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Ascend by the northern ridge from the campsite then descend via the southwest ridge, then follow the 4WD road back to the Mt May reserve. You can also incorporate both the south and north summits on the same walks. Note: the northern ridge is recommended for ascent only due to loose rocks and scree.

Scrambling or Climbing
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This was a good hike but hot, and not easy to find the trail until you get to the south side of the South peak and head down to the 4wd track.

Kelso on 27 Dec, 2020

Amazing, but second peak is a scramble and can be scary.

Jemma on 5 Aug, 2020

Amazing, but second peak is a scramble and can be scary.

Jemma on 5 Aug, 2020

Great walk. The first ascent was a bit hard to find the trail due to fire damage. Steep but not too strenuous. Some challenging scramble sections which make it all the more interesting. Great view from 2nd peak to Barney and back to the first peak you just walked from. Decended via 4WD track.

Jimcar on 29 Jun, 2020

Track unclear due to bush fires, very steep and dangerous terrain. Wouldnt reccommened it is very easy to get lost. Only hike if you are going to use the gps track.

twolostgirls on 27 Jun, 2020

The view of Mt Barney from the summit was amazing. Quite challenging, but well worth it.

JFoss on 19 Jun, 2020

Great hike with awesome views. We did the recommended loop and crossed the saddle between the peaks which was easy to do. Beautiful day in May on Mount May.

Juiced Pixels on 24 May, 2020

The previous comment nearly put us off doing this walk. Glad we ignored it and went anyway! We had done this walk a couple of times before and the path was no worse than we remembered from several years ago. If anything the bushfires at the start of the year mean there is less vegetation at the moment. Given that this is not a maintained or marked trail it is still reasonable easy to follow. The descent route from South peak has not been impacted by fires at all.

Heather T on 16 May, 2020

Attempted this two months after the January bushfires. It’s currently extremely difficult. The entrance is obscured by multiple fallen trees. The trail is very rarely visible, lots of bush bashing to get up the main part of the mountain. Didn’t get to either peak once we had rock scrambled to about 750m, exhausted and concerned about losing our orientation to the camp ground so turned back. Snakes, fallen trees, etc. Would not recommend until the trail is remarked.

ct__ on 20 Mar, 2020

A really fun if slightly exhausting walk with a constant steep incline. Views are excellent from both peaks. Clockwise is definitely the way to go. The southern peak track has more scrambling sections which would be fun to go up however you would not want to go down the north track which is consistently loose underfoot. This feels like a proper bush hike.

Tim on 21 Oct, 2019

Great all-rounder, with beautiful views + excellent cardio.

Aggy on 22 Sep, 2019

1st climb since broke my leg and tore ACL in May 2019 - great to be back :)

Aggy on 26 Aug, 2019

Camp site on Waterfall Creek Road is easy to find and BIG RED SIGN 🛑 park then you leg it left and up... consistently steep and a bit rocky to run 🏃🏻‍♂️ in places but overall good little double summit to be had by all. The view of Barney and his mates is just 😍⛰⛰⛰⛰ AWESOME 👏🏻

MP__Ultra on 6 Jul, 2019

Went in the clockwise direction. Completed this on a great mild day but it was still sweating it on the climb up. Track is visible 95% of the way, very loose in sections, a bit scratchy to find at the first summit and the second summit. Completed it in 3 1/2 hours with a few drink stops. Exposed in some areas but nothing too hard.

MickeyO on 31 May, 2019

I wouldn't say this was a physicaly hard walk but it was tricky to navigate. There is a track but it easy to lose. Once you reach the second peak the track is straight forward. great views of main range and Moogerah peaks on the first peak the best views of Mt Barney seen from the second. fun rock scrambleing through the saddle with a little exposure.

Jamie Johnston on 6 May, 2019

Interesting and challenging hike. Recommend going in a clockwise direction starting from the trail on your left just before the red sign in the campgrounds. Difficult to find a track in some parts particularly on the saddle between the two peaks. Pre downloaded a GPS which was handy though to be used more as a general guide then strictly followed. Be wary of a steep descent along a ridge line after the Southern peak and that the 4x4 track runs through private property with a bunch of cows and bulls.

JayWalker on 17 Feb, 2019

Did the circuit starting from the camping ground, going up the northern ridge , across both peaks, down the back of the mountain and via the 4WD track back out.

I did this as an overnight, starting at 3pm in the afternoon. It was far too hot on the way up with a pack in January - 36 degrees when I started. But other than that was nice walk and the campsite in the saddle between the North and South peaks is quite nice.

Dan456 on 19 Jan, 2019

As others have said start it in the carpark and follow a long dirt road until you reach a fence running perpendicular to the road with no gate . That is your sign to look to the left and follow that track up the spine of the mountain to the peak. Nice climb, reminded me of Flinders peak with great views at/near the top. Now heed my warning, go back the way you came, the round trip is perilous and exceedingly difficult to follow. We got shot off onto the wrong ridge and had a hell of a time getting back down. Lots of rock hopping, lantana, cliff faces. Nothing appears to be attached to the side of that mountain, it's all just hanging their precariously, everything you use to steady yourself disintegrates or collapses, or slides down the cliff with you attached to it. There was no pleasure in it at all, 10/10 would not attempt that track again, gets used too infrequently to be obvious.

Vonsnrub on 19 Dec, 2018

Amazing walk/climb. I did it alone, took ages due to being extra cautious to be safe and following gpx track as there was no track to be seen between the first and second peaks. Did the round trip, back tracking to go up the second peak. Steep descent. 4wd track part sucks, get someone to pick you up there, lol.

Caro on 1 Dec, 2018

Hugely undee rated and not as hard as I've heard others claim. Path was clear and not tricky to find after the start at the camp ground at the start of the FWD track.
It is very steep and challenging for the fitness.

Peter Hill on 8 Sep, 2018


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