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Melaleuca Circuit (Burrum Coast National Park)
Jun, 2020
11km return
4 hrs
Did this walk as soon as local covid restirctions were lifted and we could travel a little farther.

Due to a lack of people doing this walk we encountered a multitude of spiderwebs across the track (amazing how nature recovers when humans aren't around???)

Very easy to do with any level of fitness. Just take a regular day pack kit. Would recommend gaiters as track is sandy and sand in the shoes is never pleasant.
Mt Walsh (Mount Walsh National Park)
Jun, 2020
4km return
3 hrs
Yep.. this one was hard. Unless youre a sherpa or mountaineer wear good sturdy, grippy footwear, bring enough water according to the season. It also helps to bring a length of rope fashioned into a rope ladder if you have friends that are arent used to rock scrambling.

Parks will usually remove any rope that has been strung up previously.

The views from the top are magic but this is a good rock scramble that is not for the feint of heart. Take your time, watch your footings and hand holds, and youll be fine.

Google other experiences by other walkers to get your head around the walk but remember it is a challenge for the un initiated.
Mt Cooroora (Sunshine Coast)
3 May, 2018
2.6km return
2.5 hrs
If you want a real challenge start at the post office (where the race officially starts) to make a total return journey of 5k's

Wear light clothing and only take enough water for the climb if you intend to re create your own 'king of the mountain'

Pros... it s a fun short distance scramble if you are just doing it for fun.
It's a challenge if you push yourself to run the entire course.
The camaraderie of experienced runners you meet along the track.

Cons.... The wankers you sometimes come across who think they're running the 'king of the mountain' for real

And finally... don't think this is easy. The first section lulls you into a false sense of security...then theres the final push. Its harder than you think but very doable by anyone with a reasonable level of fitness.

As a comparison. I regulary run 'park run' 5k's at around 22 minutes at the wrong end of My best time for this 5k run is 1 hour ( if you dont include the 20 minutes it took for me to push my lungs back in with a stick)

just do it.... you be proud of yourself if you do.
Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk (Kondalilla National Park)
3 Mar, 2018
4 days
Great walk. We were a little overloaded for an overnight hike but live and learn. Bring enough water for the entire walk or at least a good water purification system as the tank water along the track can be a bit 'how's your father'

Campsites are spartan but safe and well kept. One toilet, tank water of varying quality. But very useable.

Scenery is grreat, plentiful wildlife. Would reccomend doing it in the temperate months (autumn/spring) although after decent rain it would make it a great challenge in sections.

We came across a number of people using the walk as training for the 'Kokoda Challenge' as two loops of the main track is equal to the challenge distance. Which makes sense. Its also very similar terrain.
Coalstoun Lakes (Wide Bay Burnett)
3 Mar, 2018
4.4km return
2.5 hrs
Only a short walk but the last 50% of the climb is very steep. A reasonable level of fitness is required. Great little walk if your in the area doing the Mt Walsh or Utopia Pools walks.