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Mt Greville (Moogerah Peaks National Park)
6 Nov, 2018
6km return
3 hrs
You can tell by how many times this trail has been ticked that this is one of the faves in SE QLD. We haven't done tonnes but it would be in our top three for sure.
The drive from Brisbane was straightforward and finding the car park was easy.
I had enjoyed a few brown lemonades the night before and let me tell you that it didn't help on a day that hit 37 degrees. You gain elevation very quickly though Palm Gorge but the views at the top are fantastic.
We stopped off in a few spots as you'll probably see in the GPX file 'Up Palm Gorge down Waterfall Gorge'. Great views off west where we hit a little trail just before the summit. 605m if you check that file.
Views from the summit where the large cairn is located are fantastic but we all agreed our favourite views were from High Point Lookout on the way down. Hard to miss as you make your way down, traverse east and you'll see a large rocky outcrop which has fantastic views of some of the rock formations you could see on the drive in. If we weren't frying like eggs we probably would've chilled out there for a bit but with little shelter we pushed on. Definitely on the list for a winter morning.
We descended Waterfall Gorge to stay out of the sun on the SE Ridge. It helped a lot but ran into a group who were throwing huge rocks down the trail even after we passed them. Intelligent.
Followed that to the bottom to where the small waterfall is got some photos before scrambling up a small wall to meet up with the trail near the first junction.
All in all a great hike but I wouldn't do it on a day like that again. Couldn't even eat my Aratula pie! Unbelievable.
Oh, bring some repellent. I was bitten by a tick on this walk. Had to see the doc for some antibiotics.
Looking forward to cooler weather so we can do the SE Ridge.
Mt Greville (Moogerah Peaks National Park)
4 Nov, 2018
6km return
3 hrs
Pages Pinnacle (South East Queensland)
28 Oct, 2018
6.7km return
2.5 hrs
Great walk with awesome views. Trail head was easy to find but we missed the best turnoff for Pages Pinnacle. The four cairns that you may see pictured were simply a pile of rocks when we did the trail although there is a tree with PP carved into it that will also mark the way to the climb. Otherwise you'll get a little higher and see the trail fork. Take the hard left to get to the razorback.
There is a little exposure but should be comfortable for those with a little hiking experience. Don't forget to hit the second summit which is slightly higher (~30m odd). Find that in the GPX file I've uploaded. Essentially you're heading back along the ridgeline and downclimbing off the western side or backtracking enough that you hit a bath. Then you hug the bottom of the west side of the ridgeline where you'll head north to get to another peak with views over the dam. Less exposure this way and fantastic views. Well worth adding to the trip.
Mt Cordeaux (Main Range National Park)
20 May, 2018
2.5 hrs
Super easy walk. We took three hours on the nose to complete the Bare Rock walk return. That was at a leisurely pace so those who like to power up hills will do this in no time. Much better views than I was expecting and really glad we had perfect weather. Signage was excellent and the path was really well defined as noted in the description. Great one even if you have little ones.
Lincoln Wreck Circuit (Main Range National Park)
2 Aug, 2017
Very Hard
8 hrs
Even after a decent amount of dry weather if you want to get anywhere near the very start of this one you'll need a reasonable 4wd otherwise you're walking in from the camping ground. You will pass through a few private gates just make sure you close them behind you obviously. There may be horses or cattle wandering around so be cautious as you drive through the private properties.

This was our third trip out after being rained out the first attempt and getting lost on the second. Nearly got lost again on the third but we had a GPS with us this time around which helped get us on track and we finally found the wreck. It was definitely not the most fun hike we've done but certainly one of the more rewarding. There was nettle galore and even in August you want to be getting there pretty early so it's not too dark for your return. We over-nighted at the Yangan Hotel which made arrival a little easier especially with a good feed in us from the night before.

