Morelia Track

Manorina National Park
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This track takes walkers from the Manorina car park to Mount Nebo lookout. Trek through wet eucalypt forest containing groves of cabbage tree palms, recognised by their huge, fan-shaped leaves. At Mount Nebo lookout, enjoy spectacular views over the Samford Valley to Moreton Bay. Morelia walking track is mostly a gently-sloping, well-defined track but it is quite steep in some places. Return along the same track.

No Wheelchair Accessibility
No Dogs Permitted
No Cycling Permitted

Getting there

Travel along Waterworks Road at the Gap and follow the signs into the park. The Brisbane Forest Park information centre is just inside the boundry. Follow the winding road Mt Nebo Road



Route/Trail notes

The trail is clear and easy to follow NO CAMPING IS ALLOWED AT THIS SITE


No permits and costs involved

Other References

1300 130 372 _ EPA (Brisbane Forest Park and Mount Mee sections)


07 3403 8888 - Brisbane City Council (Mt Coot_tha section)



We did this walk, very easy and gentle walk. The view at the lookout over the Samford Valley and out to Moreton Bay is a great reward for the walk. We came back along the Atrax Circuit, which is also worth while doing, rather than walking the whole way back on the same track. Some walking guides say that this walk is steep and gravelly. We didn't experience this, it is a good casual and interesting walk.

Hunter on 28 Dec, 2016

Nice walk close to Brisbane. I have bad knees and this track didn't pose any problems. Gentle gradient with few stairs.

kerfuffle on 11 Dec, 2016

I most recently completed this walk in December. It's a lovely walk with a nice lookout at the end.

Bobbe on Dec, 2016

A great walk! We went up the Morelia Track, and back down Mt Nebo Break (as I have an irrational hatred of walking the same way there and back). We did have to walk along the side of Mt Nebo road to get back to the car park, but luckily the shoulder was wide enough that this was safe to do so. We did nearly step on a brown snake within the first 5 mins of the walk, so do keep an eye out. Otherwise, it's a very nice easy track, with a beautiful lookout, and some steeper hills if you go back via the Mt Nebo Break.

Emily Mayes on 16 Oct, 2016

Great walk. Very easy. Only took us 1 hour 20 mins with stops to take pics etc.

Alisha on 17 Sep, 2016

Great walk. Very easy. Only took us 1 hour 20 mins with stops to take pics etc.

Alisha on 17 Sep, 2016

Nice easy and flat walk. Great views to be seen from Mount Nebo lookout.

rob.bushman on 14 May, 2016

Nice walk, great view at the end. Not hard at all.

Guy on 3 Jul, 2015

Did this combined with Atrax and Mt Nebo Look out since virtually same trails anyways and makes for a nice hike. Fairly easy and a nice view which on a clear day you can see port of Brisbane.

J on 9 Nov, 2014

A nice run. Got a leech on me.

Faye Martin on 14 May, 2014

Walk was pleasant, especially through the Piccabeen Palm gully. View at end was pretty good although a little hazy today. Track was well maintained and easily followed.

Grumps on 24 Feb, 2014

Pleasant walk, though the view at the end was blocked by the trees a bit.

Ian and Sue on 3 Nov, 2012

A little soggy under foot although view was good.

Allan Yin Foo on 21 Jul, 2012

Very overgrown, probably due to the recent rain and such. The views were quite obstructed and the track had me weaving through long grass and around lots of hanging branches

Allan Allport on 26 Mar, 2011

A great walk with excellent views at the end. Obviously people camp here.

Laurence Hallam on 9 Aug, 2010

Started this walk at night.. Headtorches on and all wearing full backpacks. We got to the lookout late. We camped overnight took some great night shots of the stars and the cost line. Also when it came to dinner everyone shared what they had brought along it was our little feast. With good friends comes good times out on the track.
On the way there the track was easy to follow well made track. Enjoyed looking for the old mile markers. We set up camp and early the next morning we were busy taking sunrise shots over the water.
A slow and relaxed breakfast followed by a bit of exploring the area and we were soon ready to begin putting away our gear and getting ready for the walk back. During the night a little windy but otherwise conditions good.

Another day.... Another walk....

Boris Zoubakin on 31 May, 2010

Started this walk in very late afternoon. The track is very clear and easy to follow. Only one obstruction a vine hangs low but is easy to pass under.

As you are walking to the lookout, look on your left side and you'll see old mile markers along the way. Really interesting piece of history.

Towards the end of the walk there's a junction where it meets the Mt. Nebo track continue straight ahead and up ahead curving to the right slightly. Then coming into sight is a large mass of flat rock - there are limited views through the clearing. But an interesting sight at night.

From the lookout to the left there are a pile of large rocks walk through here to the highest point and there are totally amazing views westward. Fantastic for seeing the sunset.

After having dinner in the dark under lantern light. I headed back eager to test out my new headlamp. All good there.

Whenever testing or using new gear I find it of benefit to use the item firstly at home. So you have in your memory how to use the equipement with home close by incase things don't work. Also practice changing batteries/ settings in the dark and finally take your new gear on a small walk. Then when you have everything 'down pat' take it out on all your walks.

- People have camped here before. I assume overnight.

Boris Zoubakin on 17 May, 2010


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