Mt Barney National Park


Mt Barney is one of the most popular bushwalks in South-East Queensland. Mt Barney National Park contains this famous walk, but also has plenty of other opportunities for walking - both day trips and multi-day adventures.

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Very Hard
12.4 km one-way
10 hrs

Isolated Peak and Toms Tom

This walk is mostly off track and has some very exposed and challenging descents. The views are spectacular on clear days. A rope is almost obligatory (I didn't take one but I certainly would have used it to descend from Toms Tum if I had one). I would not recommend tackling this route in wet weather as there is a lot of rock scrambling and some sections of almost vertical rock climbing (descending). I had mobile phone reception on the top of Isolated Peak and Toms Tum.

7.4 km return
3 hrs

Lower Portals

A walk through bushland to beautiful deep rock pools and small waterfalls in the Mt Barney Area

Very Hard
11 km return
9 hrs

Mount Ernest

IMPORTANT: The route to Mount Ernest from Yellow Pinch via the northeast ridge involve traversing private property. You should contact NPRSR to obtain contact details for the landowner in order to obtain permission to enter private property.

Mount Ernest lies on the opposite (northern) side of Mount Lindesay Highway from its namesake, and provides spectacular views of Mount Barney to the north. While much lower than the main peaks of Mount Barney, routes to the summit of Mount Ernest are less trodden take just as long.

6.4 km
4 hrs

Mount May

Ascend by the northern ridge from the campsite then descend via the southwest ridge, then follow the 4WD road back to the Mt May reserve. You can also incorporate both the south and north summits on the same walks. Note: the northern ridge is recommended for ascent only due to loose rocks and scree.

12 km return
8 hrs

Mowburra Peak

A slightly less travelled walk up a steep grassy ridge and then disappear into rain forest to get to a small cleared rocky slab with wonderful views out to Mt Barney.

Very Hard
16 km return
9 hrs

Mt Barney - East Peak - Up and Down South Ridge

Two hour drive from Brisbane. Left Yellowpinch carpark at 6am. The track starts at the end of a 4km vehicle track, that must be hiked. Remember to go through the gate for South Ridge. This route is considered the easiest up Mt Barney, but is still hard. The South Ridge (Peasants Track) is very pretty. The track is very clear in the lower sections. There are two rock sections that stick in my mind. One a large slightly exposed slab with a crack running through it, and the other, a narrow staircase. Getting to the saddle between East and West peaks was straight forward. There is a clearing here called Rum Jungle. It took us 3.5 hrs to reach the clearing, and 1.5 to scramble up to the summit (there is no track here). 9 hours hiking to return to the car park, not including time on the summit. 7 hours hiking to return to the NP sign, which suggest 6-8 hrs return. Elevation gain was 1200m. The scrambling is never as hard as the gully at Mt Maroon; but South Ridge is a lot longer!

It is very hard to find the clearing again upon coming down from the summit. You have to cross the creek at the right point. Keeping in line with West Peak is not enough! GPS was not enough. This bit is tricky!

On heading down from Rum Jungle, there were two places where we nearly lost the track. They were both after the narrow rock stairs and before the cracked rock slab. The first time was at 730 metres. We were faced with two vague scree tracks, which did not look right. It turned out we had walked over a makeshift barrier of tree branches. When we backtracked, we found the main track had branched off to the right (there was a directional marker here, even though no clear track could be seen). Soon after, we came to another fork, with two apparently vague scree tracks to choose from. Luckily, there was a bit of yellow tape by the RHS track, and this was the right track as it led to the cracked rock slab.

This walk is an epic day from Brisbane. 14 hrs including the return car trip. 4 hours driving and 10 hours on mountain. But so grand and pretty!

Note: there is a drinkable water source at Old Hut Site (near Rum Jungle). Refill your bottles here if the creek is flowing.

Very Hard
14.4 km return
9 hrs

Mt Barney - South East Ridge Ascent Peasants Ridge Descent

An ascent of Mt Barney via South East Ridge and Descent via Peasants Ridge. This is the first hike I have done up Mt Barney, and found it to be very challenging but rewarding once we had completed it. The views are amazing and certainly worth the effort. We left Brisbane at 5:30am, and were at Yellow pinch carpark hiking by 7:30am reached east peak by 11am and were back in the carpark just after 2pm. The weather was overcast, and fairly dry. Loved it and will be back

2 km return
2 hrs

Mt Barney West Peak

Straight up the west peak. The track is a goat track at best. There is the occasional piece of tape in a tree. You probably will get lost. But its not that hard to find your way. One tip is at the big rock face, aim towards the left end (south but not to south as there is a very big cliff). Also a good idea to take a compass bearing on the way up, as white outs are common up here.
The summit is scrubby, with a pile of rocks to mark the highest spot on Mt Barney (its higher than east peak). Head to the the northern end of the peak for amazing views to the north and west.
Even if you dont intend on climbing the whole way up. Do yourself a favour and go a little way, as the veiw up East peak is amazing. Totally different aspect of this incredible mountain.

6 km return
5 hrs

Mt Maroon

Mt Maroon is provides some of the best views in South-East Queensland, with 360 degree views ranging from Lamington NP through Mt Barney, the length of Main Range and the Moogerah Peaks.

Very Hard
10 km one-way
6 hrs

Mt. Barney - Short Leaning Ridge

The ridge from Barney waterfall leading to Leaning Peak. One of the hardest bushwalk in the area. A rope is mandatory to abseil of the peak. A rewarding climb.