Minyon Falls Loop

New South Wales

The Minyon Falls is a plunge waterfall on the Repentance Creek in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia. The waterfall descends more than 100 metres over the huge rhyolite cliffs which were once part of the Tweed Volcano.

Walk down to the base of the falls; a very pretty interesting walk. After the rain the water gushes past you.

Picnic Facilities
Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there:

From Mullumbimby, take the Coolamon Scenic Drive south then turn right into Repentance Creek Road and right again into Minyon Falls Road.

From the south, turn off the Lismore Bangalow Road into Eureka Road onto Federal Road before turning left onto Repentance Creek Road and right again into Minyon Falls Road.

The last 2km are gravel road. Minyon Falls is well signposted.




Route/Trail notes:

Down to the base of the falls is a hard walk is well defined, but can be very slippery after rain.


None, except if you camp, which is only permitted at Rummery Park (fees apply).


This can be a very busy area on weekends and holidays, so parking can be a problem. Parking, toilets, BBQs and picnic areas are available.


First thing...this is NOT a loop! You start at the top of the falls and end up at the bottom, then have to walk the same way back out again. Bit disappointing.
Secondly, it’s BUSY. Not my favourite type of bushwalk particularly when inappropriately attired families scramble noisily through the bush ruining the serenity of it all.
Parts of the track are muddy but I wouldn’t call it overly difficult as long as you’re already quite fit.
The view from both the top and bottom is spectacular. I guess that’s why it’s so popular. But to get to the base of the falls there is a bit of scrambling and climbing involved.
Beautiful scenery and we finished it in about 3 hours

Jen on 8 Jul, 2018

Excellent walk. Took the family just under 4 hours. There had been a bit of rain over previous weeks so plenty of water over the falls. Also made for slippery and muddy conditions along the base of the track.

Matt on 7 Apr, 2018

Completed with two friends, the falls were dry, but it was still worth the walk. We ended up on the other side of the valley to where we left the car, but a lovely couple helped us out :)

Bonnie_K on 10 Oct, 2017

Unfortunately, track was very dry and no water flowing over waterfall. Otherwise, an enjoyable walk listening to the birds. The walk back up to car was very dusty.

Susan on 1 Oct, 2017

I loved this hike 👟 It took me a little over 3 hours but that was stopping to take lots of photo's, rock hopping and playing in the water at the bottom of the falls👣 and waiting for 27 minutes for a snake to slither off the path 🐍
I wouldn't say a hard walk but moderate.
With dense rainforest🍃🍀 amazing old tree's that I am sure when you touch, you can feel them breath 🌳 the coolness of gorgeous boulders at the bottom of the falls...You won't be disappointed 💕🙏

Instagram- misslissy79
Blog- misslissy79.com

Mel on 28 May, 2017

Beautiful waterfall!

courtlalala on 6 Dec, 2016

Loved this walk, one of the most beautiful I've done so far. I decided to go upsteam and scramble on the water to the base of the waterfall, rather than the track scramble (at first I didn't realise there was a track for it), and found it much more enjoyable to reach the base; then climbed back up and sat on the edge of the falls, looking down. A couple of trees had gone down on the track, so it's a bit tough to navigate the edge of the cliffs around them, but easy going to experienced walkers.

Chantelle on 14 Aug, 2016

Great walk! Moderate challenge! Loop completed in 2 hours 20mins including 15mins of stops.

Carina on 16 Jul, 2016

Beautiful walk. We started quite late and it was dark by the time we got back but the track is very distinguished.

Georgia Keogh on Jul, 2016

I saw two snakes within a few minutes of arriving, one large python on the top of the cliff, and the other a green snake sunning itself on the walking path. The descent to the bottom of the falls took around 75 minutes at a slow comfortable pace, and a similar time to come back up. The waterfall was flowing and some folks (not me) were brave enough to swim in the icy water.

monkeywill on 25 Feb, 2016

Didn't get to walk to bottom but next time we will. However the falls were pumping today, not a leaky shower head at all, see latest photos from my drone.

Gumby on 7 Feb, 2016

Waterfall was non-existent this time but still a very nice short walk.

gabemma on 18 Oct, 2015

What an incredible walk. It is the most natural walk I've been on to date. We descended into the abyss of the rainforest and the beauty just got richer and richer. At some point we did wonder if we would ever get there and the forest was very wet so the floor was squishy. Also watch out for some over hanging branches - some were spikey and got me and my partner (like a cactus?)

When you do reach the waterfall - it all sinks in. What a glorious way to spend a few hours!
Be ready to spend 3-5 hours doing this walk. Also bring good shoes. That said - we did it in thongs LOL!

Raerae on 15 Feb, 2015

It was more like 'Minyon Trickle' the year I went. Lovely walk though. Would definitely take a 4WD next time as the road was quite washed out and it didn't do my Mazda any good....

Melissa Kirkman on 2015

December 24 2014
Currently very little water off the falls (think leaking shower head) and the pool at the base needs a good wash out before its worth swimming in.
Wait for some needed rain if you want to see the falls otherwise its still a great walk.

See my other comments for this walk.

NerdTrails on 24 Dec, 2014

Fantastic walk. Yes it's hard but in my opinion doesn't compare with Mt Warning which seems to go forever. We did the walk In a counter clockwise direction so all of the uphill was over the shorter distance. The bottom of the falls is really rewarding but even the view from the top is fantastic. Totally loved it. Only saw one leach (on my camera) but the water would have been freezing.

Ian and Sue on 21 Apr, 2014

Beautiful walk through different vegetation types. The waterfall was a misty spray at the bottom, might be more after a lot of rain.

gabemma on 13 May, 2013

In my opinion, Minyon Falls was EXTREMELY hard. i reckon it was nearly as hard as Mount Warning. The surface was slippery, the turns were sharp, there was shear drops and fallen trees. I recommend you should do it if you're over 5 or 6.

GiantChicken on 2013

Went there on a damp day, planning on going for a rewarding swim after the walk, but were bombarded by countless leeches.

Anonymous on 26 Dec, 2012

Good hike but can be hard in summer. Make sure you take enough water!

NerdTrails on 24 Dec, 2012


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