Moreton Island National Park


The islands of Moreton Bay contain a great selection of bushwalks and kayaking. From whale watching off the Point Lookout headland on Stradbroke Island to traipsing up Mt Tempest (280m) on Moreton Island, Moreton Bay offers a unique walking opportunity.

Popular Walks


Different areas have their own unique histories. From leper colonies and quarantine settlements to defensive forts built to keep invaders out who never came and whaling stations that now only shoot photos of these great mammals! 


Most of the islands offer natural coastal features but St Helena Island and Fort Lytton also offer an historical experience.

National Parks include:


Depends on the island. A range of barges will transport you there.


The Moreton Island Visitors and tourists Map shows all walks. 


Moreton Island

Tangalooma Resort and other  holiday houses are for rent


Moreton Island

There are 5 official campgrounds and bush camping on the island.

Stradbroke Island

There are both private and council caravan parks as well as beach camping available.

20.6 km return
5 hrs

Caboolture Rail Trail

The walk follows the old Wamuran Rail line from Beerburrum Road, Caboolture to Nasho's Park, Wamuran. There are a couple of bridges to negotiate but the fences have openings to allow walkers. There are some roads to cross with caution. Lots of tree cover and plenty of scenery.

5 km return
2 hrs

Coochiemudlo Island Walk

Starting from the jetty walk onto the island then turn right. Follow the trail markers around the island, some on street, but mostly bush tracks.

2 km return
1 hr

Desert Walk

Short 2k walk from beach, through trees through to the desert.
Half way up at the end of the stairs has a nice elevated view of the water and on a clear day Brisbane

32 km return

Moreton Island Rous Battery Track

Walk from the barge dropoff past Tangalooma and through the desert over to WW2 relics of Rous Battery on the ocean beach.

55 km return
3 days

Moreton Island Traverse

A long sand walk that starts at Bulwer in the North and finishes at reeders Point south of Kooringal. walking both on beach and inland trails.

60 km return
4 days

Moreton Island Traverse From Tangalooma

one way loop can be undertaken in either direction
Start where the Ferry drops you off just North of Tangalooma. Walk down to Tangalooma and along the beach till the turn off for the Desert (there's a hazard beacon on the hill). Continue through the desert to the far side then continue along the Rous Battery track (9.8kms). Next day after exploring bunkers head straight North along the beach on the East side of the island. Next is to head along middle road then turn north where mount tempest can be climbed then continue along telegraph track (16Kms) then through to Buwler. Then from the North West corner of the island back south along the western shoreline to the ferry.

undertaken over 4 days

2.5 km return
2 hrs

Mount Tempest

At 285 metres high, Mount Tempest is the highest stabilised sand dune in the world. The walk to the top of Mount Tempest is a memorable one, with sweeping views of Moreton Bay and the island’s length a spectacular experience. The wildflowers are nice in spring and humpback whales can be spotted migrating in late winter and spring.

6.3 km one-way
90 mins

Red Beach to Woorim

This is a walk along the beach from the car park at Red Beach Bribie Island to the patrolled surf beach at Woorim. It's best to time your walk around low tide as at high tide the water comes right up to the trees in some places. Also, after significant rain there can be run-off from the island causing water courses that will need to be crossed - Not really a problem unless you don't want to get your feet wet. I've only marked the difficulty level as medium due to the un-certainty of the conditions, but generally it's a pretty easy walk if you stay on hard sand. If you're looking at a work-out, maybe walk on the soft sand and then the difficulty would definitely be harder. If you decide to do a return walk, you can pick up something to eat or drink at Woorim before heading back.

50 km one-way
3 days

Sandy Dandy Hike

This is a shorter version of the other submitted walk on this island (Moreton Island Traverse).

If you want to see beautiful beaches, lovely lagoons, capacious capes, comfy camps and to fill every crevice on your body with sand then this walk is for you!

This walk will take you to Moreton Island's beaches, camp sites, lighthouse, inland trails, Mt Tempest, blue lagoon, the wrecks and Tangalooma Resort.

1 km return
45 mins

Scarborough Point Low Tide

A short 1km return walk over the mud flat & rocks at Scarborough Point, starting from Tingira Park. At low tide the rocks form a roughly 2m wide path out to a big rocky outcrop in the bay, there's often people fishing or fossicking here. At high tide the entire path and outcrop go underwater.