Mount Barney(East Peak)


2 day hike in and out, carried overnight pack/supplies (tent,cooking etc). Track was not clear and our group was loosely guided. started walk on the north side and exited on the south.

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Getting there

From Brisbane, head south along the Mt Lindsay Hwy towards Rathdowney. Approximately 5kms south turn right at the Mt Barney View sign and follow the directions.

How do you get to the start of the walk?

Walk over Yellowpinch towards Eagan Creek. When the road divides (it is signed)take the right hand track towards the Peasants Trail.


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A great overnighter at either rum jungle or old hut. Be prepared: If there is a white out you can become lost easily. Good knowledge of the mountain or a topo map and compass will save you.

Zerpy on 19 Apr, 2017

Hiked up with full overnight packs in a group of six. Two of us had done the trip before but the rest hadn't. Took us aprox. 7 hrs each way. This is the most challenging walk I have done so far, love the views from the top and its never too hard. Some parts are pretty intimidating and it is almost essential to take track notes as some parts are not obvious where to go. Not much wildlife to see, a few bugs and some lizards at the top, but the real beauty is the landscape and that really you have to earn it.

Lawdaddy on Aug, 2016

Up Logan's Ridge, Down South East. 3.5 hours up including a tea break and enjoying the views. Make sure you up to this one, heading back down it is likely more risky than topping out with some reasonably exposed scrambling sections. Fantastic day out though!!!

B_T on Jun, 2016

9hrs to climb up Logans Ridge and then down South Ridge. Worth being prepared for this trip as things could turn pear-shaped in a hurry. Had difficulty finding track off East Peak to Barney Saddle and then accessing South Ridge trail start. Logans Ridge a great scramble with a few challenges. Worth doubling back sometimes if you run out of acheivable track. Done river-crossing near base during high waters to add to the fun! Will do this again with palns to stay overnight and climb West Peak.

John on 4 May, 2015

Walked up peasant's ridge for my first walk in camp! Very excited but exhausted. The track was easy to find up to rum jungle, the track to east peak a little more difficult and I would imagine so when the regular cloud comes in. Camped at rum jungle and then walked down the next morning. Tough walk for someone approaching 50 with good fitness. Whetted my appetite though!

Susan cramb on 8 Jun, 2014

Walked up via peasents ridge and spent the night in rum jungle after summiting and walked out the next morning. Quite challenging with a heavy pack.

WorldWalker on 8 Dec, 2012

Walked up via peasents ridge and spent the night in rum jungle after summiting the views from the summit were spectacular today as a storm was brewing and swirls of black cloud was coming up from below us.......walked out the next morning. Quite challenging with a heavy pack and it was hot dam hot! the humdity was up a little too...

Walkinghawk on 8 Dec, 2012

A challenging yet interesting walk. The terrain changed regularly and is spectacular. I would suggest not climbing following rain, using a compass and definitely not for novice climbers. The summit has amazing views of Mt Ernest, Mt Lindsay and of course the West Peak. The Logan River begins near the summit and the water is drinkable (we filled our bottles with no ill effects). It is definitely worth the effort!

Petrina on Jun, 2011


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