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Flinders Peak (Ipswich - Flinders Goolman Conservation Estate)
26 Apr, 2021
6.5km return
3.5 hrs
Steady first k. Increases gradient but very walkable. Rocky section across ridge. Pay attention when the track takers a sharp left to a scramble up at approx 500M elevation, it is marked with orange triangles but we met two walkers who had missed this and continued downhill with sheer cliffs on their left. They ended up on a 3 hour detour.
Recommend tracker app for any hike. Eg outdoor active.
Great views. Great half day hike. Fit 3 hr return. Average 4 hrs. With youngsters 5 for stops.
Mt Barney - East Peak - South Ridge (Mt Barney National Park)
15 Apr, 2021
Very Hard
17km return
10 hrs
Not to repeat previous comments, please take note of everyone's warnings..., losing the trail is the number one issue, but it really will take 5 hrs to the peak of you are averagely fit or older (60 ish). Btw We went up/down south ridge. Totally agree that it isn't very technical, short scrambles. Basically, if you find yourself climbing, you've gone the wrong way!
Used a tracker app, was invaluable, recommended. Uses satellite. Phone on airplane mode. Accurate to within 2 metres. We went off track simply because i only checked the app periodically. It's not easy to find all the way markers (orange triangles but one was white!). Anyway, we started at 8am. Which left with no contingency for going off track and we were walking the last hour in the dark. (Take head torches) Try to leave before 7... To give time to enjoy the views. The camping area just after rum jungle by the creek is gorgeous. Shade and water (i hope the creek is flowing for you). Recommendation is carry 4L water but if there has been recent rain the creek after yellow pinch can be used to top up a bottle (add sterilizer tablet). Drink 300ml at the car park, sip as you climb over yellow pinch, refill. Again, if there has been rain you will be able to refill at the camp area Creek both on the way up and down. We were able to carry just two drink bottles and sterilization tablets in April...temps high 20's. I carry a sock to filter large particles when refilling.
Main issues:. Going off track, way markers sometimes hard to spot. (At one point there a marker pointing up and 6 feet to the left another pointing left). The undergrowth is trying it's best to cover the track, especially after Summer. Long pants, loose fitting are good. I had shorts and got a few scratches. I was more concerned about ticks... Got none but other seasons might be worse?
Shoes... Many areas are slippery either due to dry gravel or after rain where rocks have become exposed. It is extremely easy to slip. ( We probably had a dozen slips between us, luckily minor, but you could end up hitting your butt hard!)
Carry simple first aid, plasters and betadine. Stop and check your feet after a few hours, place plasters over red or sore areas. Take spare socks because damp skin is softened and subject to blisters. Fresh socks are a joy!