The highest point in Girraween - Mt Norman provides some great views of the park and also visits the Eye of the Needle.

Maximum Elevation

Getting there:

The walk starts from the Southern end of the Castle Rock campground following the same track as Castle Rock and Turtle Rock. Follow the directions on the Girraween National Park page.

Route/Trail notes:

The track is well marked. Continue past the turn off to Castle Rock until the track emerges onto exposed granite. The track is marked with a series of white markers which head up the slab.

Keep an eye open for a T junction - the left track leads off to the Eye of the Needle, a formation of two balancing rock pillars.

Eventually you'll reach a granite ledge. The final ascent to the summit requires technical rock climbing ability and should not be attempted without experience and a proper guide. Permission should also be sought from the park ranger.

Return via the same track, or alternatively follow white markers down the southern side of Mt Norman to the Mt Norman picnic area and arrange a car pickup from there. The picnic area is accessed via Wallangarra

Other References/Comments:


Some incredible things to discover on this walk. Great view from the top!

Zerpy on 27 Sep, 2017

There are several ways up, and I took the easier one - a mix of forest trails, rock formations, open rock plateaus, and a few sections of sloping rock face with drop offs that gave me the willies, because it was raining and slippery. in the dry it would have been no problem. The recommendation is that the climb at the peak only be attempted by people with experience.

Rey Leon on Sep, 2017

Thought there was a lop so when I got to the other end I had to go over Mt Norman doubt I 've seen that mountain. Nice hike.

J on 15 Apr, 2017

We did a few of the walks together and when we finally got to the top of Mount Norman (just climbed - we're not rock climbers) and
oh crap - the thunderstorm starts!! Got down slowly and headed back.

HippyDonna on 31 Oct, 2016

Solo scramble. The actual scramble is short but surprised me with how tough it was - at least I had the summit to myself!

The start of the scrambling section is marked by a faint spraypainted arrow on the rocks near the official trail.

Michael on 19 Mar, 2016

Great little hike - awesome views at the top. If you're tempted like me to stray off the track, take extra water cause 10km can quickly turn into 20. Also, watch out for snakes.

toby.birch on 16 Oct, 2014

Surreal landscape walking along old lava fields. A group of 3 of us found a series of caves but with our courage found a hole we had to be pushed and pulled through then went really deep into the rock. We were in these caves for just over 2 hours. I recommend a head torch!

Alice on 5 Oct, 2014

Really great hike and Climb. The Eye of the Needle is Spectacular

DrummerJeff on 26 Apr, 2014

Never in the brochure was there mention of jumping from one very good solid rock base..... to an in between stuck rock.... to another very solid rock base!!!! That short description doesn't really make an imagination run wild but...... the crevice under the rock I had to jump onto to get to the next solid rock base was one of death!!!! I'm not sure how I managed to summon up the courage to jump, and then jump again...... I guess it may have been the awesome support from the amazing team of people that I was with at the time!

Nyssaflutterby on Jun, 2013

Awesome Climb. Very steep in parts. thankfully wasn't very hot. walked around the top and up over the boulders for a better view.

mkemp28 on 16 Feb, 2013

Awesome walk, found myself getting tired on this one :S. Spectacular views from the top, absolutely breathtaking. Will do it again! :D OOOoo got to see an echidna on the track, very exciting.

Stellar on 1 Aug, 2012

Did both Castle Rock and Mt Norman on same track. Good walk will do again

Rataholic on 15 Feb, 2012

A great walk that can include a number of other walks and can extend into walking to Bald rock amultiday walk. Have to do again and again.

Laurence Hallam on 28 Jun, 2009

Easy walk, warm in the sun, climbed the rocks in front of the eye of the needle, great photos

Walkinghawk on Sep, 2001


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