Twin Falls Circuit

Springbrook National Park

A rewarding sheltered walk through rainforest rock clefts and behind the twin falls.

No Dogs Permitted

Getting there


If you can, visit local information centre a couple kms from Canyon Lookout. I believe it was once the original school house.

This walk starts from the Tallanbana picnic area in Springbrook National Park. You could also try starting from Canyon Lookout. If you were walking the entire walk Tallanbana would be ideal as a base to start from.


Route/Trail notes


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The best short walk i have done in a long time. Heaps of caves to walk through and explore and atleast 4 different waterfalls . Well worth doing the entire circuit heaps to see and beautiful views of the valley from the top end of the circuit. Definitely recommend doing this can be done with kids.

Ashwin on 22 Jul, 2017

I love how this track changes, from walking across the top of a waterfall, to walking behind waterfalls, to walking under cliff ledges. Go early as it gets busy on the weekends.

kerfuffle on 10 Jun, 2017

In my experience, the best short walk <5km in Queensland. Beautiful!

Zerpy on 30 Apr, 2017

Easy walk with some of the most amazing waterfalls I have seen 😍
Just beautiful after the rain 💖
Easy walk that would be great for kids. About 1.5 hours taking photos along the way🙏💕

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Mel on 25 Mar, 2017

Completed in conjunction with the Warrie circuit. Do not be deterred by the length of the Warrie circuit. It really isn't that difficult and the walk is amazing.

Samuel Armstrong on 8 Jan, 2017

My husband and I did this walk recently. Absolutely stunning scenery plenty to look at and different rock formations. We saw a pink nosed lizard too. The walk took about 1.5 hrs including the cannon look out.
It's worthwhile for people who are local to this area.

Yvette on 1 Dec, 2016

Beautiful walk and relatively easy. Walk behind three water falls and take advantage of multiple view points/lookouts. Enjoy the impressive display of rock formations, a must do if you're in the area. Unfortunately the trail signs are still currently vandalised. Hot spot for skinks as well. We saw a Land Mullet (Australia's largest skink) & A pink tongued skink featured in my video below if you're interested :)

caus_91 on 6 Oct, 2016

Lovely, peaceful walk. I wouldn't say it is challenging. Recently, a new bridge has been built and access to underneath the waterfall has been restricted. Pictures of all of my walks and climbs are on instagram @teniille

A peak a week on 26 Sep, 2016

Very nice walk but some spongebob has defaced the signs on the way so it's hard to find where you are or wanting to go a couple of small signs along the way would be great apart from that well worth the drive and day out.

Slowandsteady on 24 Jul, 2016

Why would anybody vandalise the maps in the Twin Falls Circuit? I saw this yesterday. I was trying to find an alternative way back to the Tallenbana Picnic ground but had to retrace my steps.
The falls were flowing beautifully, spectacular!

Tim on 22 Jun, 2016

Easy walk. Magestic cliffs and beautiful waterfalls. Very poor signage and those that are there have been vandalised.

Huffinpuff on 4 May, 2016

Great walk. Lots of little off shoots. Best advice: Just keep asking people you meet where they came from and you'll find your way out. :-D

Danny Z. on 9 Apr, 2016

Easy walk and took several dips under the falls, lots of nice caves and creeks and it was nice to be at different heights in the forest, I started at the Falls and went around but I would recommend finishing at the falls instead. Took less time than I thought.

TaylorEmily on 6 Apr, 2016

Lovely Autumn walk - sprinkled with rain occasionally, but hey - it's a rainforest, right? Beautiful afternoon with my daughter and my partner :)

Bruce on 27 Mar, 2016

This was one of the best short walks I've been on so far. It's got everything, caves, waterfalls, and great views. A little bit slippery in some places as it had just rained but really enjoyed it.

Guy on 29 Dec, 2015

Pack a picnic! Definitely not 4 hours. Bring swimmers too! I'd suggest go left first and end up at the main waterfall so you can swim! Very easy. Ps bring good camera with zoom! GC views

smitsie on 7 Dec, 2015

Great walk for kids, they loved walking behind the fall.

Kasia on 18 Jun, 2015

This walk is like a walk through fairyland! So surreal and gorgeous and so very quiet...not many people on the track being a Thursday. I started the walk clockwise, and met a few going the other way. The walk goes behind the falls so a unique perspective. Jogged part of the way downhills and walked uphill parts. Altogether 1 hour 40 mins ( i detoured to see falls on Warrie circuit about 20 mins). Pity someone has defaced the 'you are here' signboards so you cant see your track on the pictures.

quantumgirl65 on 23 Apr, 2015

One of my favourite walks in Springbrook NP. Great for everybody, good variety. A must do when you are in the area. Combining with Purlingbrook falls circuit, a perfect day out.

Hugues Debeyser on 14 Apr, 2015

Beautiful, Did this walk the day after it rained, made the waterfalls rather spectacular, rained for about half an hour towards the home stretch of the track but a little bit of rain never hurt anyone. Took lots of photos, good hike to do for your first time.

Gearwhore on 1 Mar, 2015


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