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Piper Comanche Wreck (Queensland)
20 Jan, 2018
7.5km return
3 hrs
Piper Comanche Plane Wreck bush-walk in the D-Aguilar national park
Queensland Australia January 2018
I went in search of the Piper Comanche Plane Wreck .which crashed in 1977 sadly killing its pilot Paul Pavletich.
I followed a well marked ,though very overgrown trail following pink ribbons all the way.
The start of the trail is hard to pick as its very overgrown .less than 100 meters from the gate. if you lose site of gate you've gone too far.
This trip is interesting and worthwhile ;)
I've posted it on my u tube channel
Light Line bush camp walk (D'Aguilar National Park Bush Camps)
8 Jan, 2018
3.5 hrs
Nice Place.
I decided to try a much harder way in VIA TWP break.
see it on my u tube channel gizmos adventures.
Twp break was tough for me.
well worth the effort though
Corymbia Circuit (Brisbane Forest Park Information Centre)
25 Nov, 2017
Very Easy
30 mins
did this whilst visiting walkabout creek.
Northbrook Mtn bush camp walk (D'Aguilar National Park Bush Camps)
19 Nov, 2017
4.5 hrs
BRILLIANT: thoroughly enjoyed. Ive done a very detailed description of it on my you tube channel Gizmos' Adventures. worth watching if you plan to visit here.
Such a beautiful place. you will need plenty of water you will have to carry. don't rely on tank water.
Mt Ngungun (Glass House Mountains)
4 Nov, 2017
2.8km return
90 mins
perfect day
Reserve Walk (Queensland)
28 Oct, 2017
Very Easy
3km return
1 hr
Box Forest (Lamington National Park)
1 Oct, 2017
5 hrs
I chose today to do the Box Forest Circuit !
To get to these trails you need to to enter from the valley west of Tamborine Mountain through the town of Canungra. Via Lamington National Park rd.Head towards O'Reillys Rainforest Retreat...
I must WARN though ! .The last part of this road towards the climb to the mountain top is horrendous. The road is in some serious need of repair.And could be quite scary for the faint hearted !!!
I was really early and saw lots and lots of wallabies .Be careful as they were all over the road and on every bend.
As well as big groups of bush turkeys.( i have never seen lots of them all together before )? they weren't eager to get out of my way either.
Around O'Reillys Rainforest Retreat there are plenty of King parrots,
the odd Regent bower bird and brush turkeys galore.
On the trail i saw 3 Pademelons , A very big skink called a Land mullet, Yellow throated scrub wrens etc etc. I am usually not quick enough to catch them on film.
You can see this awesome trail on Gizmos Adventures .
King Island (Queensland)
27 Sep, 2017
2km return
1 hr
definitely do this. see it on Gizmos' Adventures
Cedar Creek Falls (Tamborine National Park)
10 Sep, 2017
1.3km return
45 mins
awesome place.
Jenyns Circuit (Tamborine National Park)
10 Sep, 2017
4.3km return
90 mins
did this walk.