Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk

Kondalilla National Park

Warm subtropical rainforest, tall open eucalypt forest and picturesque waterfalls in secluded areas of the Blackall Range feature on this 58 km four day walk, with bush campsites. Day visitors can access short half-day and full-day walks within the Great Walk route.

About 90 km north of Brisbane, traversing the Blackall Range in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

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It was dry and most of the waterfalls were not running. Kondalilla, Gheerulla, Mapleton Falls were all trickles at best but Baxter Falls was the highlight and a great refresh. We started from Gheerulla and walked up the switchbacks which was the hardest part of the walk. The Bluffs and walk along the ridge to Ubajee was pretty epic. We did the walk in three days which is fine. Pretty weary of a night but not too bad. We made a video of the walk which is on Youtube listed as "Sunshine Hinterland Great Walk Aug 2023" posted by "Motion Riot"

Hogey Bear on 19 Aug, 2023

The walk is well maintained and super easy to follow. Canpsites are well maintained. Gurella Valley and Thilba Thalba camp offer the best views and most 'bush feel'. Unfortunately there is a lot of road walking sections and really ruins the immersion. If you are an experienced bush walker looking for a challenge, I wouldn't rush to do this. If you are a beginner, it is a great option.

Riley Maltman on Jan, 2021

Did the walk over 2 days/1 night. The last day was a struggle. Lots of beautiful parts but was really disappointed at the amount of walking on or along roads, through towns, etc. definitely didn’t feel remote or like you were really experiencing the bush at a lot of times! Wouldn’t rush to do it again

Mon86 on 12 Oct, 2020

Didn't do quite the whole thing, did 2 nights and bailed

Miranda Fittock on 2 Oct, 2020

My Partner and I did this walk at the beginning of the September school holidays. Surprisingly it wasn't that busy. The hardest thing we struggled with on this hike wasn't anything to do with the hike itself.. It was carrying the bags of food, water, tent and mattress. We would highly recommend to anyone. We made a video which includes the map of the full trail.

JosexKristyAnna on 21 Sep, 2020

Did this walk over 2 day hikes. Day 1 from Mapleton Day use area - entry point 5, to Baroon Dam - the beginning of the trail. 29.5kms in 8 hours including breaks.
Day 2 Gheerulla circuit, starting and finishing from entry point 6. 22kms in 6 hours including breaks. Approx 500m ascending and descending.

Lorrae Carr on 5 Sep, 2020

It really is a Great! walk. Thilba Thalba camp was a real highlight for the viewpoint overlooking the valley. All 3 campsites have great facilities in terms of toilets, toilet paper, hand sanitiser. Highly recommend using Mystic Mountain Tours for the shuttle bus to our start location (Baroon Pocket Damn carpark). Very flexible and accommodating. Good to support small businesses during this time. We had lunch at the Mapleton Tavern on our last day with views to the ocean. A great hike!

Nadine on 20 Jul, 2020

We did this hike in 2 days camping at Ubajee Walkers camp. Great experience for first overnight hike with lots of amazing and differing scenery

Hannah on 28 Jun, 2020

Done a few of the Qld Great Walks and not a big fan of their minimalist camp sites so planned this as a 2 day hike using Leafy Lane trailhead as the entry/exit point for Day1 , entry point for Day2 with Baroon Dam finish. Did a deal with my wife whereby we stayed at an excellent cottage in Mapleton for 3 nights and she did pickup and dropoffs. The benefits of this were a comfortable bed at night (this was mid winter it was dark just after 5), spa bath each night, log fire, coffee and pastry before heading off both days. Worth considering.
As to the hike itself, I didnt have to carry a great deal, really just a day pack which always makes it easier. I am writing this 6 months later so bit dodgy on detail. I found Day1 had a bit of a challenging climb up to the lunch spot which provided an excellent place to have a break (its the picture on the cover of the brochure). Other than that I found the day not that interesting. It took 9 hours to do that circuit, but then I'm not as young as I once was.
I found Day 2 to be a lot more interesting as walked through streets and past farms, the odd waterfall. I met my wife for lunch at a restaurant not far from Kondalilla Falls and that was a delight. The Falls track itself was quite interesting and mercifully downhill most of the way. This day took about 8 hours but we did linger over lunch.
I did this hike immediately after Brisbane came out of lockdown so it was great to be able to hike again.
Its not a difficult hike, if you want to get one under your belt it serves a purpose. There were some viewing highlights, some very pleasant creek and forestry elements but I am glad I was able to do it in 2 days because I am not sure it is worth 4.
Doubling it up with a few days in the Montville/ Mapleton/ Maleny area certainly made it worthwhile, its a pretty part of the world.

