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Mount Beerburrum (Glass House Mountains)
31 Oct, 2018
3.5km return
1 hr
We did this walk yesterday, we had read the warnings but of course disregarded them as wild horse was easier, do not disregard the warnings, I went with my husband we are oldies, some much younger people gave up due to the steep incline and there is extensive leaf litter around atm which is slippery.

If you climb the tower which we did ACCEND backwards holding the rail and walking down the way you came up, nasty accidents have been caused by people trying to go forward down, HIGHLY recommend you reverse down slowly....

Great views from the top of the tower and its well worth the effort. TAKE mozzie spray they are lethal atm, and its seriously not for anyone with leg or back issues as the incline is very steep as others have said.

Seeing people half my age stop and quit yet they appeared much fitter did concern me so I made a point of making this review today.

Personally loved the climb what a challange it was, but be prepared
Wild Horse Mountain (Glass House Mountains)
23 Aug, 2018
1.4km return
30 mins
not as bad as we thought going up, it is steep but there is plenty to see and quite a few birds around we saw several rainbow bee eaters along the way. The obversation area is great for photos on a clear day you can see for miles, highly recommend it.
Mt Ninderry (Sunshine Coast)
Apr, 2018
3.3km return
1 hr
did this walk with husband, daugher and son in law, nice pleasant walk, many places to stop and take photos from, we certainly enjoyed it.

we did have a few issues locating the parking area, we missed a turn off so take special care with the directions below, must have missed a step but we found it in the end. :)
Mt Cordeaux (Main Range National Park)
10 Jul, 2017
2.5 hrs
Did this walk with husband, daughter and son in law, it was a great day, was great in the cooler months, it gets quite busy so get there early to get a park and not a huge amount of space at the summit but there is room to sit down down and have a drink, something to eat and enjoy the breathtaking views, it took us oldies longer than the kids but was well worth the effort
Mt Ngungun (Glass House Mountains)
16 Dec, 2016
2.8km return
90 mins
my first every bush walk and climb in this area of Queensland. I loved it but it was taxing as I was so unfit, I have since become much fitter and plan to revisit this one again to get the maximum benefit out of it.

I enjoyed it very much with myself, daughter and son in law, however I feel I could in hindsight over a year later get much more out of doing it again, fitness levels were low at this time but it still very enjoyable and I had a sense of achievement despite the struggle for those of us who were unfit, happy to say I'm building up fitness now :)