The hike itself wasn't too challenging but reasonable navigation skills I would suggest are essential. We're pretty new to this game but without a couple of guides we had read online as well as a good GPS we would've been stuffed again. Our biggest mistake the last time was following the wider track to the right when we had parked at the end of the road. It seems there's a single trail immediately to the right which will take you through a small gate that leads to the trail. We took a pretty big detour to get back on track which cost us time.

Unfortunately we didn't get to summit once we had past the wreck due to concerns about losing light. It was probably a good call as it was tough to see the coloured ribbons coming back down. I'll have to dig up the GPX file to post and let you know where not to go at the start! Can't recommend this one enough but don't know if I'd be doing it again any time soon, we were shattered when we got back to Brisbane.
Mount Cooroy (Sunshine Coast)
16 Oct, 2016
3km return
2 hrs
It was a fight getting up because it was so busy. The trail is dusty and rocky with many less experienced walkers dislodging sometimes quite large rocks and sending them downhill. We saw a small kid get hit by a rockmelon sized rock that knocked him over. Outside of the obvious traffic you’re going to encounter with this being an annual hike, the views at the top are fantastic. It’s quite flat at the top too so we had a bite to eat before heading down.
The activities at the bottom were great for the kids and there were plenty of stalls selling local wares. Ticked off now but probably won’t be back as we much prefer a quiet trail. I mean, that’s why you go right? To get away.
Lower Portals (Mt Barney National Park)
9 Oct, 2016
7.4km return
3 hrs
Really easy walk. We took about three hours return with a slight detour towards Barney Gorge as we were looking for the cairn on the Waterfall Circuit notes but time was against us after arriving late. Next time for sure. The Portals are worth checking out from both sides, on the eastern side of the trail where you pass under a boulder then the other side if you take the south-west climb up the hill and descend down the gully with the small cave on your left down to the creek. Exploring upstream was quite beautiful.
Mt Warning Summit Trail (Wollumbin National Park)
21 Aug, 2016
8.3km return
5 hrs
First hike over 1000m for us. We had a crew of ten for this one so it was pretty entertaining. It was a perfect day so the trail was super busy. No chance of getting lost, a well maintained trail and even the scramble at the end had a chain on the edge for those less confident. Views at the top were outstanding so definitely get along and tick this one off. The only party member who found it challenging had a knee injury and even still it wasn't until the descent that it became difficult. Should suit most fitness levels. When we got back to the cars we learned that some punks had slashed people's tyres! Incredible on such a busy day.

If you've got someone really new to hiking this could be a good one to break them in. Rewarding views and should be a little bit of a burn without any navigation worries.
Mount Beerwah Summit (Glass House Mountains National Park)
24 Jul, 2016
Very Hard
2.9km return
3 hrs
Quite challenging up and down. As long as you're comfortable with the front face then you'll be fine. There's nothing harder than that IMO. It doesn't relent that much though so I think there's a decision to make for a lot of hikers nice and early on. If you can press on though the views are certainly worth it. Sometimes the bugs at the top are a bit crazy but stay low and they'll leave you alone... mostly. On the way down was a little more hectic with a lot of inexperienced or nervous people getting into some dangerous situations by sliding on their bums. Momentum is not your friend in that situation. A very good idea to take someone who has tackled it before or is very confident climbing/scrambling. Biggest tip I could give is to wear the right footwear here. Some of the sections are slabby with not a tonne of holds especially if there's traffic. A reasonable hiking or approach shoe will serve you well here and hopefully ensure a safe trip.
Mt Maroon (Mt Barney National Park)
2 Jul, 2016
6km return
5 hrs
Fantastic hike. Plenty of scrambling which is what our group really enjoy. Nothing too crazy and the views are amazing. Great to reach a summit and have no obstructions to the view. Can't wait to go back.
Mt Ngungun (Glass House Mountains National Park)
26 Jun, 2016
2.8km return
90 mins
This was our first hike so a much more experienced friend pointed us towards Ngungun. It's a trail walk. A tiny bit of a scramble at the end but the main path is very very easy and those with even moderate fitness will smash it.