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The Northbrook River Trail (Northbrook Gorges) (Brisbane Forest park D'Aguilar National Park)
14 Mar, 2021
3 hrs
Nice walk
Charlie Moreland to Mt Allan (Conondale National Park)
31 Jan, 2021
8.8km return
3 hrs
2 hours up but i took it slow as it was a hot! Day.
Drunk 3 ltrs of water, 90% left in perspiration. Not much shade, and A lot of over growth might be worth carrying a machete. It is up hill the entire way there is no flat areas so if you are unfit probably wouldnt give this a crack until you are

When you reach the top the tower is closed probably wont let that stop you tho. The view from the top is awesome, makes it all worth while.

40 mins down tripped over a few times lots of loose rocks so be careful. Few patches with long grass youll have to walk through so be careful of snakes

Warrie Circuit (Springbrook National Park)
20 Jul, 2020
17km return
5 hrs
Mount Beerwah (Glass House Mountains National Park)
31 Jan, 2020
Very Hard
3.6km return
3 hrs
Mt Cooroora (Sunshine Coast)
5 Oct, 2019
2.6km return
2.5 hrs
Great loved it

- 1:54
- 2.28km
- 312m
Mt Ngungun (Glass House Mountains National Park)
21 Sep, 2019
2.8km return
90 mins
Nice walk easy...

- Time - 51:30
- Distance 2.41km from sign to peak
- Elevation 188m
- Pace 21:24 (min/km)