Freeranger on 18 Jun, 2020

We completed this walk in 4 parts, staging cars at either end of each section as follows (stayed at cabins in the area):

Day 1 - Baroon Pocket Dam to Kondalilla Falls - 11km - 3hr 45min
Day 2- Kondalilla Falls to Leafy Lane Trail Head - 15.75km - 5hr
Day 3 - Leafy Lane to Sam Kelly Rd (Ridgeline) - 19.75km - 6hr 20min
Day 4 - Leafy Lane to Sam Kelly Rd (Creekside) - 12.25km - 3hr 45min

Note times do not include breaks for lunch etc.

This is a great walk, with different challenges and sights every day. There had been plenty of rain leading up to our walk, so it was relatively slippery with some creek crossings and PLENTY of leeches. All of the waterfalls were flowing beautifully. The trail can be quite crowded near Kondalilla Falls but other than that was generally sparsely populated with a few hikers here and there.

KristiR on 25 Apr, 2019

Awesome walk. Great waterfalls, swimming holes & lookouts.
I started and finished at Flaxton Mill Rd (+/- 50km over 3 days), stayed at Ubajee & Thilba Thalba campsites. This walk can also be done in shorter sections, Recommended

Olly on 3 Jan, 2019

Did the Northern end circuit 23.5km late July and then Kondalilla to baroon return on 4th. Both good walks, averaged circa 5.5km/hr for a great workout. Excellent views/lookouts and very few hikers.

PKew on 4 Aug, 2018

Started at the Mapleton Day Use area and did the circuit staying at Thilba Tbalba campsite for the night. Didn't want the hassle of a car shuffle but wanted to hike an overnighter. Track was well-defined, lots of water spots and the campsite was great. Loads of leaches, and we saw a snake. A nice walk.

Leith on 1 Apr, 2018

Great walk. We were a little overloaded for an overnight hike but live and learn. Bring enough water for the entire walk or at least a good water purification system as the tank water along the track can be a bit 'how's your father'

Campsites are spartan but safe and well kept. One toilet, tank water of varying quality. But very useable.

Scenery is grreat, plentiful wildlife. Would reccomend doing it in the temperate months (autumn/spring) although after decent rain it would make it a great challenge in sections.

We came across a number of people using the walk as training for the 'Kokoda Challenge' as two loops of the main track is equal to the challenge distance. Which makes sense. Its also very similar terrain.

Matt on 3 Mar, 2018

Did this walk by starting and finishing at Lake Baroon over 3 days and consider it an excellent walk with some great views and waterfalls.

NerdTrails on 1 May, 2017

Great walk is an understatement. Did it in one shot, took about 12 hours of walking and at a decent pace as the terrain is undulating. But if it was split up in days and you stay at the camp sites it can be a rather enjoyable experience.

Nick on 19 Apr, 2017

Done this walk in sections over the years.

Paul on 2017

It was a Great walk. Took me 15 hrs 45 mins starting at Delica Road and ending at Baroon Dam.About 12 hrs walking and 3+hrs breaks. With a 3am start I first did the Gherulla circuit of 35km back to the starting point (M4) and detured into Mapleton for lunch This gave me the energy for the remaining 23km Stayed at Springfalls B&B (great place) which is right on the walk at Flaxton. This allowed me to stop for water as I drank 6 litres that day.Lovely walk would highly recommend.

Icky the phred on 11 Oct, 2016

Great trip, good camp sites, every tank full of water and toilets provided. No leaches or ticks. Did the walk over 3 days easy enough. Highly recommended for first time overnighters.

Peteski on 30 Dec, 2015

Split this walk into two sections - Gheerulla and Mapleton - and walked over two seperate occasions. Gheerulla a good day out covering about 35km and a loop so no shuttle required. Mapleton covers a bit of road and parts of track already done before, dropped mt bike at one end to shuttle myself back to vehicle.

John on 14 Dec, 2014


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