Lower Portals

Mt Barney National Park

A walk through bushland to beautiful deep rock pools and small waterfalls in the Mt Barney Area.
Worth the walk.

Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

You access the walking track from the end of Lower Portals Rd which comes of Upper Logan Rd, just out of Rathdowney.


Maps of Mt Barney area are recommended for this walk with 1:25 000 topographical map being recommended for safety. (e.g. 1:25 000 Maroon)

Route/Trail notes

The walk has moderate to steep grading and at times becomes quite challenging. It mainly consists of walking up and down ridges before it comes to the small stream containing the Lower Portals. It takes approximately 3 hours return from the carpark on Lower Portals Rd.

Upstream from the first crossing, say 1klm you can follow a steep track up and over a ridge (500mtrs)  back down to the stream where there is fabulous scenery everywhere. and from there you can slowly make your way to Mt Barney Falls about 700mtrs on the left of the creek (when heading up from the lower portals). Appears only after a bit of rain. If it has been dry I'd say it would just look like a cliff. There is signs of water that show its there if you happen to come across it when it's dried up. Would be amazing to see tho after a good down pour as the area this waterfall takes up is massive. 


There are no permits needed. The cost is also Nil. There are very limited camping spots at the end of the walk near the Lower portals, and permits may be required to make use of them. 

Other References

More information can be obtained from the following government website




Great walk. Really dry atm but still a bit of water in the rock pool. Lovely peaceful spot. 6 year old hiked it too.

Melkrel on 3 Sep, 2019

Great walk a 3.5 hours return with a ten year old and stopped for lunch at the portals.

Chris on 2 Jul, 2019

Fairly easy walk through the scrub, love the waterholes, waterfalls/cascades, it was just beautiful today, crystal clear, perfect for swimming.

Philwalks on 29 Apr, 2019

Camped with son. Beautiful as always and great being there without the crowds.

Richard Mason on 2 Mar, 2019

Take lots of water in the summer months, as the path holds a lot of heat. Good, easy to follow track to the lower portals- spotted a couple of snakes on the walk. The water was cold, but so refreshing. Rock hop through the gorge- there’s a rope to help yourself up over the main rockpool.

Nickii & Nouri on 17 Feb, 2019

Beautiful waterhole for swimming at the end- was a bit of rock scrambling to reach it. Track was graded and easy to follow.

Mittens83 on 10 Feb, 2019

Struggled with this walk due to heat, despite bringing over 2litres of water. If hiking in summer double to amount of water you estimate you'll need and set off no later the 9AM. There is little to no shade on this walk so it takes it's toll. Wear appropriate footwear.
Swimming hole is very scenic!

Bmonro on 26 Jan, 2019

A pretty solid walk in to get to the pools. The water is pretty dang cold but it’s nice after the long walk. You won’t be able to bring your phone or camera up into the rock pools with you unless it’s waterproof. We saw catfish and eels in the main swimming hole. To get up to the waterfalls and rock pools you have to climb up a massive boulder, there is a rope attached but definitely need some upper body strength to pull yourself up. Be super careful on the rocks as they are slippery as I found out the hard way, I fell and banged my knee and it was not a fun walk back to the car park.

Natalie Lagerroth on 10 Jan, 2019

A swim on new years day

drewmac on 1 Jan, 2019

Nice walk in, but can get hot as quite exposed to the sun. Dust and rubble can be slippery

Sally on 24 Nov, 2018

picture perfect.

gizmobazz on 27 Oct, 2018

Great walk.

Eena on 6 May, 2018

Great walk long about 5km each way but well worth the work to the refreshing swimming hole

Shara on 15 Apr, 2018

A nice walk with fantastic rock pools at the end. Didn’t have time for a swim this time, will return ams swim, eels and all!

Matt on 12 Apr, 2018

The water/rock pools at the end make this walk worthwhile. It was a pretty hot walk (we were out there in the middle of the day which is not ideal) and the walk itself was not that interesting (compared to others we have done). However, still one to tick off the list and we'd do it again.

BGS3 on 4 Apr, 2018

Great hike!!

Phxviix on 1 Apr, 2018

Long walk with little signage along the way - however track is very easy to stay on. Worth the swim at the end and a great place to relax for the day. Would not recommend doing it in thongs haha. No mobile reception also.

Austin on 20 Mar, 2018

Awesome we’ll worth the walk down. Definitely will go back again

Kerry on 2 Jan, 2018

Lovely destination and well worth the up and down and up and down and up and down of going over the ridges. Saw the eel in the main pool area as well as a couple of other smaller ones.

ozsailor on 1 Jan, 2018

One of the best swim spots in South East Queensland! Take enough water along on a hot day as there is not much along the way until you reach the actual portals. Beautiful to swim amongst the eels! Please take care of your food as the monitors here are very habituated. Don't leave anything behind to encourage them either.

T&B on Jan, 2018


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