Panoramic views of Girraween including The Pyramids and Mt Norman.

Maximum Elevation

Getting there:

The track starts from the picnic ground on Pyramid Rd. Follow the directions on the Girraween National Park page.

Route/Trail notes:

The track is well marked and passes through a variety of vegetation types. The final section is along exposed granite to the summit. From the summit you get a great view around Girraween's many peaks.

As with all of Girraween's granite it can become very slippery when wet and should not be attempted in damp conditions. The walk is also quite exposed so be prepared if you're wary of heights.

Other References/Comments:⊂=castle&page=gi_castle


Easy and pretty walk. Loved scrambling about the rocks at the top. Sadly it was raining so I couldn’t fully explore as the rocks were very slippery and it’s steep. I didn’t feel like falling and scraping my skin off on the rough surface lol. Thoroughly enjoyed sitting out of the wind and rain eating lunch and just taking in the quiet.

Syd on 12 Oct, 2018

Superb walk - the 360 degree views from atop Mt Castle are absolutely stunning. The last 3-400m can be pretty hectic if it's rainy and/or's steep granite...but on a calm, sunny day it really is beautiful. Well worth the effort this one - the walk to and from is also idyllic and lovely.

Bush Talker on 2 Jun, 2018

I enjoyed this one - possibly more than the pyramid which I’d done earlier on the same day. Great views of surrounding areas including the pyramids

Juiced Pixels on 13 Dec, 2017

loved it. first part very easy second part of the climb was difficult and the wind was very strong

wendy on 30 Sep, 2017

Brilliant sunrise spot! Well worth it.

Zerpy on 27 Sep, 2017

This would be a fairly straightforward walk in good weather. I was there in the rain though, and it made one or two of the upper sections a little hair-raising due to the rock being slippery, and the slopes that lead to drop offs. Those with no fear were still strolling around in these spots, but I hugged the sides like a limpet.

Rey Leon on Sep, 2017

Fairly easy but steep parts once you get to the top/ back of castle rock

J on 15 Apr, 2017

Captured the most beautiful sunset from up top Castle Rock, nice gradual walk with lovely surrounding scenery.

courtlalala on 6 Jan, 2017

Great walk with beautiful views

HippyDonna on 31 Oct, 2016

Enjoyed this one a lot, was rather exciting navigating around the large rocks.

AliT on 27 Aug, 2016

Nice Climb through great Rock Formations ..

DrummerJeff on 26 Apr, 2014

I've done this walk during Easter 2014. It was a lovely easy climb to the summit where we enjoyed our lunch with the panoramic view of Girraween.

Ahmondjai on 19 Apr, 2014

Great Walk! loved the views, wasn't hot at all thankfully

mkemp28 on 16 Feb, 2013

Exposed but very-very nice. Spectacular views, fun walk through the stone "tunnel" to get onto the top.

S_V on Jul, 2012

cool rocks

B_T on Jul, 2012

Easy to moderate section up to Castle Rock with a short scamble up and through a groove between two granite bolders for a fabulous view. No real flat spots on ridge. Backtracked then continued on to Mt Norman an additional 3.4km through easy bushland to the base of the climb. About 100m steep climb up the granite face with great views to a ridge with views off in another direction. Didn't finish the last section as it got too hard for me. Very open hot climbing the granite sticking to the white paint markers.

Rataholic on 15 Feb, 2012

Nice views, fun hike.

Major Icehole on 13 Nov, 2010

was hot, but beautiful. took my time with plenty of drink breaks. had plenty of wildlife at the camping area. was very pleasant to have Sunday morning breakfast with a mob of kangaroos grazing in front of me and the birds chirping in the trees.

Susan Edwards on Jan, 2010

Nice views, fun hike.

Major Icehole on 2010

We did this climb while camping nearby at Easter 2005. It was a good walk up the hill before the climb up to Castle Rock, which required steady feet. We also did The Sphinx and Turtle Rock as a circuit on the same day.

Troy Kasper on 25 Mar, 2005


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