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Walks in Wellington Park

9.64 km return
3.5 hrs

Cathedral Rock

Moderate hike. Starting on private property gate, through magnificent myrtle forest alongside a creek, to a steep zigzagging fire trail to a fun top scramble to the summit. Fantastic views and a fairly sheltered hike until you hit the top. Return the same way or alternatively keep walking along the ridge to the Montague Thumb and come back in a long loop across the valley.

12.49 km one-way
4 hrs

Collins Bonnet

The "Sleeping Beauty". Start at Collinsvale and finish at Big Bend (Mt. Wellington). This needs a drop-off and pick up.
A truly rewarding half day hike.
Overall a moderate walk but given the wet and slippery mud at the beginning and the nasty weather that can occur without warning it can be considered a difficult hike.

Very Easy
400 m return
30 mins

Mt Wellington - Summit Lookouts

At 1,270m, Mt. Wellington provides absolutely stunning views of Hobart and the surrounding area; the Derwent Estuary, Storm Bay and beyond.

9 km one-way
3 hrs

Mt. Wellington - Cascade to Lost World

An amazing hike through a variety of scenery and terrain until you get to the lost world track where things get a bit tricky. The best way to explore the complexity of Mt. Wellington through the changing altitude environment.

8.26 km return
3 hrs

Mt. Wellington - Zigzag/Icehouse loop

From The Springs picnic area to Mt. Wellington summit via iconic Zigzag track and return via scenic Icehouse track. Or go up Icehouse track and down Zigzag track. Weather highly variable.

3.5 km return
1 hr

Sphinx Rock

Take the Lenah Valley Track from The Springs for just over 1km. Sphinx Rock is signposted on the right. Be warned that there are no railings at the lookout, although there is a childproof gate on the approach. Children should be supervised. To explore the base of the rock take the Sawmill Track downhill from the junction a few metres further along. Return by same route.