Mt Woowoonga

Wide Bay Burnett

A rough trail leads through thick vine forest to the lookout before opening up into open hoop pine forest with some vine forest sections in the understory. Towering hoop pines greet hikers at the summit of Mt Woowoonga. A high level of fitness is required to make the final ascent to the summit as it is a steep and strenuous climb suitable for experienced bushwalkers only.

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Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
Eucalypt Forest
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Getting there:

Woowoonga is about 90 minutes drive from Maryborough and 14km north of Biggenden. Turn off the Childers Road into Giles Road 6.5km north of Biggenden. Drive 2.5km then turn left into Woowoonga Hall Road. Continue for 2km then turn right into Mt Woowoonga Road and continue 3km to the picnic area.


Department of National Parks

Route/Trail notes:

 A rough trail leads through thick vine forest to the lookout before opening up into open hoop pine forest with some vine forest sections in the understory. Towering hoop pines greet hikers at the summit of Mt Woowoonga. A high level of fitness is required to make the final ascent to the summit as it is a steep and strenuous climb suitable for experienced bushwalkers only



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2 hrs

Chris Wilson on 15 May, 2022

So continuing from mount Walsh got to mount woowoonga about midday and knew we had to get up and down reasonably fast as we had an hour trip back to Bundy to pick up school kids. So timed the points to see what the distance captured. So up to first resting points was 14 minutes so I kept watching to see if the summit was only 14 more minutes away or more to gauge if first chair was halfway out a third up. So got to summit in 41 minutes so technically the first chair is a third of the way up as I kept pace and powered up. Woowoonga has great coverage as even though we were climbing in the middle of the day the trees and thick forest kept it all cool to hike. Descending was 15 minutes to chair then 7 minutes to beginning. A new record for woowoonga up and down 1 hour 3 minutes after Walsh was a great effort. Should've stretched more as legs died a couple days later for about 4 days haha so always stretch its my tip for woowoonga

Valda on 2 Aug, 2021

Clearly defined trail starts off easy zig zag up Mount Woowoonga. About halfway trail goes more direct and becomes quite steep. There's no view at the top, trail is completely within tree line. You can continue on to the Wide Bay TV Antenna on the next summit by following the ridge line. There is no Clearly defined path just follow the ridge. 6.5km return

Jonno on 4 Jul, 2021

Labour day holiday. We decided to do double mountain Monday. Today we began Woowoonga climb about 930 After we had been up and down mount Walsh already. It was a lovely hike. I took my husband for his first time today and I warned him it's steep and in some ways feels harder than Walsh because of its steep landscape. The rainforest was flourishing and cold and wet because of perhaps time of year and it had rained the previous day. The ground in the super steep section was soft and wet and slightly slippery because of the wet leaves. Today it took about 45 minutes up and 35 minutes down. My first time here it took 1.5 hours up and 1 down. Everything still looked good with the red markers attached to the trees but also the path is getting walked along more making it easier to see and follow. Saweeet others going up as we went down so it's good to see Woowoonga is getting more visitors as it really is a nice hike.

Valda on 3 May, 2021

Hard walk but worth it. Views were limited but if you moved around a bit there are some amazing views and photo shots. 13yo did a good job to make it to the top.

Kelvin on 2 Apr, 2021

Started the walk early roughly 7am and it is a very natural terrain. Being first to walk the track this morning I removed many cobwebs along the path. I might like to add it's a very narrow path the further up the mountain you go. The signs to this mountain aren't hugely visible so drive carefully until you see Jim Hardy grid sign that's your cue to turn and continue along the dirt road. Animals amidst the morning mist but they kept to themselves off the side of the track. Maybe it rained overnight as the track was slightly damp and the leaves on trees had moisture. They say it's steep and they're not wrong. Is easily the steepest I've climbed. Especially once you get to the part of the mountain where the sign says are you prepared. We had our hiking shoes on which have amazing grip and came in handy for both up and down this mountain. At the top there are trees but if you continue down a little on the other side of the mountain there's some nice open space and boulders which make perfect photo location. Many walkers have left sticks at the beginning of the track. Use one. They're handy for webs and for the climb. Time is correct. Took an hour and a half up and under an hour down. On the descend the sun had dried the ground so was crumbly rocks in areas but as long as you don't race you'll be fine. I will definitely go back again. Was the most natural terrain I've encountered yet with minimal man made steps and only some subtle markers nailed into trees to help guide you along the path.

Valda on 25 Jan, 2021

Steep walk but worth it now the view line is a bit cleare. Second trip up here and would like to extend it up to the tv tower but that track is not ad well used and harder to define

Kimzi on 19 May, 2020

Found a different route down the mountain, turned it into 11km circuit, was great! Requires some navigation as no track to follow

Susie on 3 May, 2020

Relatively easy walk to summit. Pleasant look out. Most of the walk under the canopy of the trees. Loose rock under feet so have to be careful on the descent. Walk to summit only takes 45mins. Decided to go bushwalking and came of the mountain on the other side. There were area of thick growth which was difficult to pass but escape with only a few scratches. All in all in all made it into a nice 4 hr trek as a circuit.

Andrew on 2 May, 2020

Fairly nice hike along a well marked track to the summit. It reminded me a bit of Mt Coochin only a bit longer (took me 45mins from the carpark to the summit). The views from the top are fairly obstructed so it's difficult to get a good photo. I ended up walking onwards to the higher Mt Goonaneman which has the TV tower at the summit. Wouldn't really recommend it, the track is a bit hard to follow and there is no view from the top of that mountain..also not really sure if I was meant to be walking around the TV tower. I didn't see a sign telling me otherwise though. Nice enough day out but if you want amazing views go to Mt Walsh instead.

Vonsnrub on 31 Mar, 2019

Steep walk. Boots with good traction essential. Great landscape towards the summit, and a nice view when you get there

Matthew Browne on 20 May, 2018

Just search for Mt Woowoonga Carpark in google maps and it will bring you right there.
More of a tough hike than a scramble, didnt have to use my hands at all, but coming down can be a bit tricky as the dirt can get quite slippery. Its just uphill throughout the hike with hardly any flat terrain so be prepared.

Nick on 27 Sep, 2017

Great walk, rewarding views.

Mick+Caity on 28 Feb, 2017

Pretty hard walk.

Emily on 4 Dec, 2016

Great walk gets steeper the closer you get to the summit.

Bundy Ben on Sep, 2016

Did both walks on the one day . Spectacular views over Biggenden, Binjour Plateau and the Burnett Ranges can be seen and on a very clear day Fraser Island.

J on 15 Jul, 2015

Great hike up , bit overgrown at some parts and a bench to rest on when you get to the top. There's one spot that gives you a good lookout over Biggenden

J on 11 Jul, 2015


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