A walk up to the top of Mt Greville circa 770m. Up the South East Ridge and down Palm Gorge.

Scrambling or Climbing
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

 From Aratula drive towards Cunningham's Gap and turn off at the Spicers Gap Rd. Follow this road for about 8 km( it does become dirt for a while) then turn into Mt Greville Rd find the start after about 800m driving or so along Mt Greville Rd.


Sun maps Mt Edwards

Route/Trail notes

From the gate walk uphill to the sign posts about 400m, there are three alternatives Waterfall Gorge, South East Ridge and Palm Gorge. This walk goes up SE Ridge and comes down Palm Gorge.

Follow the rough track up SE ridge lots of scree at the bottom and a few cairns on the way up. There are some rocky slabs to scramble on and through and if you lose the rough trail then keep heading up through the grass trees. Eventually you will come to a second wide rocky slab with great views of the southern Fassifern valley and the southern Mountains of the Main Range, Mt Ballow, Mt Barney, Mt Edwards, Mt Moon, Mt Maroon and Moogerah Dam. There is a lower rocky slab with the same view. Keep tracking up to the left through the Grass Trees till you enter forest again near another cairn note a well trevelled footpath that descends into Palm Gorge, it is about 30m up from the cairn for easier access. Keep following the trail up hill to the summit. Where there are good views to the North and views of the Ramparts of The Main Range and Mistake and Little Liverpoool Mountains.

On the Descent look for a rough trail that heads up hill about 10 min from the summit. it leads to the head of a steep rocky Gorge that has a stunning view of Spicers Peak framed in its middle. About 10 min again from here locate the cairn and footpad that descends into Palm Gorge. Just keep following this down and take your time. There are loose rocks and slippery palm fronds on the ground but is well worth it. Pictures are necessary just to prove how beautiful this plae is. Follow the rough footpad all the way back to the signposts and turn downhill to the carpark.

Altenate walks can include going up Waterfall Gorge and Traversing to the start of Palm Gorge across the Rock slab very enjoyable after summitting!


There is no camping in the Park.

Other References

Take A walk in the Sout East Queensland ; Chapman.


4 of us hiked early at 4:30 am. I found challenging hike up via Palm Gorge loose rocks and slippery palm leaves narrow rocks and steady ascend. Beautiful view from the top of gorge. nice hike further up to the summit. Lovely view of the lake Moogerah from the summit. On our way back we wanted to use waterfall gorge but got lost for 1 hour trying to figure out the way. turned back to the top of gorge and re-centre ourself to the arrow signpost on the rock. Safely returned back to the base and found that out we descend via south east ridge. yay...

Mark on 17 Feb, 2018

4.5 hours total time with a half hour meditation break and plenty of time spent playing with the drone on the rocky slab between the gorges. Ascended up waterfall gorge which was a great rock hopping challenge, lots of lose foliage and debris when I passed through so it wasn't quite so serene at the time.
Reaching the top of the gorge headed across to the lower northern vantage point over moogera which was fantastic, views here better than the summit in my experience.
Found the top of the waterfall gorge trail difficult to follow so followed the top of the gorge back until it met with the south ridge trail along the main bare slab between the gorges. Easy summit from here.
Summit I found lacking in views - perhaps overgrown or I missed the right lookout. Very large cairn on top identifies the summit.
Descended via south east ridge - amazing views across the top of waterfall gorge here, there is an obvious outcrop to your left as the trail eases on the way down DO NOT MISS IT. Views back to the mountain along the gorge are spectacular.
Probably wouldn't say it's a class 4 to be honest, it is very challenging, it doesn't have a lot of technical scrambling but the trails are quite faint and it requires some good navigation and thinking to find your way from the top of waterfall gorge.

MR PETER J HILL on 28 Jan, 2018

We took a chance with the weather....BOM predicting rain/storm in the morning. Got to park, obviously people took notice....it was empty. First time in a few months that any of our walks did not include other groups. So up Palm gorge, interesting, as their were no tracks on the rocks, due to rain earlier. In some areas whole areas up to 2 meters started to move as we walked on them....and sometimes the boots sunk into holes....Interesting...another challenge. Took about 45mins, got onto se ridge, with plenty of track to follow. Very nice views, especially over the lake. Humid, cloudy day. On top, resting on the rocks had hundreds of flying ants of various types. They definitely liked us having lunch. Pleasant trip down SE ridge. Total time....3hrs. Very narrow gorge on the east going down the side of the mountain for a long way looks interesting, will check it out on the maps for possible future trip. Met one couple in car park....sleep in day for everyone else...Nice hike :)

Legs eleven - Dave on 7 Oct, 2017

Up SE Ridge
Down Waterfall Gorge
About 4 hours with lots of breaks
Nice views at various places - the view from the summit wasn't as good as some vantage points on the waterfall gorge walk. Views from SE ridge were also great.
Might try Palm Gorge up next time and SE ridge down.

Juiced Pixels on 6 Aug, 2017

Up SE Ridge and down Palm Gorge.

Nik on Aug, 2017

Beautiful walk up Palm Gorge down SE ridge, easy going hike with ample views of lake moggerah and surrounding peaks.

courtlalala on 5 Jul, 2017

was a great walk, decided on waterfall gorge to the top which was worth it for the extra view points and then went palm gorge down which was a fun track

Gary on 2 Jul, 2017

This was a great climb/hike. Went up waterfall Gorge and came down via the SE Ridge Track. It was 9.1km return and took us 4Hrs (with a few rests). Waterfall Gorge was amazing and we would love to scramble up this again but try going down Palm Tree Gorge next time.

