Daves Creek Circuit

Lamington National Park
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The track starts on the Border track and then branches off and follows the Ships Stern circuit track before branching off again. Well sign posted, good tracks and some good views from the Numinbah lookout. There is also a small cave side track that is sign posted. On the way back don't miss "Surprise Rock".

No Public Transport
No Dogs Permitted

Getting there

Follow the signs from Nerang to Binna Burra. The track starts from the carpark near the campsite and cafe.  To access the circuit you must walk down Border Track for 3km.


The information centre 1km before Binna Burra, The Binna Burra Lodge or Campsite have maps available.


Route/Trail notes

 Don't miss climbing Suprise Rock for a great view.  When you see the sign continue along the path about 200m when you see the fork take the path that heads towards the rock.  You will see a short path where you can scramble up the rock.

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Very nice morning walk. I loved the change in vegetation to the heathland towards molongolee cave. Could get quite warm on a summer afternoon for sure

Quentin Andrews on 21 Nov, 2020

Diverse vegetation - wonderful walk

Mackamcb on 15 Nov, 2020

The open heath area after leaving the rainforest looks fresh and green after good spring rains.

Wanderlust on 7 Nov, 2020

Diverse walk. Fairly flat walking track. Some beautiful flora about if you take the time to look.

Jimcar on 4 Nov, 2020

I loved this walk! A nice easy track, with some fabulous rewards in the form of caves and lookouts and big rocks. It was more exposed than I was expecting (totally expected just a rainforest walk) so I was really happy there was a cool breeze as it could get quite hot. Completed in 3hr 37 mins including a break for morning tea, a couple of rests for my sore knee and exploring Surprise Rock.

sarasvati on 18 Oct, 2020

Super easy and quick track, done in a few hours. Easy to squeeze in on a Sunday morning ☺️

The wildflowers are insane this time of year! Do yourself a favour and check em out if you enjoy nature's goodness 💐💐💐

RB-98 on 11 Oct, 2020

Easy going with great scenery

Mike Moore on 28 Sep, 2020

One of my favourites, stunning at this time of year. Always fun. Climbing Surprise Rock, discovering the cave. Great walk to take new walkers on.

RosieG on 19 Sep, 2020

This is about the 5th time I have done this walk. My favourite because of the variety. Lots of great wildflowers out at the moment and the vies into Numinbah Valley are awesome. Completed in 4 hours.

Foxy on 16 Sep, 2020

Lovely walk, not difficult. Although signposted there was one place just before the lookout 4.8km in we weren't sure of the path GPS showed edge of cliff to left so we took that way and it was the right choice. Lookout was about 100m or so past the 6km mark.

Later bought the bushwalking book from the lodge and found out where weren't sure of the direction was a lookout. So we were not at any risk of being lost. Binna Burra has great signage

RosieG on 22 Jun, 2019

This is a great part of the Gold Coast hinterland.

Rob E on 4 Jun, 2019

Great walk, bit muddy in sections after a bit of rain. Found Surprise Rock but did not see sign. Saw 3 snakes which was very exciting. Loved this walk 💕

Cath on 25 Apr, 2019

Completed this walk with my husband and two kids (7 and 9 year olds). It took us around 4.5 hours all up, taking it at a very leisurely pace and many pit stops along the way. The kids struggled a bit towards the end, and needed a lot of encouragement and peptalks along the last 2-3km, but we made it!
Track was quite muddy with all the recent rain, particularly along the section of Border Track that you have to walk until it branches off. The path along the clay cliffs were quite slippery and wet in spots too, although fortunately we all managed to stay upright (and by "we" I mean me, as I'm the most likely out of the 4 of us to land on my butt... speaking from experience!).
The variety in vegetation along Daves Creek Circuit is amazing and was definitely a highlight. There was also a huge variety of fungi, many different colours and shapes and sizes.
We saw a couple of little pademelons bouncing through the forest, and spotted a number of little birds flitting about, and heard many more. No snake sightings for us today, although there are plenty of snake friendly hiding spots along the way, especially when you reach the scrubby bushland along the cliffs. Maybe we just weren't looking hard enough. Other than that, my husband picked up a leech along the way, although we didn't notice until afterwards when he had blood running down his leg.
All in all, I thought this walk was fantastic and would definitely do it again (not sure the kids will jump at the chance to go again, they found it slightly too long).

Sarah on 25 Apr, 2019

Very enjoyable walk - 4 hours is spot on when taking it easy. Lookout is small but we were lucky to have it to ourselves for lunch.

Ross on 25 Apr, 2019

Loved this walk, great easy length and lots of variety with some stunning views

Bobbe on 14 Apr, 2019

I love Dave's Creek Circuit. It's my favourite medium length walk at Binna Burra. Lots of variety in vegetation and terrain. A well graded and enjoyable walk with some excellent views from the Gold Coast to northern NSW. Recent rain meant that there was a lot of different and colourful fungi around. Usually, I manage to see a snake on this walk, but yesterday the only reptile I saw was a land mullet - still interesting though

Samantha on 22 Mar, 2019

Really enjoyed this walk. Lots of different vegetation. Beautiful views around the escarpment. Saw sundews and yellow tailed cockatoos.

Rochelle on 2 Jun, 2018

Walked today. 3h45m at a relaxed pace. Great views and a few spring crossings for water if you run out. Temp was coolish, and drizzle set in around 1pm, and temp dropped further. If the longer Ships Stern walk (19km) seems too much this features many similar changes in flora and similar views over Numinbah Valley.

BruceG on 28 May, 2018

Very nice walk through different types of vegetation.
Beautiful views.
Worth the effort.

Holger on 12 May, 2018

Such a beautiful walk through rainforest, and then it opens up with some rugged rock faces. The change in the scenery is immediate which I always find amazing. We walked this at a good steady pace and stopped for lunch & a rest at one of the views, it took us 3 1/2 hours to complete. What a stunningly beautiful day for a walk.

Roxy on 21 Apr, 2018


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