Kondalilla National Park

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6.2 km return
2 hrs

Baxter Creek Falls - Southern Approach

From Flaxton Mill Road car park the walk leads through open eucalypt forest, past rocky outcrops and down hill to Baxter Creek with its beautiful waterfall. Follow signs to Mapleton Falls. Turn around at the Baxter Creek suspension bridge and return to your car along the same walking track. This walk requires a reasonable level of fitness as the uphill return walk is quite steep in places.

3.3 km return
90 mins

Baxter Falls - Northern Approach

This walk leads through open eucalypt forest, dropping almost 300m down to the suspension bridge across Baxter Creek and the Falls to your left. The water falls into a 'bowl', before cascading into the bottom of the creek. Access to the 'bowl' is thought to be by bush bash to the left, but was not tracked.

4.7 km
2 hrs

Kondalilla Falls Circuit

Kondalilla Falls (80m) is one of the most spectacular and accessible falls on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. The walk down to the falls is 'family friendly' with some rock stairs and a maintained path. Great views of the rainforest valley from the natural rock pools at the top. You can swim in the rock pools at both the top and bottom of the falls.

Very Hard
14 km
8.5 hrs

Obi Obi Gorge

Either A rock hop and swim down Skene Creek and Obi Obi Creek. Alternatively you can follow the Great Walk Path ( A lot Easier but not as scenic)

1.7 km return
45 mins

Picnic Creek Circuit

This easy walk crosses Picnic Creek, passes through tall eucalypt forest and patches of wet sclerophyll (a mix of eucalypt and rainforest species). Enjoy views over the valley from a lookout point.

5 km one-way
1 hr


This walk can be accessed via Schultz road, in Witta, and appears to be a 4x4 telegraph track (frequently crossing through a power line area). It includes wet and dry Schlerophyll forests, and is Ideal in spring when it isn't too cold. Also, don't go after heavy rain, as creek crossings may be flooded.