Entry is from Flinders Plum Picnic Area

Take a short hike to the foot of Mt Blaine. Needing a moderate level of fitness you will pass through Spotted Gum and Ironbark forests, Brushbox and heathland. Keep an eye out for koalas, wallabies and the magnificent Red-tailed Black Cockatoos that call this area home.


Getting there

Follow the unsealed Mt Flinders Rd, PEAK CROSSING until the end.  There are a few water crossings so you may not be able to make it through if it has rained heavily in the last couple of days

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Beautiful hike, great leg workout but definitely worth it. Took about 20 minutes to scale the mountain. Can be quite hairy in some places shoes with good grip are definitely required. One of my favourite hikes so far!

Ling on 6 Oct, 2019

Good hike, feels a bit off the beaten track and has a nice view of Flinder’s Peak from the top.

Karla on 25 Aug, 2019

Lots of hills, great thighs workout. There is a small trail off to Mt Catherine, which is very narrow but looks far easier to climb than the Mt Blaine summit. Some lovely shady spots and loose rocks.

ebbers on 28 Jul, 2019

Great hike. You can either go up the northern face where the signed entry to Mount Blaine is or walk down from the car park to the Skyline track and enter the southern face. The southern face was a lot easier to climb down as the northern face is just a dirt track with a couple of rocks which is steep with nothing to hold onto has you go down. The Southern face is clearly marked with markers for you to follow on the way up and down.

Kelli on 12 Jul, 2019

Absolutely marvelous hike, quite strenuous in places and a tough scramble to the summit at the end. I especially liked the short break off the trail to the left halfway up, to Mt Catherine. From here you can see panoramic views of Flinders Peak & Mt Blaine, which makes summiting Blaine more interesting. Make sure you turn left at Mt Blaine Saddle to get to the summit, but off-track to the right are expansive views off the northwest face. I didn't leave early enough and was caught in the dark, which was extremely dangerous at the summit scramble.

Angus Small on 28 Jun, 2019

Nice walk that gets the heart pumping. Beautiful clear day today.

Glenn on 6 May, 2019

Shortish walk but a lot of effort. Sturdy boots required for gravelly / rocky sections. Great view of Flinders from the summit.

Jimmy H. on 10 Mar, 2019

Great little walk. Nice strenuous walk - we didn't have a lot of time so this fit into our morning perfectly. The rock scrambling was fun - glad we had our hiking boots on! Didn't see the golden orb spider someone mentioned (thank God - I've had a fear of them for 30 years when one fell on me hiking!) Didn't get to check out a lot of wildlife since we were so busy watching our feet!

Madonna Guy on 28 Sep, 2018

Walked this one second on the same day as doing Sandy Creek, not realising that they joined together if you keep going past the saddle. As others have said, it's steep going up, and rocky and slippery. We took our two kids with us and they had a blast, although the younger one needed a bit of help in some of the really steep places. Swarms of beautiful blue and black butterflies all around us in some parts of the walk. We were keen to try the summit but definitely doesn't seem suitable for children so we will have to do that another day without them.

eiscaer on 15 Apr, 2018

Walked to the saddle, a little too hot during the middle of the day.

Deb on 14 Dec, 2017

This hike leaves from the same carpark as Flinders Peak - Flinders Plum Picnic area. We went up in poor weather: rain; wind; low cloud, and had a blast. The approach is steep forest trails, then there's rocky slopes with some tangled foliage. We went up one path and came down another, but the routes both led back to the start.

Flinders Peak is still my favorite of the walks here, but Blaine is 2nd, over the Flinders Goolman trail.

Rey Leon on 14 Oct, 2017

This is a fire trail that was freshly mowed that leads to the summit trail. It wouldn't really be worth doing on its own; just as a way to access the summit trail for Mt. Blaine.

Juiced Pixels on 28 Nov, 2016

now I know what is rock scrambling!!

andre on 13 May, 2016

Harder than we expected considering the beautiful new signage at the base of Mt Blaine. The walk up to it is a little steep but an easy, wide fire road. Once you start up the mountain however it is a different story. There are very loose rocks for the most part and it is quite overgrown. (Lots of large golden orb spiders too) We followed the cairns on the way up which is possibly not the official track up but, considering the crazy descent which followed the 'official' orange tape markers, the climb was easier than the descent. The descent included a lot of very large and very loose boulders, so if you are walking with a group make sure you let each person get out of the way of potential falling boulders from the walkers behind. Once back on the Sandy Creek fire road it is an easy 2k walk back to the carpark but beware that the hike to the top and back is more difficult than you are led to believe by the maps and classification (considering it is only one class more than the fire roads!). Beautiful 360 view at the top though and the butterflies and other flying insects seem to love swarming around the top too. Not recommended for young kids. (P.S. Look for a geocache box at the top - we only found out about it after our walk and are kicking ourselves!)

Emily on 2 May, 2016

A bit overgrown, nice steep walk to saddle, then follow the trail to the top (not sign post)

Shell on 1 Feb, 2015

The track takes you to the Mt Blaine saddle. Due to time we quickly went up the smaller peak but not the larger. The view was blocked by trees but it seems someone's tried to make a small cairn there. Good walk for fitness, not so much for views.

Alice on 13 Aug, 2014

A little steep in places, but very easy.

Alexandra on 1 Feb, 2014

Was a bit steep for the first 200-300m or so. The signage is not very good. There is no indicator to indicate you have reached the end of the walk. We kept on going for two hours and decided we must have missed the end and decided to walk back. The Boonah to Ipswich Trail shares the same route so it is possible to keep going.

rob.bushman on 14 Jul, 2013

A bit of bushwhacking as you climb the steepest part about 100m short of the summit, but very nice 360 degree views from this small but open and grassy summit

RobboShoe on Aug, 2011


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