Glass House Mountains National Park

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Very Hard
2.7 km return
2 hrs

Mount Tibrogargan Summit

Almost a free climb instead of a hike.

It’s quite tricky to actually find it. Come off the Steve Irwin way at Matthew something park and drive around the back and through a tight railway tunnel then off to the right. You’ll pass some farming sheds on your right and the track to the car park is on your left.

According to Jinibara people’s lore and custom, Beerwah is the ancestral, pregnant mother. Tibrogargan is seen as the father with Ngungun, his faithful dingo, lying at his feet. The mountains around them are their children. Coonowrin is the eldest. The others are Beerburrum, Coochin, Elimbah, Tibberoowuccum, Miketeebumulgrai, Tunbubudla and, the youngest is currently known as Wild Horse Mountain.

Aboriginal people do not climb these mountains out of spiritual respect to Jinibara and Kabi Kabi peoples. They ask that visitors refrain from climbing them for the same reason.

Very Hard
3 km return
5 hrs

Mt Beerwah East Face

With the summmit track closed due to a massive rockfall in 2008 this is an alternative route to the summit. It is quite steep and exposed in places and not recommended if you don't have a head for heights.

2.8 km return
2 hrs

Mt Coochin (East and West Peaks)

This is a great scramble on a pretty twin peak mountain, with some outstanding views of the Glass House Mountains region to the south and the Brisbane CBD in the far distance.

Very Hard
3 hrs

Mt Coonowrin

Access to this mountain is closed. Significant penalties apply to anyone found on this mountain without a permit. It is unclear on what grounds a permit may be granted, but if one can be obtained, the previously established route would likely have disappeared.

Very Hard
3 km return
4 hrs

Mt Coonowrin Summit

This climb has been closed since the late 90's when I last climbed this mountain.QPWS have banned public access to Mt Coonowrin due to unstable rock and safety concerns. I have included these notes in the hope that QPWS will one day reopen this mountain.
WARNING: Any one caught walking or climbing this mountain faces a minimum $440 fine.
This track requires rock climbing experience and is extremely exposed and WILL result in death or serious injury if attempted by the inexperienced.

1.7 km return
75 mins

Mt Elimbah (The Saddleback)

At only 120m high this is an easy climb to the top of one of the two most southerly of the Glass House Mountains. The terrain is mostly rocks with grass or dense bush but has a surprisingly good 360° view from the top.

1.2 km return
75 mins

Mt Miketeebumulgrai

Mt. Mike as it is known is twice as tall as its neighbour Mt Elimbah with a fast but steep ascent through eucalypt forest nested on scree and leaf litter-covered slopes. The views from the top are not great but what can be seen is the extensive horticulture on the plains below, particularly of strawberries and pineapples.

2.8 km return
90 mins

Mt Ngungun

Mount Ngungun (pronounced 'noo noo')but generally known as "Gun Gun" is a very popular hike due to its relative ease and fantastic views. Traditional owners have asked that this mountain not be climbed.

A well defined graded track with some steep sections. The track begins in open forest with a fern understory. Part way up the mountain, there is a great view of Mt Tibrogargan as the track passes a small rock overhang. The summit provides spectacular close-up views of nearby Mt Tibrogargan, Mt Tibberoowuccum, Mt Coonowrin and Mt Beerwah.

1.7 km return
1 hr

Mt Tibberoowuccum

A steep walk to the summit of the mountain, a bit of an uneven but level scramble along the ridge for about 50m with a small 6-8m steep scramble to get to the peak at the end of it. Summit has spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and north to the Sunshine Coast. There are two alternative tracks which meet at the the top of the ridge at a point where an arrow painted on a rock directs you along the ridge to the summit. Take care as both tracks can be slippery after rain due to wet clay/ tree roots and loose shale at the top of the tracks can be a concern in any weather as well.

Very Hard
3 km return
3.5 hrs

Mt Tibrogargan

I attempted the climb solo and found it not too difficult. Slightly easier than Mt Beerwah and the view up top was worth the climb. Got up in 45mins and down in 60 mins.