Kondalilla National Park

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4.9 km return
2 hrs

Baroon Lookout

A great family walk up the side of the gorge to the lookout out across Obi Obi Creek as it heads north from the Baroon Dam and into the Blackall Range to join the Mary River.

20 km
5 hrs

Baroon Pocket to Kondalilla Falls (return)

A stroll through the Southeast Queensland rainforest, with spectacular views down Obi Obi Creek.

3.3 km return
90 mins

Baxter Falls - Northern Approach

This walk leads through open eucalypt forest, dropping almost 300m down to the suspension bridge across Baxter Creek and the Falls to your left. The water falls into a 'bowl', before cascading into the bottom of the creek. Access to the 'bowl' is thought to be by bush bash to the left, but was not tracked.

7.6 km return
3 hrs

Baxter Falls - Southern Approach

This walk leads through open eucalypt forest, past rocky outcrops and down the side of the gorge to Baxter Creek with its suspension bridge and beautiful waterfall.

20 km

Great Sunshine Walk - Baroon Pocket Dam to Mapleton Falls

Great walk - half the great sunshine walk, enables you to do half one weekend and the other half later. Start at Baroon Pocket Dam, camp at flaxton camp and then finish in Mapleton Falls.

4.7 km
2 hrs

Kondalilla Falls Circuit

Kondalilla Falls (80m) is one of the most spectacular and accessible falls on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. The walk down to the falls is 'family friendly' with some rock stairs and a maintained path. Great views of the rainforest valley from the natural rock pools at the top. You can swim in the rock pools at both the top and bottom of the falls.

Very Hard
14 km one-way
8.5 hrs

Obi Obi Gorge

Either a rock hop and swim down Skene Creek and Obi Obi Creek. Alternatively you can follow the Great Walk Path ( A lot easier but not as scenic).

1.7 km return
45 mins

Picnic Creek Circuit

This easy walk crosses Picnic Creek, passes through tall eucalypt forest and patches of wet sclerophyll (a mix of eucalypt and rainforest species). Enjoy views over the valley from a lookout point.

37.5 km one-way
3 days

Sunshine Coast Great Walk - North to South - Gheerulla Camping Area to Baroon Pocket Dam

You'll enjoy walking past waterfalls, peering into gorges and resting near rock pools. There's some stunning views and wonderful lookouts along the way. Notice the plant communities around you and how they change from warm subtropical rainforest to tall open eucalypt forest; all protected in three beautiful national parks—Kondalilla, Mapleton Falls and Mapleton.

There are more than 100 species of birds, about 70 reptile species and more than 30 frog species, so you'll have lots of wildlife around you.

The Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk's many access points offer different walking options.

58.8km long-distance walking with overnighting in the three remote, walkers' camps
full-day walks with some comfortable holiday house accommodation nearby
shorter half-day walks.

58 km
4 days

Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk

Warm subtropical rainforest, tall open eucalypt forest and picturesque waterfalls in secluded areas of the Blackall Range feature on this 58 km four day walk, with bush campsites. Day visitors can access short half-day and full-day walks within the Great Walk route.