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Mt Mee horse trail - Dianas bath (Brisbane Forest park D'Aguilar National Park)
3 Jan, 2018
10 hrs
Set out to hike to Diana's Bath from the Mount Brisbane Road car park. The hike as detailed, literally goes straight up! The ascents were tough, but definitely manageable if you take breaks as needed. I would recommend tackling this if have a good cardio fitness level (or if not just take your needed breaks) and are steady on your feet/have some good boots. I only make this recommendation as even with a good fitness level we found that the ascents (and descents) can be time consuming as they are so steep, as even though you are making ground you are mainly just going up/down. Be sure to bring lots of water, we found we went through water a lot quicker than anticipated due to the heat and physical exertion. We saw no other hikers, when we hit the dirt roads we did come across 4WD's, people on dirt bikes and a park ranger, who was kind enough to give us some more water! We didn't end up finding Diana's Bath as the track after the second ascent was closed so we started to walk the long way along the dirt roads and after getting past the 'Diana's Bath car park' and reaching the (dry) creek beds we had to turn back to ensure we would make it back before dark. I will upload a marked screenshot of the track we walked along and maybe it will help others, as we got a little confused as all the descriptions make it seem like you just keep following the horse trail and you will get there but there were quite a few times where we met a crossroad and sent someone ahead to check each of the options before choosing a direction to follow (crossroads that don't seem to appear on any of the maps!). We plan on heading back again soon to try and actually find Diana's Bath, would definitely be easier with a 4WD as you could drive straight down to 'Diana's Bath car park' as marked on the D’Aguilar National Park Mount Mee Forest Trail and Drive Map and then attempt to find your way from there (it's at the dead end road near the ending red dot on my marked screenshot map). Overall, we had a great day and despite not making it to Diana's Bath the creek crossing after the first ascent was really stunning and quite full. We didn't end up having to walk all the way back either because it started storming and a park ranger driving past on our walk back gave us a lift back to our car!
Mt Mitchell (Main Range National Park)
12 Dec, 2017
3.5 hrs
Mt Cordeaux (Main Range National Park)
4 Dec, 2017
2.5 hrs
Completed this walk in the rain on a Monday. It was peaceful as we had the mountain to ourselves (we didn't run into another soul except for the odd leech and marsupial!). Definitely recommend being vigilant for leeches. Found the trail to be well maintained, though slippery in some muddy parts (muddy from the rain) but that's not an issue if you have good shoes (as we did)! Overall, very enjoyable and easy walk. It was a lovely area to walk through and unwind to while listening to the sounds of nature and singing birds.
Kondalilla Falls Circuit (Kondalilla National Park)
1 Jan, 2017
2 hrs
Natural Bridge (Springbrook National Park)
Dec, 2016
Very Easy
1km return
30 mins
Best of All Lookout (Springbrook National Park)
Dec, 2016
Very Easy
30 mins
Cedar Creek Falls (Tamborine National Park)
Aug, 2014
1.3km return
45 mins