Moogerah Peaks National Park

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840 m return
20 mins

Mee-bor-rum Circuit

This circuit track passes through heathland and features a lookout with views of Tamborine Mountain, Lamington Plateau and Mount Barney. Care must be taken at the lookout; it is a natural texture and has no handrails. Further along the track a circular viewing platform provides views of the heathland and southern section of Mount French.

6 km return
3 hrs

Mount Edwards

At 632 m Mt Edwards is the conical-shaped peak rising beside the Cunningham Highway close to Aratula. The national park was gazetted in 1966. It encompasses Mt Edwards, Little Mt Edwards, part of Reynolds Creek as well as a very nice gorge with pine trees on one side. After crossing the dam wall, sign says 3 km to the summit, but it is the elevation gain that gets the heart pumping. You start at about 150 m elevation and summit is 634 m, so almost 500 m rise. The hike up can be divided into three parts. First part is gradual rise to a rocky slab with good views of Little Mt Edwards and the gorge between them containing Reynolds Creek. Second section is steep with loose rocks so care is needed. Final part to the summit is gradual rise again for about 600 m. A bit of exploration can be done to the right and left when you reach the top.

6 km return
3 hrs

Mt Greville

A walk up to the top of Mt Greville circa 770m. Up the waterfall gorge, then visit viewing platform rock slab near top of waterfall gorge. Alternatively, ascend via SE Ridge. Continue to summit then return via Palm Gorge.

Very Hard
7 km return
5 hrs

Mt Greville via Razor back ridge, waterfall Gorge, Bare rock, the ladder, the peak

Starting from the car park assend to the folk and then drop across waterfall gorge and assend the northern wall and traverse along a narrow ridge before descending a gully back down into waterfall gorge and assend back up to Bare rock and the down into the northern gorge before taking the 2nd gully back up to a viewing rock and a bolted ladder before the last assend to the peak and desend south east ridge

Very Hard
5.5 km return
2.5 hrs

Mt Greville waterfall gorge, Northern face

Starting from the car park ascend to the viewing rock and then head along the faint track towards south east ridge. Once at the cliff line peel of to the right and traverse along until you get to the first gully entrance seen from the viewing rock once there rock scramble up the north western ridge line to the summit. Beware there is a degree of exposure here and no marked route. The bare rock is cliff like and the gullies are extremely unstable beware of shifting rocks. Descend down south east ridge.

6.5 km return
4 hrs

Mt Greville: Waterfall Gorge/Palm Gorge circuit

A rewarding walk up to the summit of Mt Greville via two beautiful gorges. There are also some great Scenic Rim views. This track uses Waterfall Gorge in ascent, and Palm Gorge in descent.

Very Easy
720 m return
15 mins

North Cliff Track

There are a few small walks which can be added together. The Logans Lookout visits the popular rock climbing sites.