BeckNWood on 1 Jul, 2017

A great challenging walk with some scrambling sections. The trail was simple to follow on the way up but on the decent we followed the alternative way down, lost the trail at one point and had to search around for half an hour or so to get back onto the right track.

Tim on 26 Jun, 2017

A superb half day walk with great landscape diversity and views up Waterfall Gorge and return via the ridge track.
Zero time: departed carpark for Waterfall Gorge route
1.15: arrived top of Waterfall Gorge
1.25: arrived rock outcrop lookout (with amazing views over Lake Moogerah and scenic rock bluffs)
1.35: departed lookout
2.05: arrived at track junction (main track coming up from Palm Gorge and ridge trail)
2.10: arrived at summit (to the left and right of the rock cairn are good places to sit and admire views in different directions)
2.35: departed summit
3.05: arrived at branch track to Palm Gorge/Ridge walk
4.10: arrived at car park
A few additional notes:
The walk involves a bit of scrambling, there is limited signage and the trail becomes faint at times.
About half way up Waterfall Gorge there is a small (dry) waterfall. The first time I did this walk I climbed up the RHS using a tree route growing beside the rock, then climbed up another slightly tricky smooth rock section. To avoid this climb, there is an easy path around the falls on the left.
Just prior (maybe 50 meters) to arriving at the first lookout above Waterfall Gorge, a faint trail splits off to the left. This is the route to take for the main summit. Follow the small trail up to the nearby main mountain cliff base, turn left, and follow a faint trail hugging the cliff base around until you rejoin the main trail just below the summit.
We met a lady walking alone up the ridge trail who thought she was doing the walk for a second time, but doing a different route this time. The first time she did the walk she said she departed from the Lake Moogerah dam wall. We let her know that was actually Mt Edwards :)

Wig on 6 May, 2017

Went up SE ridge track and down Palm Gorge, very nice views on the bald rock faces of the SE ridge tracks and the scramble down the Gorge was outstanding. Despite some comments about a fading track, it would be hard to get lost as the track in these two parts is easy to follow. Took about 3 hours.

Laurie Bristow on 1 May, 2017

Great walk. Up via the ridge track and down via palm gorge. Straight forward trip but take your time on the descent. Fantastic views all along the trail. Just over 2.5 hours

Kevin on 24 Apr, 2017

Completed in dead hot summer weather and an instant regret. Needed lots of water and even a towell for all the water we were losing through sweat. Started this hike going up Waterfall Gorge finding many snakes, leaches, spiders (too many to count), centipedes and ants. These creatures left us sketchy the whole way up. Once we got out of the gorge we made it to the first lookout point which had a stunning view of the dam. We then went to hike along to the top soon to realise the track dissapeared into nothing, this left us walking through spider webs, knocking down dead trees and crawling through bushes just to make it to the other side where the track met up to the summit, this was not enjoyable and definitely not reccomended. Views at the summit were also very nice and then there was an enjoyabl walk down through the Ridge walk. This hike in total took us 10 hours!! (no jokes) We were shocked at the other comments which labelled 3-4 hours walking.

Matt on 12 Jan, 2017

Great walk!! Gorge walking going up was great!

Jo on 19 Nov, 2016

Great walk. Ascended SE Ridge - I lost the path for a while at approx 550m - keep left as per the route notes. Descended via palm gorge - stunning.

David on 19 Nov, 2016

Fantastic walk really enjoyed.

Lsnowsea on 30 Oct, 2016

Great walk up SE Ridge and down what we thought was Palm Gorge but i learnt later that we went left on way down so that was Waterfall Gorge, trip notes were no help we followed a cairn to a trail that lead down a gorge with Palm Trees, however towards the end we left with scrambling down 2 mini waterfalls and 1 very large sketchy decent down the last waterfall easily 10m high. If there was a trail out of this and back to the path it was well gone now with falling trees, so we used our GPS and followed the creek bed all the way to Mt Greville Road, however the last 250m was through thick Lantana Brush to the firetrail at start of trails. I guess what we can learn from this was don't trust others trip notes or even NPS yellow trail markers. I will try to create some KML files for these trails from what i managed to record. In Future i will take some trail tape and put a few more markers out there.

Gumby on 17 Jul, 2016

Went up Waterfall Gorge, stopped at the Northward facing lookout. From the lookout I followed a footpad to the summit which linked up with the main track very close to the summit. Thought I don't think this was the best way up by any means. Next time I would backtrack and walk straight across past the top of SE ridge and Palm Gorge and take the main track to the top. Was very dry so Waterfall Gorge was no problem though I understand it is sketchy when wet.

Dan456 on 24 May, 2016

Went up waterfall gorge, it is well signed at the start so easy to find.

Gorgeous place, fair bit of scrambling up the gorge but easy to manage if you take you time.

When we hit the top of the gorge went right to the rock slab with 180 degree views north over the lake and had morning tea.

summitted and back down SE ridge which got slippery when it rained a bit.

Fairly easy tho, like a small barney style walk.
gorges were amazing, haven't seen anything like it before.

onthax on 25 Apr, 2016

Followed the directions listed above and headed up SE Ridge and down via Palm Gorge. The tracks were fairly easy to follow. The walk up the ridge was incredible, had some of the best views of the range. Probably wouldn't come back down via Palm Gorge again, I'm too much of a klutz and the palm frond/chunky loose rock combo for the duration of the descent didn't work in my favour. The greenery of the gorge was stunning though. Whatever way you head, I'd recommend a pair of solid grippy shoes. Absolutely will return here.

mjorn_ on 23 Apr, 2016


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