White Rock Ridge Hike


A challenging steep track with limited signage recommended for experienced walkers with navigational skills and high fitness levels. This track climbs up onto (and follows) the rocky ridge with great views of the region. Caves and cliffs provide refuge for abundant wildlife including peregrine falcons, wedge-tailed eagles and wallabies.

Maximum Elevation
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Getting there

How do you get to the start of the walk?

From Paperbark Flats picnic area, follow the multi user trail about 600 metres until it cuts a haul road and turns left.  Signs direct you right for the multi-use trail.  Rather than turning, follow the road east for another 50 metres, and there is a small sign marking the start of the ridge hike on the right.

(Note that the map at the picnic area does not show the haul road, and would lead you to believe the ridge hike is directly off the multi use trail.  The map attached below gives a better idea)


Which maps cover the area?


Route/Trail notes

The track is obvious, but narrow and rough, and not well signed.  There are no trail markers after the first couple of hundred metres, which involves a moderate climb up onto the ridge.  Depending on the state of vegetation, there are views to the north all the way to Brisbane.  On reaching a rocky outcrop, White Rock can be seen across a col, but the track appears to peter out.  Casting around to the south reveals the last trail marker, directing you down a cleft leading down to the col.  The descent is relatively straightforward, but requires caution descending the cleft.  A few hundred metres easy walking to White Rock, where there are benches to rest and enjoy the peace and quiet.

The rock can be climbed with a little effort and no specialised equipment, via another (unsigned cleft) just to the east of the north face.  There are panoramic views in all directions from the summit (about 30 metres above the rest area)


Do you need any permits? What's the cost?

Access is free.  Hiking does not require a permit.  Gates open 6am to 6pm

Other References

How can I find more info? Any guide books?


I love this walk.the trail starts on Sandy soil with sapling lined paths.this makes it pretty with dappled sunlit track, especially nice early morning. Multicoloured rocks dot the trail.on the narrower ridge the valleys are either side, cicadas singing as loud as cowbells and City was just a blur over the treetops. I went on to climb whiterock where this trail ends.A nice stop on ridge is under the gum on the edge, shady and high enough for beautiful views.plenty of arrows and things to grab on the rocky way down, saplings,big rocks,tree trunks.not much traffic , just a few young ones who run this at dawn, friendly and polite people.

Robbyj on 15 Dec, 2017

My fave place in summer.if an age pensioner can do it, you can.lovely quiet views at top.

Robbyj on 15 Dec, 2017

I have walked to White Rock many times. Yesterday I came back on the White Rock Ridge Track and noted additional work had been done on the track. From the White Rock end, there are now bright arrows pointing the direction up the cleft in the rock you need to climb, then again along the cliff face, at the start of the track. Where the Ridge Track joins the fire trail at the end, significant grading of the surface has been done for the last few hundred metres, and the eroded gullies are now a flat dirt track, even with little fallen tree barriers lining the path. I met a truck driver in the car park who told me he had been asked to deliver more dirt into the conservation estate.

Out of interest I also took a different path up to White Rock - I walked down the Yaddamun Track, until I could take a turn-off south onto the fire trail that eventually crosses with the Ridge Track and the Multi Use Track. There is a sign at the start of this turn off which states service vehicle use only, no public access but as far as I am aware, there is no legislation to restrict access, it is part of their management plan to discourage public access to certain areas. Eventually I discovered what I was looking for - on OpenstreetMaps there is a path called 'Don't Bother'. The start of this track was heavily concealed with stacked small fallen trees. There is a slight path around it to the right. The Don't Bother track was obviously a 4WD accessible track at some point but has not been maintained for a long time. The track is eroded in many areas, overgrown with grass, and crossed by small fallen trees, but there were no real navigation issues, and no lantana overgrowth. Obviously some hikers still come this way, because there were spray-pointed pink dots on trees and grass marking the path at many points. There was a steep climb up a gully at the end which emerged right next to the bench near the White Rock sign at Which Rock. Definitely a wild off-track adventure which I enjoyed, but in the warmer seasons, snakes could be a real issue.

Kuhr on 20 Sep, 2017

Nice hike.. Lovely rock formations to see on the way. A bit of rock hopping is required. Make sure you have the right shoes on. You pretty much go all the way to the top of white rock then you can either retrace your steps back or descend and then take the multi user trail back to the car park

Ashwin on 16 Sep, 2017

Really nice walk. The trail was straightforward and easy to follow. Not really as much climbing as I was expecting. White Rock itself is quite impressive, with some nice views from the top.

