nice scrambling. You will need reasonable fitness for this and good grip shoes. There were two of us and we took just under 2 litres of water which was just enough. View was amazing and will definitely do this again! Mt Greville had no view but was incredible and Mt Cooroora was awesome too! My favourite 3 so far. They put out orange arrow markers the same day.

Chesspeople on 14 Aug, 2020

Just did this one. It was a windy day, but our group of 3 managed it with no problems at all!! You're pretty much straight into it after the car park and it's a loose rocky dirt uphill slog until you get to the rock climbing part, this is probably a good spot to have a rest if you need it before tackling this section, as it is unwise to stop anywhere whilst negotiating this part due to rock fall risks.

Once you get past the rock climb part, there will be a rocky lockout to your left where, when facing east, you can see the summit to your right, and a false summit over your left shoulder. The summit is about 20 minutes from there and is easy with a small amount of scrambling involved near the top.

Once you are on the summit, you can take this as a perfect opportunity to enjoy some lunch and soak in the amazing views!!!
It took us just under 2 hours to get to the summit, and just under 2 hours to get back down, this included photo and snack stops.

All in all a very fulfilling climb. Make sure you wear good supportive shoes, have plenty of water, and snacks. Do not attempt this if you struggle with stairs or have bad knees as they will be taxed. Also don't try this if you suck at navigating as some times the trail will not be entirely clear. We had to redirect a daddy daughter duo a couple of times on the way down as they were heading straight into goodness knows where...

Nittus on 10 Aug, 2020

So today I attempted Mt Maroon for my very first time!

It was pretty much straight up from the word go!

There is a short walk from the carpark to the official start point that does head upwards.
From here it is a whole heap of rock scrambling straight up 😳

I took my time and was stopping quite often to find my footing and where the safest and easiest way up looked for myself.

You do need to keep an eye out for markers as they are not easy to spot. A few times I zig zagged a bit off track. So make sure you stop to take a breath and veer back on track if needed.

I stopped for a breather around halfway to admire the view and have a drink.

I finished the rock scramble just under the 2 hour mark.

When I hit the easier part of the hike (that I don't believe was that far away at all from the top) I was high fiving myself 👋 for my achievement when my left foot slipped on some slippery, dusty ground that was on a downward track and went straight out in front of me while I ended up on my butt with my right leg ending up under my butt from my knee to my foot.
I felt something go in my leg below my knee and down my leg.

I decided that today it was more important to get back down safely then to accomplish a mountain climb 😔

I consider myself a safe and mindful hiker and it is not that I did anything wrong. It was just unfortunately an accident that I won't forget in a hurry!
I am so very thankful it was not worse!!!

This hike challenged me from the get go.
I did enjoy it and even though I never made it to the top, I am proud of my achievement.

I would personally suggest a good level of fitness for this one.
I would not recommend this one for children or if you have ankle or knee issues. I would also recommend a supportive pair of hiking boots with good grip 👟

I think it may take a little while to get over this injury, but I will be back to finish this one off 🙏💕

Mt Maroon - 1 🥇
Mel - 0

Instagram :- misslissy79

Mel on 6 Aug, 2020

Great hike. 1 hour 30 minutes to go up and about 45 minutes to go down. Great variety of steep climbs, rock scrambling etc... Need to be reasonably fit. The summit has awesome views and you can spend some time up there having a picnic if you want :)

Andrew Specht on 2 Aug, 2020

One of my favourites now in SE QLD! We got a little lost just driving to the hike (premonition for the rest of the day...). The carpark maybe had about 20 decent car spots but it is not a regular carpark - mostly sections of bush that have been cleared so may be a slight challenge if you're in a low-lying car but not impossible.

We started off around 11:30am, and so the incline began. It was a great day and great weather with a slight breeze. Had the heart racing already as we went up and up. The middle section was the most fun - good rock scrambling, lots of grip, and you could choose your own adventure to an extent and deviate off the main animal path (aka we'd get a bit 'lost' at times but would see the main path and head back onto it no issues). Got a bit more scary towards the gorge but we never felt unsafe. When you reach the end of the 'no stop' section, you'll see a clearing. It took us a while to figure out where the main south summit was, but to get there you'll want to turn right. This then reaches a crossroads, and you'll want to turn left. Follow that up to a rock face, go to the right and you'll eventually see an orange marker. You then have to climb one last little bit and you're at the top :)

Getting down wasn't as bad as I thought it would be - fair bit of bum sliding and putting weight on your arms. Definitely a full body workout by the end!

All in all, took us just over 4 hours with a good lunch break at the top and taking our time coming down.

Evie J on 1 Aug, 2020

Tough but super rewarding, stunning views at the top and on the way up

Craig Williams on 19 Jul, 2020

Nice cool day for this hike! Lost the trail just before the summit but made our own way to the top. First half of this track feels like a slog but the second half is worth it!

jeabou on 10 Jul, 2020

At the carpark this mountain can look pretty intimidating, but it's actually not too hard. The first section was a bit tiring, but it's easy going once it gets to the rock scramble. The rock scramble section and flat section before the peaks reverberate sound (like an ampitheatre) which is pretty annoying when there's a lot of people. Decided to go to the north peak which had great views over the scenic rim and to Brisbane, and far less people than the south peak. I'll definitely be coming back to do it again.

Martin Welsh on 5 Jul, 2020

We did this with a 16 yo and a 6 yo. It was really hard and challenging hike. Very steep. Confusing paths at places. Don't know who and why has placed the orange markers. But followed the directions from previous posts and took the correct paths. The views are fantastic. Did not feel like leaving. Coming down was easy over the "No Standing Zone". But the downward climb was really exhausting. The feet were badly hurt while walking over the rocks. We took good 7 hours.

Anant Relekar on 3 Jul, 2020

Hard climb
Navigation required
Fantastic view
Finished going one way up in 1 hr 13 mins

Nok on 1 Jul, 2020


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