Mt Cooran

Sunshine Coast

A lesser known peak not far from Mt Coorora, Mt Cooran hosts exceptional views of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. The track is initially well hidden but gets more pronounced the further you go.

Scrambling or Climbing
Navigation Required
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation

Getting there:

Set course for Henry st - Cooran. The track begins at the end of the culdesac. 

Route/Trail notes

At the culdesac you will see a short concrete driveway not attached to a property that leads to a gate. Enter the gate (and shut behind you) and you will see another gate you will have to jump over. Turn right (heading in the direction of the mountain...otherwise it will be a long mountainless walk) keeping the barbed wire fence to your right. Eventually you will see an old dilapidated and collapsed wooden fence you can cross to get on the other side of the fence (or you can continue on the left side, you will still eventually intercept the track). There are a few faint tracks a the base of the mountain and they all lead in the same rough direction. It doesn't take long before the track becomes a lot more well marked (as seen in photos) and you won't have any problem finding your way to the summit. May take a bit of trial and error for the first 100 meters after you enter the treeline (as a general rule you want to head slightly to the right once you enter the treeline). The track beyond that point is steep with loose rocks and some light scrambling. For the most part the track is very clear and even has ribbons/tape tied to trees just for confirmation. Take care and you will eventually find yourself at the summit which has a spectacular view of the hinterland.


Nil cost. Have been informed by locals this track does not tresspass on private property. But definitely show care because there is cattle roaming around in the field prior to entering the treeline. 



Directions how to get there are accurate. Friendly dogs at the end of Henry Street (cull-de-sack where you park your vehicle) may accompany you to the first gate and beyond. The second gate opens/shuts now – no need to jump over :) From the second gate make your way across the paddock in the direction towards the mountain. You will have the barbed wire on your Right leading up towards the mountain. May need to walk around some thick shrubs in your way – then go back to following the barbed wire until it ends at the rocky outcrop. Step over the wire and go to the right along the rocky wall until you will recognise the track. It may take you few moments or few minutes before you will notice indistinct track, which will become more defined as it goes up. Quite strenuous hike up (great cardio) but not too long - takes about half an hour to reach the summit. Spectacular views! Beware of the lose rocks all along, particularly on the descent - slippery! I’ve done Mt Cooroora in the morning and Mt Cooran after that - and it was a great adventure :)

Aggy on 20 Jan, 2020

Fantastic walk, doesn't take too long to intercept the track, and once you're on it you will have no problems navigating to the summit. There is some light scrambling but it doesn't last very long. The loose rocks are probably more likely to cause you grief. The view from the top is remarkable, I preferred it over Mt Cooroy. Can be a little intimidating to start with because it feels like you are trespassing, but just ask one of the locals and they will reassure you. Very friendly people living around there!

Vonsnrub on 30 Oct, 2019


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