Brendan on 6 Sep, 2017

Nice walk, although attempted to do it mid week when we hoped it would be quieter, we forgot about the Ekka Holiday and the car park was pretty full, although once on the track it was not too busy. We did the White Rock Ridge Track on the way to White Rock and then followed the multi-user trail on the way back. All were fairly well signposted with the Ridge Track a little steeper in some places but not as hard as I thought it would be. A few people walking their dogs, which surprised me although I did not check at the picnic area if dogs were allowed it states they are not on here.

ozsailor on 16 Aug, 2017

Now very well signposted. Just follow the main track right down until you see a signed post for the Ridge Hike. Great walk up along the ridge, had it practically to myself. Nice views out to the east, city can be seen in the distance. For those that are vertically challenged like myself, there are a few bits that require some jumping and scrambling, but great fun.

Tanya on 16 Aug, 2017

Another perfect winters day. Not too difficult a walk and well worth the time and effort. White rock is amazing and the 360 views from the top of the rock, worth the climb. Had a lovely picnic on the grass at the picnic grounds and lazed in the soporific sun for a couple of hours.

David H on 22 Jul, 2017

White Rock
White Rock is part of the Spring Mountain conservation estate ..
Its near Ipswich Brisbane Australia.
White Rock is just one of the many parks that surround Brisbane's suburbs.
If your heading out there don't use google maps as a reference like i did . the maps were old and outdated. Try to reference school road Redbank Plains. and head that way. school road is now split in two by a new subdivision. i just headed in the direction to the bridge underpass and found it ok.
White Rock is an excellent walk if you take the Ridge trail. from the paperbark flats car park walk along the shared trail until you reach a rather large bend in the road. instead of continuing the path that leads ahead take the left route about another 50 meters ( well signposted WRRT. )
PLEASE dont climb on the white face of White Rock.
the climb to the summit however is done by every man and his dog (and i do mean Dog!) one guy had his dog up there.
Well worth the trip out there . I had a fantastic day !
Watch towards the end of my you tube video ( Gizmo Bazz ) and you will see me Rappelling a small rocky outcrop at the start of the ridge trail.
Enjoy Gizmo..............

gizmobazz on 22 Jul, 2017

Nice walk for the late afternoon

drewmac on 2 Jul, 2017

The Ridge Trail was so much fun. Loved the glittery trail section and the scramble down the boulders. There was someone with drones at White Rock, which was pretty annoying.

sarasvati on Jul, 2017

If taking the ridge trail back to the car park make sure you take the pathway left thus staying on the ridge , the path to the right which goes along the side of the ridge then heads doown to the valley and back along the next ridge over , still great track but ends is no mans land , this is when you'll need the ol compass to head toward the car park , if you find yourself unsure where you are in white rock just head towards the big powerlines and follow them back to the car park , some great hiking in here , enjoy it while you can those houses keep getting closer and closer each time I go 😐

Power pole Pete on 2 Jun, 2017

Nice walk with views of Brisbane city on a clear day. WRRT is the Ridge track & is marked but easy to miss if not looking carefully. White rock & other rock formations in the area are well worth the walk.

Cheryl on Jun, 2017

The walk is not hard nor long. White Rock itself is spectacular so im surprised it isn't more well known around Brisbane.

This place will boom in the next couple of years due to accessibility, encroaching housing estates and all new signage including an obvious marketing push from Ipswich Council.

Zerpy on 19 Feb, 2017

Wouldn't say it's that difficult so don't be put off. It is much easier to find now they have new signs. The views are great with plenty of wildlife!

Samuel Armstrong on 18 Feb, 2017

Walked this again today. The council has installed fresh signage so it's much better marked now which also means there much more foot traffic on the ridge hike now. Still a great walk and a nice climb to the top of the rock.

Juiced Pixels on 29 Jan, 2017

New signs in place make it a lot easier to find the track. Nice walk, not hard at all.

Madeleine Page on 20 Jan, 2017

I've walked this dozen of times and it's definitely the best way to hike to White Rock. Great views to Brisbane city - probably better than the views at the top of White Rock itself. If you're unsure about where this track starts you can walk back from White Rock first and that way you'll know where it starts.

Juiced Pixels on Nov, 2016

Enjoyable walk with some great views of Brisbane. Tricky to find the entrance to the walk but once found very enjoyable.

TonyS on 21 Aug, 2016

Ipswich City Council have moved their maps:

Mick on 19 Jul, 2016


Click here to load this map.

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