Watarrka National Park


Highlights Kings Canyon

Popular Walks

Parent Regions

1.8 km return
1 hr

Dingo Ridge

A short and rough track takes you along an escarpment, which surrounds the Kings Canyon Resort, with amazing views of the George Gill Range.

2.7 km return
75 mins

Kathleen Springs

A delightful spring fed waterhole at the head of Kathleen Gorge, is a cool moist place to sit and enjoy the areas tranquillity. Many interpretive signs along the track tell the story of centuries of Aboriginal culture and the recent cattle industry.

6.6 km return
4 hrs

Kings Canyon Rim Walk

Take your time to absorb your surrounding as the steep climb takes you to the top of the Canyon, then follows the Canyon rim through the awesome domes of the Lost City and out to Cotterill's Bridge and Lookout, before dropping down into the lush surrounding and tranquillity of the Garden of Eden sacred waterholes. Climb back to the top and continue along the Southern Wall, with views to die for.

2 km return
1 hr

Kings Creek Walk

The gentle slope of the track meanders along Kings Creek, ending at a viewing platform, where you experience stunning views of the sheer canyon walls. Take your time to ready the informative signage on the flora and fauna and scan the etched sculptures in the sandstone. Can you spot the pirate's face?

4.5 km return
2 hrs

Southern Wall Walk

A shorter and easier walk to allow you to enjoy the majesty of this wonderful canyon, with views across the chasm to the spectacle of the northern rim.