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Mt Mitchell


I did this walk with fog and pouring rain. Had my Akubra, decent hiking boots and my Camelbak. Took me 2 hours to climb and only 1 hour to go down. Honestly this is a great walk rain or shine. The changing terrains and beautiful native plants/trees makes the hike itself rewarding for the person. I would easily do this walk again and is worth the drive from the big smoke.

Also if you need to fuel up I would suggest the service station called Fisherpark Truckstop which is only a few kms up the hill. Dirt cheap fuel prices, toilets, diner and brilliant customer service.

- Bushmans spray, salt and pocket knife (leaches)
- Towel and dry clothes (if raining)
- Head torch

bnotters on 18 Nov, 2017

Box Forest

Box Forest Circuit is a gorgeous walk! Was a last minute decision with only 2 drink bottles between two people and one piece of banana bread, however we made through it easy. I will warn everyone now, make sure you're wearing some good shoes. I was wearing my hiking boots I purchased from Wildfire Sports and my friend was wearing his magnum work boots. Due to the past weeks rain fall the track was a bit slippery but don't let that scare you. Next time around I will definitely bring my 3L camelbak day pack so I can bring lunch and keep hydrated a bit better. There are so many neat mini waterfalls along the way. The walk back up the circuit however took it's toll on my smoker lungs and is making my legs hurt. If you're a person doesn't go to the gym regularly I promise your legs will be feeling it afterwards however it really is quite a decent walk. Give yourself a lot of time if you want to take your time on this walk. My friend and myself took 2.5-3 hours doing this walk however we are both quick walkers and had about 30 minutes just sitting down at the different falls and climbing rocks to get some pictures. Even in October I ended up going down to my yoga pants and sports bra as it's a heated walk up. Perfect walk for a weekend adventure! Will back again soon.

bnotters on 8 Oct, 2017

Tarcoola Track

Super easy walk. Heaps of cool little sections to this walk and nice big space at the end of it that's perfect for a picnic. I went on a pretty warm day so the one regret I had was not bringing a drinking bottle. I did the walk in Ariat Roper Boots and I was fine.

bnotters on 19 Sep, 2017

Tibrogargan Circuit

Really nice easy walk. You get a few different views of the Glass House Mountains and also those dare devils that are climbing the circuit. Absolutely love this walk.

bnotters on 17 Sep, 2017

The Federation Track

I did this with a mate who was wearing a weight vest. I absolutely love this track and is perfect for training purposes.

bnotters on 3 Sep, 2017

Twin Falls Circuit

Pretty easy walk. Just had my 3L camelbak day pack, Akubra and hiking boots - did me well. Heaps of lush views of hinterlands, waterfalls and the walk itself is very scenic.

bnotters on 2 Sep, 2017

Best of All Lookouts

Super easy walk. gorgeous view! it's amazing how much you can see up there.

bnotters on 2 Sep, 2017

Mount Coolum

As a full-time smoker this walk was a struggle up however with heaps of practice and to do this walk regularly it will be easy! Heaps of the locals do this daily before they even go to work. I remember walking down and I saw a pregnant woman with a heart monitor on her coming up for the second time. So if she can do it, anyone can do it. Gorgeous beach view on one side and some pretty breath taking Sunshine Coast hinterlands on the other. Well worth the climb.

bnotters on 13 Jul, 2017

Lower Creek Circuit

Not too hard of a walk, just make sure you have a lot of water on you. There are some big rocks on the cliffs edge (just in front of the waterfall) that would be perfect to have some lunch so bring some along that's for sure.

bnotters on 13 Jul, 2017

Mt Ngungun

Made the mistake of walking this one absolutely hungover in trackies, gym shoes and a gym shirt. Do not make my mistake haha! However the walk up was a nice challenge and super family friendly with a cool cave view on the way up. The view from the top is quite breath taking and well worth the climb. May sure to bring heaps of water with you as I did not and I struggled a lot a couple days after being super exhausted. But a good walk to do on a day off.

bnotters on 14 May, 2017
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