West Canungra Creek Circuit

Lamington National Park
Many walks are currently closed due to COVID-19. Please,
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  • turn back if it looks like the track is too busy when you get there

The circuit descends to 'Yerralahla' (blue pool) passing by some large rainforest trees including red cedar Toona ciliata, and then follows the creek for most of its length, crossing it several times. Eels inhabit the West Canungra Creek. They bite when threatened and injuries have occurred. Creek crossings may be difficult to navigate and the circuit might not be obvious in places. Take particular care at creek crossings, especially after rain. Check track conditions with a ranger before you leave. The circuit exits via the Box Forest circuit.

No Waterfalls
No Dogs Permitted


Accidentally ended on this trail after turning left on the border track at O’Reillys instead of right to Box Forest Circuit. Was a lovely hike, not overly challenging but took us around 4hrs to complete back to Green Mountains day use area with a few short breaks throughout. Plenty of lovely photo spots! Great walk

wheres_wally on 6 Dec, 2020

Beautiful walk, if you’re up for a challenge complete it anti clockwise for a steeper walk back. It can be punishing so clockwise is just as good with not so much pain

Peter on 1 Nov, 2020

We set out at around 10am and did this clockwise. Lovely easy walk down to the rock pool at the 5km mark. Stopped for a rest, food and some more photos and continued on. There is plenty of water flowing at the moment. From this point on there is some rock hopping, a couple creek crossings (nothing to bad but be careful on the slippery rocks) we did need to take our boots of at one point to avoid walking with totally saturated socks and fyi - trekking poles were a god send. There was one creek crossing that you will stop and wonder where the track is as its not easily seen.. look for the orange markers on the trees there is one in front of you a little hidden and then one across the other side to your right and that will lead the way Its mostly uphill as well from here with lots of switchbacks. This was my first walk in Lamington and we accidently took this circuit instead of the Toolona (wrong turn at the start oops) I would suggest if doing this one to do it anti clockwise as the last few kilometres seemed quite steep and maybe easier to walk down than up in my opinion. We got back to Oreillys around 5pm, we stopped quite a lot for photos and to just look at things. I will be back but next time will explore other trails, there are so many to chose from. No leeches but we did end up with a couple ticks so keep applying repellant and check yourself when you can.

Janelle on 12 Sep, 2020

I wouldn't say it's a hard walk, probably medium would be a better description, no technical sections just trails and a few creek crossings which are probably the most difficult part. Amazing scenery and waterfalls, and the Blue Pool is amazing. The trails are easy to follow and there is plenty of signage. You can also grab a map from the information centre there which will make things even easier. Be careful where you walk though because I think i saw some Gympie Gympie plants close to the track and would hate to see anyone get stung by one of those.

Nittus on 30 Aug, 2020

A lovely picturesque walk. Took 4hr 45 min at a moderate walk with a few 5-10 min breaks. My garmin states its about 17km.

AJ on 11 Aug, 2020

Only walked down to the pools and then went back the same route up. I wouldn't recommend going counter clockwise as most people go one way and the paths are quite narrow. Crystal clear water, wish I did the rest.

Maverick on 6 Jun, 2020

Beautiful walk with a lot to see. Did this walk counterclockwise. Would classify as a medium level hike. Would do again!

Kayla on 30 May, 2020

Beautiful walk descending from O'Reillys into the valley and then back up again. A mixture of tropical rainforest with the odd section of eucalypt forest thrown in. Took my 5hrs 15mins which includes about 60 mins for breaks and photographs.

Andy Seward on 24 May, 2020

Do this walk a few times a week lovely stroll nice views.

Adalynn on 14 May, 2020

What a place! Family walk with the youngest 7.5 years old. No problems! Had to ascend in one hour to beat the dark which was a bit tough but we did it!

Linus Nyqvist on 13 Apr, 2020

A challenging track that is not well-marked (particularly at the creek crossings). The autumn leaves covering some of the tracks were quite slippery. Stunning scenery. Saw the aforementioned eels but did not go swimming with them ;) Also encountered lots of black skinks. Didn't see any snakes.

BalticAussie on 5 Apr, 2020

If you want to take photos along the trail early morning/ day will provide the best light

Itonist584 on Dec, 2019

walked the circuit in a clockwise direction. Took four hours with photo stops and dealing with a couple of Red Belly Black Snakes on the ascent. Great walk.

Mer on 26 Nov, 2019

Walked with my husband in anticlockwise direction. Tiring 5km ascent from Blue Pools.

Mer on 21 Nov, 2019

A bit dry at the moment but still a beautiful walk. Started at lunch which was a bit silly because didn’t get to do it as slowly as would have liked.

We didn’t do the loop. We went down to the creek and back up the same way which was very steep and challenged us and we are fairly fit.

The creek was beautiful. We saw a large eel, about 1 metre. The only other thing I can think of mentioning is being wary of stinging nettles near wet areas. My wife got a nasty surprise after brushing up against a clump

BRADDEN BARLOW on 22 Oct, 2019

A gorgeous and enjoyable hike! The first part was pretty dry today, but really lovely once we reached the creek. Took us about 4.5hrs, with about 30min for breaks, walking clockwise was great for viewing all the waterfalls.

noniej on 5 Oct, 2019

This is one of my favourite half day walks and it was a perfect day for it. Nearly three years since I last walked it and I was surprised by the number of trees that have come down since my last visit. Recommend doing the full circuit in a clockwise direction. Approximately 5kms down to the rock pools and approximately 9kms back up following the creek. This way you will be walking up towards the multiple waterfalls along the way, culminating in the beautiful Elabana Falls just below the picnic rock. The track crosses the creek multiple times, and in places climbs quite high up beside it affording stunning views down on the creek through the bearded trees.

I like to start walking at first light and it took me 5hrs all up including a number of stops along the way to photograph waterfalls. Back at O'Reillys in time for lunch on the deck with the amazing views across to Mt Lindsay and Mt Barney.

Dean on 18 May, 2019

This trail has been reopened as of 3 days ago, however will be closed again tomorrow to resurface. You will still be able to access it via the box circuit, but won't be able to complete the whole loop because of resurfacing. It was a very nice walk. Nice waterfalls and pools. Steep decent. Would recommend the loop vs going straight to the pools and back

Lobster on 12 Jan, 2019

Such an amazing and picturesque walk especially after the heavy rainfall. Clear path but still easy to get off track at some points. A few places to take a nice dip as well!

jjoha on 25 Mar, 2017

This and the companion walk Toolona Circuit are my favourites in Green Mountains. Went with GC Midweek Walking and everyone enjoyed it. Recent rain made the waterfalls spectacular, the creek crossings difficult and the leeches abundant.

oldcoastwalker on 22 Sep, 2016


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