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Mt Greville (Moogerah Peaks National Park)
27 Oct, 2022
6km return
3 hrs
Mount Edwards (Moogerah Peaks National Park)
26 Oct, 2022
Very Hard
6km return
3 hrs
Nice straightforward walk, nothing tricky, just keep plodding uphill. Mostly under partial cover, lots of low (4-6m) trees pretty well all the way, but a good idea to bring a hat.
Leaving Moogerah Dam carpark at 8.25, got to the top at 9.45 (1h20m), including a couple of rest stops, Walk is relatively gentle at first and towards the top, the middle third is slightly steeper. Saw a couple of goannas near the top. Excellent view to the NE. Back down to the car in about 45mins.
Springbrook Pinnacle (Springbrook National Park)
3 Apr, 2020
20km return
7 hrs
Turn off to the PInnacle just over an hour from the Tallanbana carpark (walking the Warrie circuit anticlockwise). The side track to the Pinnacle is easy to spot; first you enter an area where there a lot of big trees (it's worth doing the walk just for this), then as the main track does a sharp lefthand turn at this point I can imagine people going straight on to the Pinnacle track before they realise they've lost the main track. The Pinnacle track is quite worn for the first couple of hundred metres, then thins out, but the pink tape starts to appear from that point on.
The Pinnacle itself only appears through the vegetation when you are practically on it; it's more of a stump than spire, though there are a couple of exposed bits that would be a bad place to fall off, but technically not difficult.
Great view from the top; a bit hazy when I was there, would be great on a clear day.
Round trip including Pinnacle detour about 5h30 with stops.
Mt Cougal (Springbrook National Park)
18 Oct, 2019
5 hrs
Don't be in a hurry to get to the start of the walk while you're driving out; the Tomewin Mtn Rd is very windy, but also very pretty. Slow down and enjoy the trip!
Last came up here about 1990, so I didn't remember much of the walk itself. It starts with a couple of hundred metres of a steep climb, then evens out to the cane/lantana mentioned in other posts. In contrast to some of the other comments, the track here seems pretty clear at the moment; not wide, but so sharply defined I'd think somebody's brought a brushcutter with them (!?) Didn't see any snakes here, but did see a land mullet - (black chunky lizard), then into rainforest all the way to the rock outcrop of East Peak. The last 400m or so up to the rock outcrop is very steep; not as fit as I was, took a lot of rests. The cave is hidden behind some boulders at the top of this slope; look for the dusty area. It's easy enough to walk in, but shrinks at the other end with a couple of overlapping projections; didn't fancy trying it!
Traverse right (it's an easy path) to find the track up to the top of E. Peak. From here follow the pink tape across to the top of W Peak; a little scrambling needed, but nothing too difficult. (As a purist, I don't approve of tape; as a solo walker, I'm very grateful to whoever put it there! :-) As mentioned, there are a few places it would be easy to take a wrong track to nowhere without it) The lookout back from W Pk to E Pk is close to a long vertical drop; be careful here. W Pk is a much larger area that E Pk, but more overgrown; very peaceful and I was lucky enough to have the whole trip to myself. Round trip about 6h15, including a long lunch stop at W Pk, and a few rest stops on the way.
The Cream Track (Springbrook National Park)
Sep, 2019
11.5km return
4.5 hrs
A good walk, although if you haven't got a car waiting at the other end it's a two-way trip; round trip about 5 hours (2 down, 3 up). Pretty steep, and as you're under the canopy most of the way there aren't many opportunities for views, tantalising as the bits you can see suggest it would be quite spectacular. Take lunch; there's nowhere to eat at the bottom, and the cafe's on Springbrook are open irregularly. Have fun!
Pages Pinnacle (South East Queensland)
9 Aug, 2019
6.7km return
2.5 hrs
3h30m walk, would have been shorter but I got lost. The instructions on this (AB) site are good, although seem to take you away from the peak at first. I thought I knew better and walked a couple of km I didn't need to. Please don't make my mistake!
When you're on the right track, it just seems to go uphill for ever. Turnoff to left clearly marked The Pinnacle on a tree. Excellent scramble over razorback at top; bad place to fall off; but outstanding views when you get there. Might as well do both peaks, but second one is a bit overgrown, limits photo options. Definitely a good walk!
Warrie Circuit (Springbrook National Park)
19 Jul, 2019
17km return
5 hrs
First time on this track; good walk, completed in 4h35m going anticlockwise. Nice spot to stop for lunch at Meeting of the Waters.